Girls Frontline New VA Batch Preview

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Article by Max Wei
new VA's

10/19 update: Preview batch 3 has been added, finishing up all newly-voiced T-Dolls added to EN!

10/18 update: Preview batch 2 has been added alongside some preview videos!

Recently Girls' Frontline Twitter revealed a new batch of VA's for t-dolls, bringing even more voiced lines in-game!  You can check out the tweet here, with links to the T-Dolls included below.

Hibiku Yamamura

Hibiku Yamamura, voicing 62 Shiki and Px4 Storm

Azusa Tadokoro

Azusa Tadokoro, voicing Jericho

Sayaka Kitahara

Sayaka Kitahara, voicing SPR A3G

Youko Hikasa

Youko Hikasa, voicing K11

Sumire Morohoshi

Sumire Morohoshi, voicing P90

Chika Anzai

Chika Anzai, voicing SAR-21

Kana Ueda

Kana Ueda, voicing 64 Shiki (Howa Type 64)

Naomi Oozora

Naomi Oozora, voicing QJY-88

Sayako Toujou

Sayako Toujou, voicing K31

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