Gunslinger Girl: "Il Teatrino" Collaboration Event Guides

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The Gunslinger Girl Collab will begin on Oct. 13th after server reset!

The Girls' Frontline x Gunslinger Girl Collaboration Event has finally arrived on GFL Global!

Featuring a total of 11 combat stages split between Normal and EX difficulty settings, the GSG collab offers a completely original story alongside many challenging maps, multiple minigames, and no fewer than five Extra Dolls: Henrietta, Angelica, Triela, Claes and Rico.

For overviews and analysis of these Dolls please consult the pages below.

Do I need to roll the gacha for these collab units?

No need! Every Gunslinger Girl can be acquired for free as a Quest Reward, Shop Reward, or farmed as a Limited Drop (with very generous drop rates)!

Is the GSG Collab difficult? 

Not at all! Like every collaboration event, they are designed so that both old and new players can easily clear the event and earn all of the rewards while remaining free-to-play. Remember to farm Augustus every day and you won't miss anything!

Interested in the backstory of Gunslinger Girl before you jump in? Read the manga! It's only 100 chapters of about 20 pages each, which is possible to power through in one day.

If you just want a tl;dr to understand the collab, check out this special GSG edition of Setting Exploration!

Event Shop & Augustus Farming

The Gunslinger Girl: "Il Teatrino" collaboration features an event shop using an event-exclusive currency, Augustus (Bears).

This currency drops at a rate of 6-8 per Normal Map clear, and 10-12 per EX map clear. A maximum of 60 can be farmed per day, so don't forget Commander! 

Farming E1-1 or E1-1EX is recommended. Both maps can be farmed using planning mode, using the clear routes found in the guides linked below. Consult the Offical Infographics below for a full list of shop contents. 

If nothing else, make sure you buy Rico and her Special Equipment from the shop! She turned out to be one of the strongest DPS RFs in the game, and should not be missed!

Event Maps

The GSG Collab's maps are divided into Normal and EX difficulties, which run side by side. Commanders can complete whichever difficulty they chose, although at this time it appears that completing EX Difficulty will not immediately give the rewards of Normal. 

Normal maps are designed to provide a more story-focused experience, and as a result can be completed by anyone up to, and including Commanders at as low as Commander level 24 (or even lower!) as shown in the October Roadmap post.

EX difficulty, meanwhile, provide a considerable challenge to even endgame Commanders for the first four maps, with EX1-4 being on of the hardest maps in GFL so far. EX1-5-1 and EX1-5-2 meanwhile are more puzzle focused experiences than can be completed by any Commander with 3 Dummy Echelons and a level 70 4x linked RF/HG echelon! See the guides for details on both clears.

Map Clear Guides

Community Event "Ricerca del Speranza (Pursuit of Hope)"

Already have all the collab and limited drop dolls and want something interesting to do during the 28 days of this event? There'll be a community event run by our former editor Cleista coming soon!

This one puts a very different spin on the traditional speedrun format, so be sure to give it a look. 

GFC Speedrun: 'Grape Juiced'

And as is traditional, GFC is hosting another speedrun event, requiring Commanders to battle the new Target Sim Boss. Everyone is encouraged to participte, as the participation rewards are quite generous! See the GFC tweet for details.

Limited Drops

Farming the GSG collab is a mixed bag. E1-1 is a simple, AFK friendly farms, with a rather generous drop rate for Angelica besides. E1-1EX is less AFK friendly, requiring a bit more manual control, but with substantially better medal and Augustus yeilds. 

As the daily farm for currency, one or the other of these maps will become quite familiar to Commanders, as the other farms are somewhere between ineffiecient and miserable.

Fortunately, the pity system from past events returns to ease the farming grind. Enemies that may drop Limited Dolls are guaranteed to drop a Nova Medal or Platinum Medal.

These can be exchanged in the shop for the Limited Dolls, or for Cheesecake, which is impossible to farm outside of events. This also allows us to skip the more annoying maps, exchanging the Limited Dolls on those maps with medals farmed from much friendlier stages.

Acquiring any drop that isn't Angelica via medals is highly recommended, to save your sanity and resources. 

If you need to buy all three 5-star drops, a rate of ~70-100 medals per day is needed to hit 1500 Platinum Medals by the end of the event, depending on how many days you miss. 

As a side effect of medal farming, you'll probably have... many copies of Angelica. Post your total count in the comments when you're done!

Unsure if you want to farm any of these Dolls? Check out the articles below for information about all limited drops and how to efficiently farm them.


In an interesting addition to the trend of events continuing mini-games with a surprise change in genre, this collaboration event with Gunslinger Girl comes with not one, but two minigames. The first is a shooting gallery with Rico, and the second is a testing of semi-real world knowledge to assemble some of the weapons on display in the game. (Bakery Girl players may find this familiar!)

Be sure to give both games a try, Commanders, as clearing them offers excellent rewards including Dummy Cores and Tokens!

Featured Stream

GFL Streamer ArikiraMod3 will be streaming through the event shortly after maintenance.

Keep an eye on their twitter here, and Twitch here!

Other Guides

The folks over at Girls Frontline Corner have also been hard at work creating guides for this collaboration. For alternative routes and more infographics, please feel free to check them out! 

And of course, Ceia has created some video walkthroughs as well! 

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