How to Get Fwee Pawa (Free Parachute Fairy) Guide


This guide aims to provide newbies and veteran Commanders an easy-to-understand and quick way to acquire their first Pawa, and the vastly superior QoL it brings.

While it's not overwhelmingly hard to acquire the Parachute Fairy, it's not as straightforward as acquiring HOCs or the AR team, as it is locked behind the Fairy Tiers.

This guide is going to be divided per the requirements to advance to the next step toward your free Pawa Faiwy.

When applicable, we're also going to provide tips on how to complete the requirements to advance to the next step too.


What is a Prototype Fairy

The career quests also give a large number of Prototype Fairies:

These give full (100) exp when fed to another fairy, and should be spent on expensive/rare fairies, and not spent on the cheaper fairies from the 500/500/500/500 recipe.

Calib feeding, what is, where it lives, how it feeds?

Feeding a fairy with the same talent to another will give 50% extra exp, for a Para fairy with Prototypes this is a massive bonus, and can save you 5 fairy fodder just for being the same talent.

How to calib feed your para:

Unlocking Fairy Tier 1/Fairy branch of Career Quests

The first step toward your first Parachute requires the following:

  • Unlock Heavy Equipment Construction (HEC)
  • Perform 1 HEC
Unlocking Heavy Equipment Construction

In order to unlock Heavy Equipment Construction, Commanders need to:

  • Complete 60 missions

Those can be completely by completing Normal and Emergency missions up to Chapter 6 and Night Missions up to 3-4n

  • Complete Normal and Emergency up to 6-1
  • Complete Night missions up to 3-4n
Final Cost
  • Resources on missions (Ammo, Rations, Manpower, Parts) will vary depending on how much Commanders spend trying to complete missions.
  • 500x4 resources on HEC
  • 2 Equipment tickets on HEC

Unlocking Fairy Tier 2

To unlock Tier 2 Commanders need to complete the following requirements:

  • Get 1 fairy from HEC
  • Upgrade the following buildings in Fairy Chamber once each:
    • Railway
    • Warehouse
    • Weather System
    • Fairy Mountain
  • Get 1 fairy to level 10
  • Clear 2 tutorial stages
Final Cost
  • Resources (Ammo,Rations, Manpower, Parts), Equipment tickets may vary depending on how early Commanders acquire a Fairy through HECs
  • Couple of batteries to increase from Level 1 to Level 2 each infrastructure (and 1 Minute for each infrastructure)
  • 5 CRs to level up a Fairy to level 10
  • Time spent on clearing tutorials

Unlocking Fairy Tier 3

To unlock Fairy Tier 3 Commanders must complete the following requirements:

  • Skill train fairies 5 times in total
  • HEC 5 times total
  • Get 1 fairy to level 30
  • Calibrate a fairy once
  • Upgrade fairy mountain to level 3
Unlocking Strategy Fairy Demonstration Mission

Some missions in Fairy Tier 3 may be required to unlock Strategy Fairy Demonstration mission, as follows:

  • HEC 10 times
  • Enhance fairies once
  • Calibrate fairies 5 times (hopefully when Commanders already have Para)
  • Collect 3 different fairies (get 1 fairy from construction that is not Command or Airstrike acquired from Fairy Career Quests)
  • Get 1 fairy to level 70
  • Get 1 fairy to 2* (feed 1 dupe)
  • Get 1 non-Prototype Fairy to SL5

Most fairies have bad skills that do not help you, the ones that have skills that are always useful in combat from the 500x4 pool are as follows:

  • Taunt
  • Twin
  • Shield

You may have noted all these three fairies have one thing in common: okayish aura, stalling Skills. Stalling Skills are highly valuable in most of the fights in GFL, as it is one of the few means of defense Commanders have.

Less frequently useful but have their uses:

  • Illumination (Specifically Skill Levels 3 or 10, do not waste early resources on going above SL3 on this)
  • Airstrike (only requires Skill Level 2 to eliminate Tarantulas and Dinergates, useful to farm XP and Weekly Armored quest on 8-1n)
  • Warrior (Jack of all Trades, decent Skill and Aura)
  • Armor (Useful for Armor Stacking)
Final requirements
  • Basic and Intermediate Data spent on Fairy
  • 2500x4 and 10 Equip tickets for 5 HECs
  • Up to 56 CRs to level up Fairy to level 30 (1-30)
  • 60 Callibration tickets
  • Batteries and couple of minutes to level up Mountain infrastructure to Level 3

For the additional requirements to unlock Strategy Fairy Demonstration mission:

  • 5000x4 and 20 Equip tickets for 10 HECs
  • Resources on enhancing fairies vary, depending on fairy enhanced and amount of enhance xp
  • 300 Callibration tickets on 5 Calibrations
  • Resources may vary on collecting 3 different Fairies, as it depends on how early Commanders acquire a 3rd Fairy that is not Commander or Airstrike
  • 955 CRs to level up a fairy to 70 (1-70)
  • Resources may vary depending on how lucky Commanders are acquiring 1 Fairy dupe to bring a Fairy to 2 stars
  • Basic and Intermediate Data to Skill Level a Fairy up to Skill Level 5

Acquiring Para Fairy

At this point Commanders only need to do a tutorial stage to get your free Para Fairy (and Illu Fairy).

The resources from getting to this point should also be more than the fairy crafting requires, and should not be considered a problem.

Para fairy needs Skill Level 10 to unlock unlimited range on its map skill, allowing you to drop onto any helipad not occupied or blocked.


Skilling up your first Para Fairy is also a very good investment, as the first (non-prototype) Fairy you skill up to 10 will give you a total of 1400/1400/1400 Basic/Intermediate/Advanced data, and this more than makes up for the cost of skilling up your first Strategy Fairy (costing 1200 basic, 2040 intermediate and 1000 advanced data), and between all the other sources of Data from 2.09 Career Quests, this should not be difficult.


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