Isomer Ranking: Reducing RNG for Higher Scores

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The former #1 ranker in GFL EN's Isomer Ranking stage, Brekkie, has not only blessed us with a great Teambuilding Guide but also made a great writeup on how to play around the RNG in the map to ensure maximum point gain - proven with the consistent 1.3m+ score in multiple consecutive runs!

The tips in this guide mostly apply to EX difficulty, as the point values of enemies are too low in Normal and most point gains in Normal mode will be from map objectives. 

This doc is a compilation of ideas which provides my personal approach to reduce as much RNG as possible based on old server strats and GFEN dalaos figuring out new ideas.

This assumes that YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ESSENTIALS on how this map works!

Isomer ranking is a lot more complex than it might first appear, so the tips in this 23-page behemoth can boost your average score by 100k or more, even if you already thought you knew what you were doing!