Girls Frontline Halloween Event Skins Announced

New Skin Gacha: Invitation from the Full Moon

Mica Team has been slowly revealing the new skins available for this year's Halloween event!

The following T-Dolls will have skins available in the Gacha from 10/22:

lord of shadow
nine tail fox
sister gunslinger
wolf walker
the last alice

New Package Available

IWS-200's Skin, The Seventh Sealer, will be available for purchase in a package for 2588 gems, limited to 1 purchase.

This Package contains the following: Seventh Sealer skin, Oath Certificate x1, and Tokens x100.

the seventh sealer

Returning Gacha: Halloween Carnival

Dorm Re-Supply Gacha: Halloween Carnival will rerun from 10/22 to 11/18!

The following T-dolls have skins available:

Halloween Carnival
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