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Article by Soulmuse
Banner Image for the Rerun of the 2019 Halloween Event 'Freaky Pandemic'

2021 Update!: This page has been updated to reflect the 2021 Re-run of this Event, including Shop Items and limited Drops. You can check out this updated issue of Should You Farm as well!

MICA Team sprung a surprise on everyone with a (re-run) unique Halloween Event, featuring four full stages of varying difficulty with a unique farmable drop in each. Players can clear the event stages daily to receive Strange Soap currency, for use in an event shop featuring a variety of goodies that are useful for Commanders of all types.

The Boss for this Event is Alchemist, who is the same as her Chapter 6 self. Those who have cleared Chapter 6 will be familiar with her already.

Clear Guides:

Daily Strange Soap Farm

E-2 is the quickest stage to clear 6 times each day for the daily 120 Strange Soap, following the stage clear guide linked above. 

Farming Guides:

Unsure if you want to farm any of the limited drops? Check out the "Should You Farm" article below!

Event Shop Offerings

Much like other Events, we have a shop, with the special offerings this time being KSVK’s Costume and Furniture. The standard ID Card Background, Icons, Combat Reports, and Tokens are also present, along with 16Lab Hollow Point Ammo and 16Lab HV Ammo. Both of these come MAX calibrated, and are otherwise identical to standard 5★ Equipment, so be sure not to miss out! 

Additional Event Info

`For more event details, including the official animated event PV and images of all the shop items, please check out the Halloween Event Pre-Info page!"

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