HOC Rate-Up Analysis Priority: Who should I roll for?

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Article by Cleista
HOC Rate-Up Analysis banner featuring BGM-71, AGS-30, and 2B14


Another Central Data Analysis Rate-Up Event will be coming Girls' Frontline EN after May 8th.

5/8 update: Updated the dates, and added an extra mention about players who maxed out all their HOCs to the FAQ

The currently-released HOCs will be put on rate-up on rotation throughout the event period (see current server time on the GFL Gamepress front page header or in-game on your character info page):

  • BGM-71: May. 8 - May. 9 23:59
  • AGS-30: May. 10 00:00 - May. 21 23:59
  • 2B14: May. 12 00:00 - May. 13 23:59

During each rate-up, the chance of each acquired Central Data being the one on rate-up is significantly increased!

Note: Since the total amount of Central Data acquired is unchanged, commanders who didn't save up any data beforehand won't be missing out on much.

Recommended Pulling Priority

Contrary to popular belief, it is not optimal to focus BGM-71 during this rate-up event.

Even though BGM-71 is the strongest HOC for shield breaking, she does her job so well that she will one shot almost every single force shield and structure at ~500 pierce.

This is easily achievable at 3-4 star rarity, provided that the commander has leveled her up and given her the appropriate chips

With this being the case, players are instead recommended to do one of the following for minmaxing purposes:

Using the Rate-Up to even out your Central Data spread

With this approach, the player should spread out their rolls to try and make sure their HOCs have similar Central Data progress

Basically, roll the rate-up for HOCs who are behind. 

This is applicable for all players regardless of whale status or existing HOC rarity/progress.

Example HOC spread showing 2B14 more ahead of other HOCs
In this particular example, the player shown has AGS-30 and BGM-71 development progress lagging behind their 2B14; therefore, they should focus their rolls on AGS-30 and BGM-71 until they're evened out. 


  • Provides maximum benefit per Sample analyzed
  • Lets you unlock 5★ on all HOCs ASAP


  • No immediate benefit unless the player manages to gain stars on the HOCs who are behind
  • May result in HOCs getting close to but not unlocking the next star
BGM/2B14 focus

Players taking this route should focus on the BGM rate-up and subsequently the 2B14 rate-up, trying to maximize the amount of central data gained on those two. 

Players are advised to stop rolling when they reach 4★ on BGM-71; if your data is capped, it's ok to analyze some so you can avoid losing uncollected data.

This is applicable if you: 

  • Already developed BGM-71 and 2B14 to level 60 with their appropriate skills maxed
  • Have saved up a decent amount of Original and Pure Samples
  • Plan to tryhard in CT Ranking as soon as possible

This route is meant for players who know what they are doing and. Other players should go with the catch-up strategy so that their HOCs will be evenly developed. 


  • Maximizes the rarity of the two HOCs that are expected to be most useful for Isomer Ranking
  • Strong initial 2B14 volley can help weaker echelons deal with enemies better
  • Possibility of slightly improved score 


  • Does not compensate for poor map strategy
  • Your AGS-30 might fall behind in rarity a little bit if you're unlucky
  • Is not meaningful for players who just want the ranking rewards (as the minmax won't really help much if you aren't already within the top 1%/top 100)
AGS/2B14 focus

Players taking this route should focus on the AGS-30 rate-up then the 2B14 rate-up. This is only applicable if you: 

  • Already have 2B14 at 5★ or very close to it
  • Plan to max-iterate AGS-30 with samples
  • Have either
    • Saved up near-cap Original and Pure Samples OR
    • Plan to spend over $150 worth of gems on HOC Supply packages
  • Have excellent chips that can allow you to reach more than 400 total Lethality 

This route is meant for high spenders who plan to minmax AGS-30 from a waste of resources into having some semblance of viability. 


  • Access to massive +82 Lethality same color bonus only available at 5★
  • 2B14 can deal tremendous damage to non-shielded enemies at high rarity and AGS-30 can be more usable if strongly invested in
  • This extra damage gives you the flexibility of fielding unique team comps other top rankers cannot copy


  • Very good Chip RNG needed to set up in the first place
  • Hard for most players to attain this rarity
  • Requires player to already know what they are doing for Ranked
  • Not relevant unless you know exactly how to get the most use out of AGS-30's 3 support range.


I have no idea which one I should pick!

  • The vast majority of players reading this article should prioritize their data spread. When in doubt, going with that strategy cannot go wrong - unlike the other two possibilities. 

Wouldn't focusing a HOC give you Data Patches earlier?

  • A Data Patch is worth far less than a tick of Central Data progress towards the next rarity. Generally speaking, going from 4★ to 5★ confers a higher stat increase than all ten iterations combined.

    If a player focuses a single HOC rather than trying to even them out, they'll enter a limbo period during which they'll have one 5★ HOC, two 4★ HOCs, and some Data Patches rather than the three 5★ HOCs that they would have gotten had they evened out their Central Data.

    In the longer term (after all HOCs reach 5★), this won't matter, but it can be a short-term annoyance especially for players who are impatient and want to play chip tetris with the full 5★ board ASAP.

Exactly how significant is this rate-up?

  • Frankly speaking, it's not as exciting as the T-Doll rateup that players can instantly feel. The rate increase is not so great and you can easily get non-rateup pieces still. Nevertheless, minmaxing will have an effect, however small it might be. 

When is the rate-up again?

  • The official rate-up schedule will be included here again for your convenience:
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