Goliath Factory (Protocol Assimilation)

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Non-Ringleader stats are determined by Rarity and Growth Factor. The stat range from XS to XL will be shown below. 

Level 100 5★ XS -> Level 100 5★ XL

Cost: 2

HP 1404→1476 Evasion None→None
Damage 1697→1808 Rate of Fire 95→100
Accuracy 339→358 Armor 29→31
Critical Rate 5% Critical Damage 150%
Armor Pen 100 Move Speed 3

Rank Up Cost

Level Petri Dish Rarity
10 50 ★★
30 70 ★★★
70 100 ★★★★
90 200 ★★★★★



Clearance Protocol
Level 5 Effect Default: Once the battle starts, continuously produce Goliath reinforcements at a rate that depends on its Rate of Fire. Each Goliath has a Movement Speed of 10 and inherits 50% of the Goliath Factory's HP, 10% of its damage and 100% of all other stats. Upon contact with the enemy or reaching their maximum range Goliaths will immediately self-destruct, dealing 20x explosive damage to all enemies within a radius of 3.

Defense/Charge Modes: The Goliaths will move forward until they come into contact with an enemy.
Destroy Mode: The Goliaths will seek out the closest enemy unit.


At last, MICA answers the question, “how do we capture Goliaths”, with a novel approach. We capture the factory, and it produces many Goliaths for our use and abuse. As we can expect, these spawned Goliaths deal massive Damage but do come with some significant downsides.

Starting from the top, the Goliath Factories operate like Manticores, featuring only a single link, which is enhanced by providing additional copies. This gives Goliath Factories considerable stats, such as a large HP pool and high Damage, along with a moderate Armor value. They also cost 8, as opposed to the usual 4 or 6, which can slightly limit your ability to field them. They do not engage in attacking themselves, instead of spawning small Goliaths at intervals, where said interval varies with the Factory’s RoF stat.

This is where the first quirk arises. Even if Commanders were to increase the Factory’s RoF, the spawn interval would still remain fairly lengthy, cutting into their Damage potential significantly, as each Goliath spawned inherits 10% of the Factories Damage, which is dealt as multiplicative explosion Damage in a small radius when the spawned Goliath contacts an enemy and completes a small detonation animation, and no link splash. The spawned Goliaths have 30-50% of the HP from the Factory, meaning they are quite likely to reach their targets and will obey the targeting the movement rules of the given AI stance.

This does give Goliath Factories a small but possibly useful niche. Because the spawned Goliaths have high HP and are infinitely spawning, they make for great Damage sponges, filling the gaps in a Tanks (Alchemist) defensive uptime. Given the limited number of things that can actually hurt Alchemist through all of her shielding, this is not a significant niche, as very few other units do this, and the opportunity cost of using a Goliath Factory over a traditional DPS is high. Still, if you need durability at convient intervals, these have you covered. Set them up at the back of the formation and let the spawns suffer in place of your Dolls. 

Skill Priority

Clearance Protocol
HighPriority If you are going to use Goliath Factories, you want the spawns to have as much HP as possible, thus leveling this is vital.
Do it Palpatine

Peak Value Analysis

Dummy Link Effect
1 HP +50, Armor +3, Rate of Fire +10
2 HP +50, Accuracy +42, Damage +170
3 HP +50, Accuracy +78, Armor +5
4 HP +50, Rate of Fire +15, Damage +225
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