[CN] Project Neural Cloud, Girls' Frontline 2: Exile, Reverse Collapse & Glitch Land: October 2020 Dev Livestream

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Wondering what's been happening with the four new GFL-related games MICA announced a while back? The new livestream announcement finally gives us hope for detailed coverage regarding all of the games very soon! 

10/15 update: Added the Neural Cloud gameplay footage from CP26 by request. 

Stream Link

The usual suspects will be translating and providing information when the stream is available: 

Stream URL:

EN restream:

EN Screencap + Translation Doc:

Livestream Discussion on the GP Community Forum

Stream Recap
Project Neural Cloud
  • Preview Video - 0:00
  • Tutorial - 0:27
  • Rechargeable Skills - 1:38
  • Ultimate Skill - 2:00
  • Main Menu - 2:50
  • Node Advancement (Beginner) - 3:19
  • Battle (Beginner) - 3:44
  • End of Battle Screen - 4:08
  • In Battle Buffs - 4:29
  • Headquarters - 9:40
  • Mail System - 10:35
  • Doll info - 10:55
  • Adjustable Backgrounds (You can either manually change it, or leave it, it will adjust to your system clock automatically) - 11:15
  • Swap to Developer account lol -13:04
  • Check Buffs available in selected stage - 14:17
  • Node Advancement (Intermediate) - 14:46
  • In Battle Buff Nodes - 15:41
  • Battle (Intermediate) - 17:20
  • Battle Reset - 25:55
  • "Data Exploration" System - 28:47
  • Chapter "Passive income and buffs" - 30:46
  • Neural Cloud Lore Timeline - 31:55
  • PNC's Factions - 33:02
  • "Oasis Dorm" System (SoonTM) - 34:00
  • Game Wallpapers - 35:10

Reverse Collapse, Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium, Project Neural Cloud, and Glitch Land are all featured in this highly anticipated developer stream taking place on October 16th!

If you don't know what they're about, this article gives a short recap of what to expect; for more information as well as catching up on anything you've missed, the very in-depth lore coverage provided by GamePress Lore master Mars is also available below!

The forum thread (or the translation doc) will be updated with key revelations as the stream goes on! 

The MICA New Game Preview Stream will begin on Oct. 16th 19:00 Beijing Time!

Project Neural Cloud

Project Neural Cloud is probably the most anticipated product of this livestream, owing to its recent Closed Beta announcement and the expectation that CBT will begin this month.

In fact, the Closed Beta client has already been found! This is expected to be a live-service game, meaning it will probably have social elements and receive regular content updates just like Girls' Frontline. This may even be the first high-budget live-service roguelike game to release on mobile!

Project Neural Cloud on TapTap
Project Neural Cloud (Test Client) on TapTap

"The road of research and salvation begins here,"

" reunite the scattered determination of those in exile."

"Our journey has already been set off by the flames of war."

"Explore the unknown and compose this chapter of your adventure"

"for there has never been a clear boundary between truth and fiction."

Gameplay Footage

Official Game Description

Character: Exquisite and Unique Together

The next generation of humanoid figures ("Dolls") with professional characteristics are waiting for your instructions. Search for their figures, expand the size of the "Exile" team, diversify your favorite Dolls, help them break through the shackles of their minds, and even explore their unknown past-hey, this is only for you Secret.

Combat: Coexistence of Strength and Strategy

With exquisite scene design and character creation, the innovative combat mode draws the essence of Roguelike. Taking risks and meeting strong enemies, or being cautious and careful step by step, carefully planning the overall layout, or adapting to the time and adapting to the times, there is more than one path to victory. Group the Dolls, skillfully use the fetter bonus, deploy the lineup reasonably, and leave the rest to the "exiles".

Construction: Both fun and function

The material harvested during the adventure is a weapon to build and upgrade the "oasis" of the new homes of the "exiles". Please construct the city, upgrade the building, decorate the dormitory according to your preferences, and obtain rich resources and powerful bonuses. Before the next departure, I hope you and your favorite figures can enjoy half a day here.

Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery

Reverse Collapse is the long-awaited remake of "Bakery Girl", MICA Team's last game prior to Girls' Frontline. The newly developed re-imagination of this series far surpasses the original in production quality, and so far is the only game for which we have already seen extended gameplay footage of!

Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery
Reverse Collapse on Steam


Gameplay Footage

Official Game Description

"Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery" is an orthodox strategy game developed by the MICAteam mica group. The game background takes place in the near future, and the world is split into two sides due to the new world war. Known as the "second cold war." In "Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery" in order to compete for cutting-edge technology that can change the pattern of war, the conflict between the emerging "Antarctic Federation" and the "Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition" formed by the old powers is It is unfolding around the world.

Girls' Frontline II: Exile

Girls' Frontline II: Exile, also known as "Girls' Frontline: Exilium", is the highly expected next generation successor to Girls' Frontline that has already reached almost 500,000 pre-registrations on TapTap. While it does appear to be direct sequel, the genres are quite different and Yuzhong had previously stated that GFL will continue to operate alongside GFL2 - so there's likely no need to worry about the original GFL's future playability. 

According to an official article during the May 2020 announcement:

...the overall game is presented in full-3D mode, and the gameplay has undergone a huge innovation and changes. However, it still adheres to the core of hardcore tactics and strategies, which is highly anticipated!

Unfortunately, very little had been known about this title up until today, as we have yet to see any gameplay footage - perhaps this developer steam could be our first look!

Girls' Frontline II: Exile icon
Girls' Frontline II: Exile on


Official Game Description

The story takes place in Eastern Europe in 2070. The security contractor Griffin was dismembered by the government because he was too strong. The commander left Griffin and led a group of Dolls active between the polluted area and the purification area. The story begins with a transportation commission. The commander's escort convoy was attacked on the way back from the contaminated area. The box as the commission was also robbed. After a series of battles, the commander recaptured the box, and saw the mysterious girl hidden in the box, and then began to suffer successive attacks. The principal and the mysterious girl, whose identity cannot be verified, are constantly encountering new enemies, and continue to hang over the commander like a suspense. And the conspiracy behind this will be gradually revealed in the game.

"Girls' Frontline II: Exile" is a strategy RPG mobile game that is in full 3D with ACG style.

The game uses the next generation of second-generation art rendering style combined with pbr + npr technology, with American war chess as the core gameplay, with a rich collection of formation and interactive elements.

Girls' Frontline: Glitch

Girls' Frontline: Glitch, also known as "Glitch Land", is a former fan game that was officially adopted by MICA Team with the original creator being given support by the company's production team. While its aesthetic style and gameplay are quite different from what we've come to expect from Girls' Frontline, many popular characters from Girls' Frontline make a showing in this game that is shrouded in mystique. 

While most of the eyes are on the flagship titles of Neural Cloud and Exile, there's a very good chance that Glitch Land could make a fantastic showing given the amount of development that's gone into it!

Glitch Land icon
Girls' Frontline: Glitch on TapTap


Official Game Description

"Girls' Frontline: Glitch" is the new game under the "Girls' Frontline" worldview.

A tactical girl HK416 from the mercenary squad "404”. During the execution of a secret mission, the helicopter fell due to inexplicable electronic interference waves,near a small town abandoned by radiation. Here she encountered a group of refugees who were too late to escape, as well as the former Sangvis Ferri researcher who had disappeared long ago and Thunder beside her. M870, who also were maintaining order here. Various visual and contradictory feelings and their own considerations made HK416 decide to help them complete a plan ...

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