Halloween Event: Freaky Pandemic Pre-Info


10/18 update: The Freaky Pandemic Guides hub is now published! Please check it out for stage clear guides and efficient farming routes. 

10/17 update: The CN Event PV is out and can be seen below! EN may get a different version without KSVK, though.

The official teaser tweet for the long-awaited mystery Halloween Event has been posted to the Girls' Frontline EN twitter!

This event is confirmed to run between Oct. 22nd-Nov. 11th, and will feature 4 unique story stages with limited-time T-Doll drops as well as an event shop. 

The official CN event reward teased a Halloween costume for KSVK: 

CN KSVK Costume Full Splash

As KSVK is not yet released on GFL EN, however, it is possible that MICA Team may change reward to FAMAS' Halloween costume instead.

10/17 update: The official GFL EN twitter has confirmed that the FAMAS costume will be available for EN instead. 

Official Halloween Event FAMAS Costume Teaser Image

Clear Rewards & Limited T-Doll Rescue

Like all event stages, the Freaky Pandemic maps will feature clear rewards and limited-time T-Doll rescue drops!

The CN rewards and drops chart is as follows, though due to the featured T-Dolls being unreleased in EN, the global server will likely have a different set of rescue targets. Stage names are also tentative translations until official EN release.

Freaky Pandemic Event Map Drops and Rewards
Stage Clear Reward CN Rescue EN Rescue
1: Spoiled Staccato 4 Types of Resources x 500 KSVK Super SASS
2: Open Bag Surprise Dorm Furniture: Tender Encounter CZ2000 KLIN
3: Shelf Life Dummy Core x 5 Honey Badger PzB39
4: Preservative Pet: Undead Musician Pug P22 CZ75
Halloween Event: Freaky Pandemic CN Stage Rewards & Rescue

10/19 update: The EN event drop pool has been revealed!

Official EN clear rewards for the Freaky Pandemic event, showing Super SASS, KLIN, PzB39, and CZ75

Event Shop

Commanders can receive up to 60 Strange Soap each day for clearing the event stages, similar to how White Knight Armor Shards were farmed during the VA11-HALL-A Collaboration event. 

Shop rewards include the Exclusive KSVK Costume (subject to change for EN) and Halloween Furniture, as well as useful in-game goodies including but not limited to:

  • 16Lab Hollow Point Ammo
  • 16Lab High Velocity Ammo
  • Token x 100
Halloween Event: Freaky Pandemic CN Shop Image 1
Halloween Event: Freaky Pandemic CN Shop Image 2

10/17 update: Shop images have been updated now that the official EN teaser is out.

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