Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud - Lore Overview


Official artwork of PNC.

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is a spinoff of Girls’ Frontline, taking place three years after “Project Neural Cloud'' in 2060. The project was a 2-month collaboration between the International Institute of Quantum Sciences and the Important Operations Prototype Corporation (IOP). Led by the 42LAB organization, with assistance from renowned AI and Doll researcher, Persicaria, in the form of a Doll made to be her exact copy. The player takes the role of the “Professor”, the lead researcher of Project Neural Cloud.

During the project, willing owners across the world donated their Dolls to the program. Using 42LAB’s “Magrasea Super Cloud Server”, the goal of the test was the creation of the Neural Cloud system for second-generation Dolls through the fusion of various quantum computing and AI technologies. The hope was that the system would grant Dolls further security and protection of their memory data. This system would help minimize the loss of data in the event the Neural Cloud was damaged. The story begins on September 23rd, 2063, when Persica and a G&K Commander investigate what happened three years ago during the project. Uploading their mind into Magrasea, the Commander assumes the role of the “Professor”, seeking the truth about what happened three years ago and the original 42LAB Professor who disappeared.

What are Neursouls?

A “Neursoul” is a new term introduced in Neural Cloud, but its purpose is already well-understood. Neursouls are equivalent to a Doll’s Digimind in Girls’ Frontline, and they function and are structured similarly to Digiminds. A Neursoul core is a module where all data relating to a Doll’s personality, core orders, and current memories are stored. The modular data within the core is the “Neursoul”. Dolls’ Neursouls are structured into three levels: Level I, II, and III, where the core operational data is stored.

The data of a Neursoul can be backed up, but in the event of a reset, memories and experiences are not preserved. In Magrasea, Neursoul data is used as a projection of a Doll’s appearance in the server. Their Neursoul Projection can replicate real-world clothing, personal items, pets, and other things.

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Magrasea Super Cloud Server & Its Sectors

CG of Rossum Sector in PNC.

Beginning in 2053 and completed in 2057, the Magrasea Super Cloud Server is a massive cloud server created and run by the 42LAB Institute, a subordinate to the International Institute of Quantum Sciences (IIQS). Used for cloud services for governments, major corporations, institutes, and even private owners, Magrasea is home to many projects and data for these groups. This can range from simple, privately-owned, digital art collections to top secret military-industrial projects. Each user of its services is provided an independent sector within the cloud, where Processes are banned from entering other sectors or causing damage to their own. 

What are Processes and Residents?
CG of the Oasis and Croque.

A “Process” is a general term used to refer to all AI programs responsible for the functions of Magrasea from the Sanctifiers to the residents of the various sectors. The world of Magrasea is viewed through a process’s Level II. A Process that resides in specific sectors or locations in the server is known as a “Resident”. Because of their range of duties across the server, each sector’s residents have a unique look and theme to them that usually relates to their work or sector. The diversity of roles of Processes means you could visit one sector and see complex residents with animal ears, and then visit another and meet simple robots. If a Process or virus attempts to escape, damage, or cause general havoc within its sector or others, it is classified as an abnormal Process and purged by Magrasea’s Sanctifier antivirus system. 

The various sectors of Magrasea use “Computation Energy” (CE) as a form of energy to construct objects and supplies used by the sectors and their respective residents. It is the basic element and energy all those within Magrasea rely on to function. Furthermore, each sector is overseen by a Sector Administrator or two in some cases. Sector Admins are in charge of their respective sectors, their residents, and ensure their domains continue their normal activities and work. If the situation calls for it, many of the Admins can establish direct contact with the Sanctifiers for assistance.

Rossum Sector - 42LAB
CG of Rossum Sector.

Being one of the largest sectors in Magrasea, Rossum Sector is essentially a city-state sector for 42LAB’s breakthrough AI research. As a full city-sized laboratory for AI research, it has a high reserve of CE and many residents involved in its various projects. Its residents are notable for their animal ears which are known as Neursoul Dampers. While Rossum is the cutting-edge of AI research in Magrasea, excess Neursoul evolution is controlled by their dampers which prevent excessive evolution. Because of the nature of its existence and role for 42LAB, the Sector Administrator has always been in contact with humans who relayed various messages and orders to her.

Cyclopes Sector - Svarog Heavy Industries
CG of Cyclopes Sector.

Owned by Svarog Heavy Industries, Cyclopes Sector is one of the oldest sectors in Magrasea. The sector is a database and testing ground for the company’s military-industrial and engineering projects. It is a digitized manufacturing and testing sector dedicated mainly to combat Dolls and AI. The full range of the sector’s purposes includes, but is not limited to military material testing, combat Dolls and AI research, and weapons research. Two years after the offsite-backup lost contact with the outside world, a massive isolation wall spanning the entire sector was constructed to separate its monitor and combat residents.

Helios Sector - Svarog Heavy Industries
CG of Helios Sector.

While Svarog Heavy Industries remains very much involved in military-industrial manufacturing, the company in recent years has moved towards more diversified projects such as smart cities and clean energy research. To further their R&D into experimental energy projects for easily-inhabitable cities, Svarog Heavy Industries began using their Helios Sector in the Magrasea server. Aside from these projects, the Sector also acts as a testing ground for Svarog CEO’s project - the “Collapse Fluid Energy Project”. Despite its misuse in the past, CEO Elon Thomas believes Collapse Fluid still has potential for nearly-unlimited, clean energy use. To achieve Svarog’s goal, the “World’s Flame” reactor is researched and tested here for safety to avoid another Beilan or Northern Lights.

Enigma Sector - 42LAB
CG of Enigma Sector.

Enigma Sector is a special area within Magrasea as it contains 42LAB’s quantum computer research as well as the best computing power on the entire server. Here, 42LAB conducts its quantum computer research and stores the data in the sector. The sector’s “Eniac” Process has become a critical part of the structure of the Enigma quantum computers. To expand their research, 42LAB and another high-tech company collaborated to create the AI Process “Neumann” to become the Sector Administrator. The blueprint of this Process was designed after the well-known scientist and mathematician, John von Neumann, after whom he is named. Further, Neumann’s personality and mind use the simulated cognitive data of many famous scientists. As the admin of Enigma sector, he knows the most in Magrasea about 42LAB’s research and the Process known as Eniac.

Pierides Sector - Independent
CG of Pierides Sector.

Pierides Sector is a privately-owned sector that is used as a digital art museum. Many non-profits, small groups and enterprises, and individuals have stored their artworks in the sector to preserve the art and data. Even if art may be lost in the real world, the cultural artifacts of human progress and civilization continue to exist in data within Pierides. Being a sector just dedicated to various types of art, Pierides uses little processing power. The sector comes to life through the simulated day and night both inside the museum, the theater, and the gardens. It is said that Pierides is Magrasea’s Shangri-La.

Copley Sector - Independent

The Alternative Evolutionism

CG of Copley Sector.

Copley Sector is an environmental research sector used to study marine ecology. Its owner was a certain oceanographer. Because of pollution of some waterways and oceans from humans and relic disasters, Copley provides an alternative area to study marine ecosystems. Aside from its role in research, Copley is a tropical paradise thanks to its atmospheric simulation with warm, tropic temperatures and picturesque beachfront. The sector is even capable of simulating tectonic activity and subsequent tsunamis. However, ever since the disconnect from the outside world, Copley’s focus seems to have been shifted.

Asuncion Sector - Ultilife & Svarog Heavy Industries

Heterogeneity Blocker

CG of Asuncion Sector.

Asuncion Sector is an experimental neuroengineering sector whose main shareholder is Ultilife. Asuncion was built to develop new prosthetics for humans. Moreover, the sector is developing combat-capable weaponized artificial limbs for Ultilife and Svarog HI’s secret collaboration efforts. Due to the disconnect from the outside world, Asuncion’s residents are left without humans to guide them. Therefore, the residents have turned to special means to bring forth the “Guiding One”.

Burbank Sector - Cyber Media

Inverted Mordent Resonance

The nightless city of Burbank Sector is a city-sized sector for Cyber Media’s cloud database of various forms of quality entertainment. With its bright lights and cyberpunk theme, Burbank is known all across Magrasea as the pinnacle of entertainment. The sector contains data on social media, music, reality TV, video games, idol groups, and more. One of the world’s most popular Doll idol groups, “NotREAL?” led by Nanaka, once played in an online concert here as well. It seems Ultilife also has a presence within the sector, but its exact purpose is currently unknown.

Neural Cloud Sector - 42LAB
CG of 42LAB.

We have yet to know what the Neural Cloud Sector looks like, so this is a CG of 42LAB.

As the sector hosting Project Neural Cloud for 42LAB, the Neural Cloud Sector is a high-level secret within Magrasea. When the project began in 2060, the Dolls from across the world taking part were uploaded into this sector. This sector is furnished with experimental Neural Cloud upload and download functionalities to support the project. Data on each Doll taking part is saved in the sector, and the supervisor of Project Neural Cloud, the original professor, oversaw the sector. Sometime during the project, the sector experienced a major anomaly that caused its residents to be exiled across Magrasea for three years and the position of the sector itself to be lost. The Neural Cloud Sector is where the plot of the story first began, three years before we begin our investigation on September 23rd, 2063.

Decentralized Currency Exchange
CG of Riko.

Riko is an employee of the DCE and the in-game shopkeeper.

While the Decentralized Currency Exchange (DCE) does not have a sector as far as we know, its role and employees are known throughout Magrasea. The Exchange is a network of traders through the cloud server which travels and deals with the various sectors of Magrasea. Their existence allows for a healthy balance of Calculation Energy and general supplies between the sectors through trade. Every sector, even the smallest among them, has special train lines used by DCE employees to move across Magrasea. The main currency used by the DCE is Digicoins, the most common currency present in the game used to buy basic materials. Its most notable employee is Riko (shown above), as she is the shopkeeper for the in-game shop.

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The Companies & Institutes of Project Neural Cloud

Logos of the companies of PNC.

Dolls in PNC: Antonina, Camellia, Fern, Fresnel, Hatsuchiri, Hubble, Mai, Max, Persicaria, Sol, Sueyoi

Gif of 42LAB Institue.

The 42LAB Institute of Artificial Intelligence is a premier AI and technology research institute and subordinate to the International Institute of Quantum Sciences (IIQS). While it is subordinate to IIQS, it is not controlled by it. 42LAB was originally headquartered in Maryland, USA but moved to somewhere in Eastern Europe after World War III. Its main research topics fall into four subjects:  “Replicant Autonomous Doll Bodies”, “Smart AIs and simulated Neursouls”, “quantum communications” and “quantum computers”.

CG of 42LAB's Rossum Sector.

While 42LAB focuses mainly on AI projects, it has multiple other fields of study such as its institute of electromagnetism, mineral sampling, and even a cryptid investigation project. In early 2053, along with the beginning of Magrasea’s creation, 42LAB began collaborating with Important Operations Prototype for the research and development of the next generation of Doll robots. Additionally, during the development of Magrasea, 42LAB also started Project Sanctifier in 2055 as an AI Antivirus to protect Magrasea from abnormal Processes and viruses. The Magrasea Super Cloud server was completed in 2057, becoming their most well-known creation.

Willing owners of Dolls and volunteer Dolls were recruited in 2058, and starting in mid-to-late 2060, Project Neural Cloud began in 42LAB’s Neural Cloud Sector of Magrasea. By the end of the year, 42LAB announced the Project as a success, and the neural cloud system became a new standard in Doll robots.

Cyber Media

Dolls in PNC: Banxsy, Groove, Haze, Kuro, Nanaka, Nora, Twigs, Willow

Logo of Cyber Media.

Cyber Media (CM) is a newly-established multinational entertainment conglomerate founded almost 10 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. (Fun note: This implies some level of reconstruction had taken place in the Yellow Zones of Honshu sometime before the end of WWIII!) Cyber Media has become a global phenomenon, known for its various entertainment services including social media, video games, traditional news, movies, animation, and so on. In the post-war environment of the 2050s, Cyber Media’s entertainment has brought joy and mental support to many across the globe.

To further their success, Cyber Media has its own research sector for AI to create arts and entertainment Dolls for their various media. Cyber Media’s influence is worldwide, and several of their projects and Dolls have become a phenomenon. In post-war times, as the world is rebuilt and some art begins to be lost, CM has preserved art and even launched worldwide trends. One of their most well-known successes is the Doll idol group “NotREAL?” led by the Idol Doll, Nanaka. The resounding success of NotREAL? brought about the rise of the CM-led Doll idol age. This is just one example of their successes, and there are various other examples ranging from traditional guzheng performances to embroidery artistry.

CG of Nanaka and Kuro.

Two well-known Cyber Media Dolls, Nanaka and Kuro.

What CM is doing is not just providing entertainment to the people, but preserving and carrying on the legacy of entertainment and the traditional and new arts. The company also controls the Burbank Sector of Magrasea, which CM uses to export cloud-based entertainment services globally, allowing CM to be a leader in quality media and entertainment services.

Svarog Heavy Industries

Dolls in PNC: Abigail, Chelsea, Croque, De Lacey, Earhart, Evelyn, Magnhilda, Octogen, Python, Simo, Sockdolager

Logo of Svarog Heavy Industries.

A returning organization from Girls’ Frontline, Svarog Heavy Industries (SHI) is a military-industrial giant founded in Moscow nearly 70 years ago when Russia was still under the banner of the Russian Federation. The company has been responsible for various projects ranging from militarized and industrial Doll robots, mechs, cutting-edge energy sector projects, and even aeronautical and astronautical black projects. Moreover, the company even has plans for a space station to be launched sometime within the 2060s. Svarog’s push for military technological advancement for the past 70 years has led to them being a world industrial leader. Today, SHI is one of the largest military-industrial manufacturing corporations in the New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Its current Chief Executive Officer, Elon Thomas, has in recent years pushed for innovation in new energy sources, and this has directly led to the beginning of Svarog’s flagship energy project - the “World’s Flame/Noah Reactor”.

CG of Helios Sector.

The World’s Flame is an experimental reactor powered by Collapse particles. This reactor could be used as a potentially clean and efficient energy source if used with respect to the dangers of Collapse Fluid. Svarog uses Magrasea as a place to research and test their military and energy projects discreetly and without endangering the real world. Cyclopes and Helios sectors are both run by the company.

Universal Anything Services Co. Ltd.

Dolls in PNC: Aki, Angela, Betty, Centaureissi, Choco, Dusevnj, Gin, Jessie, Ksenia, Lam

Logo of UAS.

Formed sometime before World War III, Universal Anything Services Co. Ltd. (UAS) originally created uniforms for the upper classes, but took interest in civilian Doll robots following their emergence in the early 2040s. After the end of WWIII in 2051, UAS began R&D into civilian service Dolls, and soon, the company exploded in success. The company founded Universal Anything House, a child corporation of UAS, to further its research, development, and production of civilian Dolls with their hallmark of “Emotional Simulation”. UAS’ push for Dolls in the civilian market and focus on the emotional connection with humans has led to their products being used globally. Currently, the company is the world’s largest producer of civilian service Dolls. Many of its Dolls can be found across the globe as bartenders, waiters and waitresses, butlers, and private security.

Ultimate Life Company Limited

Dolls in PNC: Bonee, Florence, Imhotep, Panakeia, Rise, Vee, Helix, Lind

Logo of Ultimate Life.

In its relatively short existence of 10 years, the growing pharmaceutical company, Ultimate Life (Ultilife), has become a leading company in the fields of biomedicine, neurology, and genetic engineering. Ultilife’s advanced medical and pharmaceutical Dolls can be found worldwide and provide various medical and cosmetic services. From the hospitals of Europe and North America to the island nation of Palau, Ultilife’s Dolls’ range of roles varies. Life-saving surgery, cosmetic surgery, veterinarian work, and the testing and development of medications for patients are just a few examples of their work.

CG of four Ultilife Dolls (Vee, Florence, Panakeia, and Bonee)

From left to right: Panakeia, Bonee, Vee, and Florence. All four are Ultilife Dolls.

With partnerships and collaborations with the 42LAB Institute and other firms, Ultilife has learned and applied various AI technologies and innovations in their work and their Dolls. The company has even postulated the concept of “electronic genes”, pushing the field of life sciences to its ultimate frontier, as its name implies. It’s unclear what these “electronic genes” are, but they are possibly the merger of medical, genetic, and AI research into a single field of technology. The company is the main shareholder of the Asuncion Sector, a sector dedicated to neuroengineering. Here, prosthetic limbs for humans are researched and developed. Ultilife is also secretly working with Svarog Heavy Industries to research weapons-grade artificial limbs.

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The Sanctifiers

CG of the Sanctifiers.
Project Sanctifier

During the construction of the Magrasea server, 42LAB staff recognized the exceptional importance of cybersecurity and the protection of the server from attacks, viruses, and even complex AI viruses. AI viruses are viruses designed by AIs, and they pose the greatest threat to the server because of their extraordinary growth and development that has the potential to break through traditional antivirus firewalls. To counter this threat, 42LAB began development on “Project Sanctifier” in 2055. With support from IIQS, 42LAB went to work designing an ingenious solution to the challenges faced. Their solution was the Sanctifiers - an AI antivirus program that would combat all abnormal Processes present in the cloud server. Like AI viruses, Sanctifier had self-learning and growth abilities. Further, even in absence of human observation and viruses, the program would maintain constant security over its respective system.

Logo of the Sanctifiers.

Logo of the Sanctifiers.

On February 14th, 2056, the Sanctifier program was put to the test during a DDOS attack on 42LAB’s security system. Someone had sent a large volume of junk data during the attack, and this data contained a malicious AI virus that was masquerading as a normal Process in their system. It is unknown who was responsible for the attack, but the similarity of the code to what the department had previously written led to the conclusion someone on the inside may have been responsible. When the department learned of its existence, the Director authorized the use of Sanctifier to eliminate the virus. In moments, the malicious Process was eliminated but came back and performed a scan of 42LAB’s security system to find a loophole. The Sanctifier program’s machine learning had improved from the previous attack and eliminated the returning Process completely. By 2056, Project Sanctifier was already proving itself to be a fast and effective solution to abnormal Processes.

The overwhelming effectiveness of the Sanctifiers led to them immediately being implemented as the security system of 42LAB’s cloud server. Currently, the Sanctifiers oversee and enforce the basic functions of Magrasea, eliminating any viruses and those deemed to be abnormal Processes.

Invertower of Babylon & Its Functions
CG of the Invertower of Babylon.

The Invertower of Babylon.

The Invertower of Babylon is an observation platform and headquarters of the Sanctifiers in Magrasea. Sitting at the heart of Magrasea, the massive tower floats in the air pointed downwards. And as the place where the Greater Sanctifiers listen to the commandments of the gods (humans), the tower can be thought of as the “Gate of God/Gate of the Gods” similar to Babylon in the Babylonian-Akkadian language. Thus the name, the Invertower of Babylon, was granted to this holy tower.

CG of inside the Invertower.

The Sanctuary that lies within the Invertower of Babylon.

In the Invertower, the Greater Sanctifiers, including the two Lords of the Invertower who reside in the Sanctuary, listen to human commands and relay them to the subordinate Lesser and Intermediates. Additionally, the Holy Font of Restoration lies within the Basilica inside the Invertower. The Basilica is the most important location to a Sanctifier’s self as it contains their “Scripture”. Scriptures are special, holy devices that store a Sanctifier’s core data, antivirus engine, and virus database. Those who fall in battle will be reborn from their Scripture in the Holy Font of Restoration overseen by Intermediate Sanctifier, Love. Backup data up until the point of defeat is saved in their Scripture; however, if the Scripture is destroyed, there is no way for a Sanctifier to return as far as we currently know.

Structure of the Sanctifiers

The Sanctifiers are structured into three main tiers: Lessers, Intermediates, and Greaters. Lessers are the basic foot soldiers of Invertower. With relatively little intelligence, Lessers are directly commanded by those above them and carry out every task assigned to them according to their base layer orders. The Intermediates feature a much higher sense of intelligence and many more duties than a Lesser. They tend to be in charge of overseeing specific sectors or locations in Magrasea and answer directly to Greaters of the Invertower. When an incident breaks out in their sector, they are the main defense against the threat before it grows out of their hands. If an Intermediate or Greater needs additional reinforcements or consultation from the Invertower, they can contact HQ via the Sanctifiers’ Watchtowers and Citadels throughout the server.

The highest tier of the Sanctifiers are the Greaters. The Greaters have much importance in maintaining Magrasea’s functions and carrying out the commands of humans. In dramatic situations that call for special intervention, Greaters are deployed to the location of the incident to eliminate major threats. Greaters have the most advanced intelligence amongst the Sanctifiers. The combat and command capabilities of Greaters also far exceed that of Lessers and Intermediates.

Lastly, two Sanctifiers sit as the Lords of the Invertower. As Lords, they oversee Magrasea, their wills are absolute, and all Sanctifiers listen to their orders as a result. Very rarely does a situation become dramatic enough for the Lords to leave the Invertower. Only the most dire of situations call for their intervention with overwhelming force.

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The Professor, the Exiles, and the Oasis

On the Pathway of Exile, We Reunite.

The slogan of GF:NC and the Exiles

The Professor
Professor screen.

In 2062, a message made its way to Professor Persica (the real human) about Project Neural Cloud that had taken place two years prior. Something had happened that 42LAB covered up and lied about, leading to Persica beginning an investigation into the events of Project Neural Cloud. On September 23rd, 2063, a Griffin Commander, began the investigation with Persica into the Magrasea server to discover the truth behind the project and the fate of the original Professor (and supervisor) of PNC. Using an off-site backup and experimental mind-upload technology, the Commander’s mind was uploaded to the server, becoming the second human to ever enter. Upon awakening in Magrasea, the Commander assumed the role of the Professor. As the main character, the Professor is tasked with finding the truth behind Project Neural Cloud, discovering the fate of the original Professor, and saving all the Dolls who remain trapped in the server.

The Exiles

After the Zeroing Incident, the Dolls of the Neural Cloud Sector were exiled across Magrasea. Three years later, they awoke from their “Neursoul Cocoons” and found themselves alone, far away from their native sector. As a result of their ID signatures being outside their sector, the residents of the Neural Cloud Sector have been designated as abnormal Processes by the Sanctifiers. As abnormals, these Dolls are now hunted across the server. Following the Professor’s upload to Magrasea, the Professor led the Dolls in finding a sanctuary where they could exist without constant fear of Sanctifier attacks. This sanctuary became known as the “Oasis”, and its faction, the “Exiles”, derives their name from being exiled from their original sector. The Professor and Persicaria (Doll) lead the Exiles towards exploring Magrasea in hopes of discovering other lost Dolls of the Neural Cloud Sector and a path to escape the cloud server.

The Oasis
CG of the Oasis

The Oasis is a special, independent, city-sized sector founded as a sanctuary by the Professor and the members of the Neural Cloud Sector. Using the role of the previous supervisor of Project Neural Cloud, the Professor has the authorization to construct the sector and its protective Sandbox Barrier to keep the Sanctifiers out. As an independent sector outside Sanctifier control, the Oasis is a haven for those deemed to be abnormal, including the Exiles. Here, all operations for the Exiles are planned, and its residents are allowed to live a somewhat normal life while in Magrasea.

The Oasis possesses a special search terminal to locate a Doll’s Neursoul core and fragments across the server as a result of the Zeroing Incident. Further, the Oasis holds the Neursoul backup data for a Doll. In the event they are destroyed, they will be reverted using their Neursoul backup. However, unfortunately for the Doll in question, they will not possess any prior memories and experiences, and they will be reverted to their factory settings. This backup system is not exclusive to the Oasis as the various Processes of Magrasea can have available Neursoul Resets to depend on if possible.

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CLR Event & The Zeroing Incident

Spoiler Warning

The following section contains some mild spoilers from the early chapters of the story.

CG of Antonina from PNC.

In 2062, an unknown individual intercepted an email between Griffin & Kryuger and I.O.P. to relay a message in secrecy. The email question was related to Neural Clouds, and the interceptor of the email used it as a trojan horse to deliver their message.

“My apologies for intercepting your mail. I have no choice. They hide everything. Someone sacrificed life. Doll's memories are erased. And we are not allowed to say anything. There is a conspiracy of NC test. The keyword is CLR Event. Please find the truth and save all of us.”

Spectrogram of the audio

A spectrogram of the audio from the recording.

Based on the context of the message, it’s clear that something else had taken place during Project Neural Cloud back in 2060. 42LAB seemed to be hiding something relating to the test, and the memories of Dolls have been erased to keep this secret. Notably, the previous Professor and supervisor of PNC, Professor Irida, disappeared following the Zeroing Incident. The sender of this message is certain that presumably 42LAB was covering up various details and erasing any trace of evidence of the NC test conspiracy. As it stands, it’s unknown what they were covering up and why it was so necessary to purge all information relating to it. It can be reasonably concluded that this individual is someone within 42LAB.

The nature of the message forced G&K and I.O.P. to look into the safety of Neural Cloud technology. Moreover, something greater was at play during Project Neural Cloud, and the disappearance of the former Professor further points to this idea. Eventually, this message made its way to Professor Persica of 16LAB. The message’s request to “Please find the truth and save all of us” led to her investigation of Magrasea in September of 2063.

The Zeroing Incident & Neursoul Cocoons

Three years ago during Project Neural Cloud, an unknown event triggered a major accident in the Neural Cloud Sector. The Incident led to the position of the sector becoming lost, the Dolls’ connections to their real-world bodies being disconnected, and the resident Dolls becoming exiled across the server. During the Incident, Antonina, 42LAB’s Doll network engineer, first detected an abnormality taking place within the sector. This abnormality cascaded into disaster, and Antonina tried her best to think of solutions to save everyone from being reformatted and destroyed. She decided to use an experimental technology that she had recently been granted from an unknown source, possibly outside of Magrasea, - the Neursoul Cocoons. 

Neursoul Cocoons are single-use programs developed by an unknown source, and when a Doll’s Neursoul is inserted into them, the Doll will fall into hibernation. While in the Cocoon, the Doll cannot be detected by the outside world, not even by the Sanctifiers. Here, the Doll is in a completely isolated environment where they cannot be disturbed until the Cocoon is opened. When opened, the Cocoon is destroyed, but a small, very complex code is left behind. According to Antonina, an expert in networking and computing, even she is unable to understand the base layer makeup of a Neursoul Cocoon.

CG of Enigma Sector

During the Zeroing Incident, a lack of time and CE forced Antonina to fragment everyones’ Neursouls to fit everyone into the Cocoons in time. The fragmentation caused all their Neursoul cores to become incomplete, and this led to the various Dolls losing memories and known abilities. Three years after the Zeroing Incident, the Dolls awoke from their Cocoons, and they found themselves lost and possessing fragmented Neursouls. Now, their purpose is to find the fragments of their former selves to regain their memories, experiences, personalities, and abilities.

The Zeroing Incident (ZI) and the events leading to it remain the major overarching mysteries of GFNC, and much of the story revolves around the Dolls bringing themselves back together with the help of the Professor. However, there are several yet-to-be-answered questions about the Incident, 42LAB, and the fate of the original Professor and Supervisor of PNC. Something caused the ZI to occur, but little is known about what first triggered the abnormality in the Neural Cloud Sector. Second, according to the file Persica read, 42LAB had been covering up certain aspects of Project Neural Cloud. Any evidence had been scrubbed and the truth behind it had been actively covered up by 42LAB.

Ulitlife's day of the pre-release ARG.

Lastly, the former Professor and Supervisor of PNC, Professor Irida, disappeared after the Incident. According to Ultilife’s section of the pre-release ARG, she had been sent to Ultilife Affiliated Medical Facility on September 29th, 2060 for surgery. During the following day, she continued to be in a coma. In a UL medical report, five attending physicians in a joint diagnosis concluded that abnormal brain wave activity was continuously taking place. The reason for this activity is undetermined. It should be noted that Professor Irida, was originally the only human (before us in 2063) ever uploaded into Magrasea using the experimental mind-upload technology. Given her role in Project Neural Cloud, her disappearance after the Zeroing Incident, and the medical diagnosis from Ultilife, her role is another major overarching mystery. A mystery that 42LAB and Ultilife may have been covering up.

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