Jaguar (Protocol Assimilation)

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Non-Ringleader stats are determined by Rarity and Growth Factor. The stat range from XS to XL will be shown below. 

Level 100 5★ XS -> Level 100 5★ XL

Cost: 4

HP 484→516 Evasion 133→141
Damage 77→84 Rate of Fire 58→61
Accuracy 128→137 Armor 0
Critical Rate 20% Critical Damage 150%
Armor Pen 100 Move Speed 12

Rank Up Cost

Level Petri Dish Rarity
10 50 ★★
30 70 ★★★
70 100 ★★★★
90 200 ★★★★★



Accurate Calibration
Level 10 Effect Every attack deals 1.25x explosive Damage in an 2 unit AoE.


Slightly awkward attack animations notwithstanding, Jaguars are a surprisingly solid addition to the low rarity pool. As a pure DPS unit, Jaguars have an admittedly poor Rate of Fire, and a relatively low Damage per shot, although that is not the full story.

Accurate Calibration is what gives Jaguars viability. Slightly boosting the Damage dealt and converting the Damage from single-target to Link-based, across a sizable AoE, Jaguars are well suited to clearing out large swarms of enemies. With a slightly larger AoE than Anti-Personnel or Molotov Grenades, Jaguars in twos and threes can quickly clean out lightly armored or unarmored clumps of enemies, although they will struggle against single high HP targets, due to the lack of splash damage, as well as their lower RoF.

Players are encouraged to pick up and raise at least one Jaguar, although two or three can be used to good effect against certain enemies in upcoming events.

Skill Priority

Accurate Calibration
Low Priority Jaguars can perform just fine at Skill Level 1, saving the data for other units that need it more.

Peak Value Analysis

Dummy Link Effect
1 Extra Link
2 Extra LInk
3 Extra Link
4 Extra LInk
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