Halloween E-2 Farming Guide

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Minimum Farming Requirements: 

  • 1 5x Linked 1 AR/1 HG Echelon
    • Recommend low ICD self-buffing ARs like K2, Type97, or ST AR-15. (HG optional depending on level)
    • M1911Mod can solo farm this with a good fairy and maxed out equipment.
  • 1 Dummy

Which enemies do you want to farm?

New Route:

Deploy a Dummy on the Command Post and a farming Echelon on the Heliport. Move the Farming Echelon down three nodes, then to the left twice. You can set planning mode for an extra node to make the map auto-complete. 

4 Checks. 

Farming Routes

Option 1: 

10/22 update: A fully AFK 3-drop chance farming route was discovered by Gigafreak#4754 (2 kills, 1 stage S-rank).

Planning mode allows for auto end-turn on enemy HQ, clearing the map without further input. Please see the video below for an example clear using 1 AR:

Option 2: 

The less expensive farming route uses the Jaeger two nodes below the Command Post, and is a retreat-farm that does not complete the map.

The farming route for Halloween E-2

Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Heliport, and the farming Echelon on the HQ. 

Send your farming Echelon down to kill the Jaeger positioned there before returning to the Command Post and retreating. Rinse and repeat as needed. 

This same method may also be used to farm the Jaeger on the Heliport to the right of the Command Post, however that Jaeger has Scouts as its escort, making it slightly more difficult to kill. Therefore, farming the southern Jaeger is recommended.

Option 3

The final option for farming E-2 involves killing both Jaegers, over two turns, as shown below. This costs no more resources than the single Jaeger farm, only extra time, should you have a farming Doll(s), able to pull it off. 

Planning Mode Route for a 2 Kill retreat farm of Halloween E-2

External Links

For a video guide on farming this chapter, check out the below walkthrough by Ceia - while the method may differ slightly from the text walkthrough above, it works just as well and may even be better depending on your needs.

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