Heavy Production Guide

Heavy Production Guide

Heavy Production

Heavy Production, alternatively referred to as HP or LSC, is unlocked after clearing 30 different story maps. The difference between Heavy Production and normal Production is that while normal Production uses a range of 30 to 999 of each Resource, HP has a range of 1000 to 9999 of each Resource, can require more than one T-Doll or Equipment contract, and also makes use of Cores. In addition, HP will not grant HGs or 2 star T-Dolls of any class, and allows for the crafting of an additional type of T-Doll, the Shotgun (SG).

There are three tiers to Heavy Production: Tier 1, which costs 1 Contract and 3 cores, Tier 2, which costs 20 Contracts and 5 cores, and Tier 3, which costs 50 Contracts and 10 cores. The rates for the rarity of T-Dolls you can obtain change based on the tier as shown in the table below:

3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
Tier 1 40% 45% 15%
Tier 2 20% 60% 20%
Tier 3 0% 75% 25%

Of course, due to the heftier Resource cost of Heavy Production, the requirements to craft certain individual T-dolls and general T-Doll classes also change. 

Do note that these recipes do not guarantee a certain T-Doll or T-Doll class i.e. a SG recipe can still result in a T-Doll class other than a SG.
Type of T-Doll Minimum Recipe (Manpower, Ammo, Rations, Parts) Possible Outcome Complete Recipe (Manpower, Ammo, Rations, Parts) Possible Outcome
SMG 1000/1000/ 1000/1000 Thompson, MP5, all 3 star SMGs excluding Sten MkII 4000/4000/
All Craftable SMGs
AR 1000/1000/ 1000/1000 HK416, G11, all 4 star ARs excluding TAR-21 and G36, all 3 star ARs 1000/4000/
All Craftable ARs
RF 3000/1000/ 3000/1000 NTW-20, WA2000, all 4 star RFs excluding SVD, all 3 star RFs excluding Type 88 4000/1000/
All Craftable RFs
MG 4000/6000/ 1000/3000 MG5, all 4 star MGs excluding PK, all 3 star MGs 6000/6000/
All Craftable MGs
SG 4000/1000/ 6000/3000 KSG, all 4 star SGs excluding M37 and Super-Shorty, all 3 star SGs excluding RMB-93 and M1897 6000/1000/
All Craftable SGs

*A community variant of the SG recipe that is believed to possess higher chances is 6000/2000/6000/4000.

In the future, event drops will be added to the Heavy Production pool as Heavy Production-limited Productions.