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Did you learn that you should train some DPS units, but have no idea which dolls are particularly useful? This short guide can help with picking out some of the more useful ARs! 

For specific details on early game teambuilding, please refer to the below guide. 



Hi gamers, Nairie here. This writeup is meant to expand on the above video. Today I’m going to talk a little bit more about which ARs to level in 2020.

When you evaluate an AR, you typically want to look at how much damage they do overall, as well as how much of that damage is frontloaded. The reason frontloaded damage is important because you want to kill as many enemies as possible before they start firing on you. The stats you will want to look at in this case are DMG, ROF, and ACC.

For the skill, read the skill, look at the ICD, and consider how many targets it hits.

So let's just get started.

ARs we’re going to talk about

  • Mandatory to level: M4, AR-15, SOPMOD, AN-94, AK-12, G11, AS Val (MOD)
  • Level one she’s good: 416, RFB, K2, AUG, SIG-556
  • Go ahead and level one: EM-2, Zas (or 2), MDR, K11
  • Level one if you want: 64 Shiki, Ribeyrolles, FAL, G41, Type 95, Type 97
  • Mandatory level and not a DPS AR: M16

Mandatory to level

Note: M4A1, ST AR-15, and M4 SOPMOD II should really be the first 3 ARs you level. They are free story rewards who come pre-leveled and pre-linked, making it simple to add them to your main echelons. 

M4 is unique in what she does in terms of being able to buff ARs with a very respectable DMG and CRIT aura. Her base skill is also a very versatile Damage Focus T skill that works well throughout the game. 

After Neural Upgrade, M4A1's MOD skill allows her to deal with shielded and armored enemies that you normally wouldn’t consider bringing ARs for. For this you would typically retreat until you have 3 or fewer dolls in combat and then activate M4’s skill manually, as it is her 600% damage multiplier that allows you to deal with the armor that would otherwise normally be dealt with RFs. M4 has no replacement and she is a mandatory doll to level; for more details on her MOD, check the article below for more information. 

AR-15 is the single strongest bossing AR in the game until G11 MOD comes out and other ARs struggle to come close to her DPS both day and night. Mandatory to level.

You will want at least two general use grenade ARs. The best two in the game right now are SOPMOD and 416. Mandatory to level.

FAL and Zas are not as strong as they used to be, due to ballooning enemy HP values. 

AN-94 is currently one of the highest DPS AR that you would put on tile 7 that can be rolled, and she's extremely strong even with minimal skill investment. Mandatory to level.

AK-12 is currently one of the highest DPS AR that you would put on tile 1 that can be rolled. Mandatory to level.

G11 is currently a higher performing AR with an incredible 3x DPS modifier, held back only by skill downtime. When she gets her MOD she will become the best bossing AR in the game. Mandatory to level.

AS Val's MOD currently blows all the other ARs out of the water when it comes to night battles. Does well during the day too. Mandatory to level, but only when you can afford her neural upgrade because her pre-MOD self is very lackluster.

Level one, she’s good

SIG-556 is an upcoming AR that goes into the “level one she’s good” tier. She does good damage and has a front loaded burst. Also, her skill is almost at max power straight out of the gate much like AN-94, which newer players will find useful as you may not be able to SL10 everything right away.

416 is the other of the general use grenade ARs you will want to have leveled. She gets a MOD later that makes her even better than M4 SOPMOD II's MOD as a grenadier.

If you missed her Special Equipment in Singularity, you can farm it now in the Campaign. It's not useful for Night battles, but can be a good replacement for a regular VFL during the day. 

See the below article for a farming guide. 

RFB does good damage in addition to boasting the ability to target the enemy backline. She also has high DMG and ACC values relative to ARs, for when you need that. Level one she’s good.

K2 does decent damage, but what’s important is that her damage is front loaded burst. This is important because a lot of AR fights are not all that long, and you want to kill enemies as fast as possible to reduce the amount of damage dealt to you. 

Don't bring her against heavily armored enemies!

AUG does decent damage, and she can buff your other T-Dolls. Her somewhat unique skill can come in handy as well, since it has a very high effective DPS multiplier. 

Go ahead and level one

EM-2 currently has some of the highest upfront burst in the game. However, the targeting is random and her overall damage is just decent. Go ahead and level one.

Zas is a grenade AR that isn’t to be lumped in with the “general use grenade ARs”. Her grenade ICD is much shorter and the radius is much larger.

Her direct damage is lackluster, however, and she is not meant to be used as a normal DPS AR. For some niche uses she is irreplaceable, such as 8-1N. Go ahead and level one, or several if you’re going to do 8-1N (but keep the dedicated dragging copies at 1x Dummy Link).

MDR's uniquely able to provide a shield/evasion buff to an ally in front of her, as well as output decent damage when there isn’t. Go ahead and level one. 

Bonus: has her own character song

K11 can do a lot of damage in the right situations. Her grenade targeting is random, unlike other grenade ARs that target based on highest HP. 

In situations where you need tremendous AoE coverage and single-nade damage doesn't have to be very high, K11 has no substitute. 

Level one if you want

64 Shiki can occasionally come in handy, and her overall damage is just decent. Level one if you want.

Watch the video below for an example.

Ribeyrolles does mediocre damage on her own, and her skill only applies to DPS units who are on her tiles, which means that if you have to move your dolls (you do), her skill may go to waste. Level one if you want, though remember that Ribeyrolles can't buff herself, has low skill uptime, and costs more than an HG to resupply. 

FAL is a grenade AR with lackluster damage. You also can’t move her (and you will wish you could) when she’s firing her grenades. Since she shoots 3 in a row, it takes a while sometimes and her animation lock can make you take unexpected AoE damage. Level one if you want, but SOPMOD and 416 exist.

These three are all ARs who deal decent damage when you have their special equipment, though it may not necessarily be worth the cost early game. You can level them if you want.

Mandatory level and not a DPS AR

M16 is a mandatory T-Doll to level due to her ability to tank low amounts of incoming damage better than anyone else, though she is not a DPS AR.


That's all for now! Feel free to check out the Tier List for potentially more updated evaluations of T-Dolls. 

If there's any doll without an analysis and you'd like to see one written, hit that "Submit Feedback or Error" button at the top of the page and let us know what's up!

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