Hole 2 - Tide of Blood Madlad Farm


Yes, the forbidden ranking map farm makes a comeback with DR, and is surprisingly way more accessible than most of the Infinity maps. Thankfully MICA learned their lessons and, as we have seen with Halloweeen Infinity maps, Jashin Infinity maps, they have been separated between Normal and EX where Normal maps are really quite accessible to newbies (while EX maps are rarely worth it, come on).

Anyway, this map is acessible enough that it can even be corpse dragged using b formation, much like 12-4E, albeit with 0-2 requirements (just need to kill the dinnergates fast enough).

But this ain't a corpse drag guide, just a simple farm guide. While the route is the same, this will be divided in Parts 1 and 2 to cover what Dolls are dropped from what nodes.

Featured T-Dolls Part 1

What are the droppable T-Dolls from the circled enemies?

CF-05, M1908 Mondragon, F1 M82, TS12 and GM6 Lynx

Should I farm the T-Dolls on this map?

Refer to Should you Farm Guide for more details.
TL;DR: Mondragon should be farmed, as she is a good RF support.

Ironically, Mondragon's map farm also has 2 checks and is a Retreat Farm, on top of facing one additional node that just drops a bunch of 3 stars. Moreover, that map also requires a maintank, and has a repair bill.

Commanders who are willing to spend a bit more of time to farm on Hole 2 will find a better place to farm Mondragon, as they can also drop other Limited T-Dolls here. And, much like Mondragon's farm, they also can't get Daily boxes here.

Part 2

What are the farmable T-Dolls in this map?

DSR-50, ACR, Desert Eagle, WKP and MAS-38

Should I farm the T-Dolls on this map?

Refer to Should you Farm Guide for more details.
TL;DR: Desert Eagle is highly recommended for those who don't have a copy of her already. Due to how costly is farming DSR-50 and ACR for those who don't have Flash rounds, it may be worth farming these here if you happen to lack them.


The route is pretty simple. It can either be done clockwise or counterclockwise, as long as one Echelon and one Dummy Echelon are deployed.

If doing the clockwise route, start from the Northwest node to the Command Post. 

If doing the counterclockwise route, start from the Northeast node to the Command Post.


YOROKOBE SHIKIKANS. A very cheap farming requirements for new Commanders. If only the infinity maps were like that.

M4 Mod here is recommended due to her Mod cannon quickly dispatching the enemies. Other than her, you're free to experiment with different ARs as her companion.

M4 is position on Pos 4, with the other AR being either on Pos 1 or Pos 7.


  • ST AR-15 Mod III was used, with a Maxed HV and Mod SPEQs, and a maxed Crit Scope and Skills 10/10
  • M4A1 Mod III was used, with max Crit Scope, max HV ammo and Max Mod SPEQ and Skills 10/10
  • Fairy used is a 3-star Preiya (DJMax collab exclusive fairy), with 10% Damage and Crit Damage aura, similar to a 2-star Command fairy
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