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  • Isomer Ranking Guide
  • Should You Farm: Isomer Edition

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The major story event Isomer picks up the story after Chapter 11, spanning four 'Chapters' within the event itself. 

With a whopping 40 Story Only stages and only 19 combat-oriented maps, the event's incredible amount of dialogue is paced via the Intel Points system, unlocking the entire story over the course of 5 days. After all story stages have been cleared, the ranking map will unlock.

Viewing the story-only stages will give rewards as well, so do not neglect them! 


Just here for the Isomer farming guide? Visit the page below!

Intel Points


Every time a map is cleared, you will earn a set number of ‘Intel Points’. Once you accumulate enough Intel Points, more stages will unlock. 

The maximum cap of Intel Points essentially timegates Isomer story stages; since the maximum total possible number of earned Intel Points increases each day, this will eventually cap out and allow players to unlock every map after a few days of gameplay. 

On day 1 of the event, only UKM-2000's farming map is potentially accessible! Make sure to play every day and max out your intel points daily (easiest map: E1-A3 EX) to unlock stages so you can farm P22 or X95 ASAP!

Difficulty Slider:

The second major change Isomer makes is the implementation of both a Normal and EX(Hard) difficulty, allowing even newly started Commanders to clear the entire event, while also providing a greater challenge for long term players. There is no penalty for playing in Normal mode, so if you are struggling do not be afraid to drop down to Normal to finish the event, and come back to the EX map at a later date. Both Normal and EX offer clear rewards, but, if you clear EX first, you will get both rewards.

Event Rewards

Isomer's clear rewards are nothing short of downright amazing - a free True Core Mask for clearing the story and tons of goodies just for reading story? Sign me up!

Clear Rewards

New Enemies

SWAP Sangvis Ferri units showed up briefly in the Va-11 Hall-A collab, but they are officially introduced to the player. 

No one really knows what "SWAP" stands for - one of the more plausible guesses is Sangvis Weapons Assault Platform. 

Heavy Ordnance Corps

Since the Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units were released prior to CT, players should have now had plenty of time to raise them up to higher rarities - with Isomer Ranking EX mode being balanced around higher rarity HOCs!

HOCs are invaluable to deplete enemy shields, destroy enemy emplacements, and sometimes just for the devastating direct firepower certain HOCs like 2B14 can provide.

For shield-breaking and installation-destroying purposes, BGM-71 is the ideal unit, and Commanders should focus on training her before all others. All chapter guides containing HOCs that involve breaking force shields or structures will assume the usage of BGM-71 unless otherwise specified.  

Commanders are highly encouraged to read the introduction and guide to HOCs below for the full details about these new units and systems. 

Already raised your HOCs but want a little bit of extra firepower for ranking? Optimize their stats by calculating the best possible chip layout!

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes can be earned by clearing any event stage (we recommend E1-A3 EX - it requires no combat and is quick to finish!). 

Other rewards from Supply Boxes include Original and Pure Samples, Tokens, Quick Analysis Contracts, 4 unique bike furnitures, along with at least Dummy Cores, Resources, Universal Parts, Calibration Tickets, and possibly much more not shown in this infographic!

All Commanders can farm 60 Supply Boxes per day easily; as these offer a sizable influx of resources as well as a chance at rare and useful T-Dolls, everyone is encouraged to farm this daily as the returns are very worthwhile for the short amount of time required. 


The unique reward this time is HS2000, one of the most amazing HGs to ever be released in Girls' Frontline! Want to know why? Check out the full analysis on her character page linked below. 

Other Reward T-Dolls

Limited Drops

The limited drops in Isomer are extremely lucrative; P22 is the must-farm this time and X95 is no slouch either - the returning T-Dolls available are well worth getting a copy of for the most part as well!

For more information on effective farming, please check out the All-in-One Farming Guide!

Chapter Clear Guides

Hidden Achievements

Several hidden achievements are available in Isomer, just like Continuum Turbulence - make sure to grab them if you can for free rewards!

Clear the map after capturing all nodes. 

Clear the map with all remaining echelons being out of ammo and rations. 

Let the hostage die. 

(An additional achievement is available for watching the entire credits scene without pressing skip.)


Isomer's ranking rewards are so-so - the Zodiac Fairy is fun to play with but not all that powerful outside of top 100 Theater CE stacking, and the MG4 scope doesn't really make commanders more likely to send her into combat rather than logistics. 

Isomer's Ranking Stage will also not unlock until all story stages are cleared - this will take a few days due to the Intel Points system!

We'll be publishing multiple detailed ranking guides later like we did for Continuum Turbulence - check out the introduction page below in the meantime!

Craft some Camouflage Capes too, if you don't have any - green capes (4-star rarity) is fine. 

Want ranking rewards but don't have super stacked teams? No problem! You can do Easy Mode and still get the rewards if you do well!

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