#LoveOutLoud - The GamePress Entries (2021)

Hello everyone! GP Writer Red here, joined by fellow teammates Adam, Haku, Mars, and Soul. Today we're bringing you all of our entries to the #LoveOutLoud contest!
If you are unaware, this was a contest where commanders had the chance to write a love letter to their most cherished T-Doll or Kalina. The main winner would receive an oath certificate and 4000 gems, as well as their very own response from whomever they wrote to! 10 secondary winners would then receive an oath certificate and 2021 gems.
It was fun trying to come up with... creative ways to express our love for GFL characters! Although entries needed to be between 200 and 400 words long, and a few other rules (such as no sexual content, it needs to be in English, etc), commanders still had plenty of ways to flex their imagination (or lack thereof)!
Below you will find the love letters that come straight from members of the Girls Frontline GamePress team!... namely us five. We hope you enjoy!


Fuck, I'll just dig a hole and hide there till everyone forgets this contest...
Flustered now, are we?
Smh heart only skipping a beat once when she got the skin.
Plz read the rest of the sentence, I'll return to my hole...
Are you ok? Do you need to see a cardiologist?
Yeah, I think I do. Because I got my heart stolen... by you...
Wew, I'm telling LWMMG.
NOOOOO! Anything but that. I'll be thrown at logis support with MG4 and Thompson...
I get where you were going with the fancy font, but I am finding it a bit hard to read right now. Sorry, I don't exactly have great eyesight. Do you happen to have a plain text version?
Sure, lemme alter it.
I don't know whether to thank you or be offended that you thought I meant my eyesight was so bad that I needed it in Comic Sans.
Heh, I used Comic Sans for the fun of it. Seeing that letter in Comic Sans makes me feel like I'm confessing to a senpai at school...
Maybe LWMMG is your senpai~
Awww it's good Adam! It may be fairly simple, but that's not a bad thing. I didn't find anything to be wince worthy and it's very sweet overall. I could feel your love for LWMMG through the words.
Bury me, bury me, i cant deal with people seeing my romantic side. If only someone loved me like this IRL...
Time to drag Adam out of the comfort zone!


It's... a video?
Last time I submitted a fan-fiction in Chinese, leading MICA to implement a "must be in English" clause. I still wanted to keep the spirit of things, so I thought about "What constitutes a love letter." Imagine hearing someone read a love letter in Morgan Freeman's voice. Still a letter. Now imagine someone put some funky beats to it, like the Hot Dog song. Still a letter. Thus, wouldn't a love song still count as a Content Purist Structure Rebel Love Letter? To cover my bases, I added the lyrics in text on both the video and description, so in the case the judges are having a bad day, I can still point to it and say, "There's a written text portion."
Haku once again stretching the limits of the poor Intern-kun's patience that oversees community contests.
"Why would you write a love letter to a ghost?" - Hokor, probably.
Imagine if he gets disqualified for writing for a non-existent doll.
F, time to slip Hokor a few shares of GME.
I respect that you've made it song lyrics. I actually wanted to try something similar but everything I made was either terrible, pure cringe, or both. This though, is none of those things. Good and clever writing, I quite like what you've done.
Want some minor criticism Haku?
Sure thing.
...You'reeeeeee not a great singer lol. But in a way, I wonder if that adds to the experience lol.
Yeah it's a total amateur production. TBH I was on a tight schedule.
Hey, it's still leagues better than any singing I can do.
Wait wait wait, Haku sang it!?
Yeah I sang it. I didn't want to shell out $300 for a vocaloid.
A few months more and I'll be simping for every GP member. Time to start the Haku simp church.
Haku's entry is based because he incorporated lore into his piece so it gets two cringey thumbs up from me.
NGL, Haku's voice reminds me of those 20something singers on pop rock boybands. Bet he's hot af.
*sweat*. No comment on any other digital personas that may or may not exist. But re: Mars, last time I figured my work was too heavily self-focused, so this time was a better exercise in thinking about the T-Doll in question. UMP40's story made me cry and she's been my favorite since. Anyways, I always make two entries. One serious, one troll. Moving onto the Soppo song...
Wait, hold on Haku. Those ingredients on day six...


It looks like you had fun with the lights and shadows.

Mars can sleep well at night because he knows he has GFL Batman protecting him I see.

Mars likes the shadows and it's not for sfw reasons.
Smug Mars using Alex Jones tin foil hat nodding to the camera gif
I like that Mars was able to go for a more traditional approach for his letter and it didn't come out as cringe. I find personally that most attempts like this end up feeling a bit pretentious or forced, but not so with yours. It's really well done.
I think the best part about his letter is how it gives off a distant lovers' vibe, which would totally make sense for Welrod's nature as a covert op. Kinda reminds me of those spy romance movies I used to watch (though I'm sure Mars would have turned every one of them R-18 when the couple reunites wink).
I'm surprised you guys like it so much because I was just trying to write a letter to a chunni dork, as a chunni dork.
That's just part of the charm I feel heh.
Yeah, that’s the big appeal. You’re either playing the sensei role or the ultra master degen role, so seeing you being a sweet chuuni in love is refreshing. Makes our kokoro go doki doki.
So when do we get the Mars Cinematic Universe? A whole movie series where, by day, Mars is a mild-mannered lore librarian and, by night... he is still a mild-mannered lore librarian, but he now has Welrod.
A mild-mannered lewd lore librarian hehe


Props for avoiding 50 cheesecakes. I'm pretty sure anyone would start hating cheesecakes if they got 50 of them shoved in their face.
Haha, for sure. Tbf having 50 cheesecakes on hand to do that with back then was a lot harder than it is now. But yeah.
I was also there for the crafting struggles. even with all the voodoo, I remember it was almost a meme on how everyone got her except you lol
Yeah... that early month was a hell of a ride. But I kept it up and eventually, I got her. Totally worth it in the end.
I'm sure that month wasn't the only ride you had.
94 blush


Props for adding you intentionally gave Tokarev 4 wedding dresses. I'm sure if lee was ever yandere at some point, it was at this moment.
So why the triple X at the end?
They're wholesome kisses, of course! I mean, what else could they possibly mean Haku??? Please enlighten me.
It means Red is being oBega lewd as usual!
I'd expect no less from the man who kept bringing up his love for Lee's ass in Theater Panel!

Hey now! I can't help it that her behind is so divine!

...Maybe we should move on before this gets too weird
We like ass. We like weird. There's nothin' weird 'bout ass lovin'!


...Soul, you there? Where's your entry? You've been awfully quiet today.
Hello, I'm dead
Oh my god, he looks exhausted! What happened??
Looks like a murder... by work...
We have investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong. lies

F for Soulmuse, maybe we'll get him in next time.

F. Someone else has to be GP slave besides me.
F, we shall honour him this day.
The least we could do is shill his other work that cost him the chance to participate.
If you want to pay your respects or still haven't cleared chapter 12, check out the guides written by Soul and Arikira! You could say that he really put his soul in it: Chapter 12 S rank Clear Guide
Soul sacrificed himself to bring others to the retirement of M16's 0-2, Grape's 10-4e, Soppo's 11-5 and M4's 11-6 promised land that is 12-4E...
Also, he has been extremely hard at work in preparing the guides for the brand new Division collaboration. This is a doozy of an event, so the guides will be a great aid for anyone!
Prepare to throw a LOT of grenades!
Still dead, but thanks guys

cries in spectral tears

Omake: The Sop Mod II Song

So for the "for fun" entry I started off with an idea of what I wanted to parody, since I probably couldn't write TWO original songs in a week but I CAN shitpost in a day. I asked for the most simped-for character, and one of the responses was SOP MOD II. Which just so happens to rhyme with weeaboo...

Poll: Who has the best Letter?

So now that you've seen all of our entries, the time to cast your vote on the best love letter in GP is here! The winner of the poll will get nothing except bragging rights, we're mainly just curious to know what you all think of our entries.
Feel free to leave a comment on any or all of the entries too, we'd love to hear your exact thoughts!
Best of luck to anyone who entered! We look forward to seeing the winners of the actual contest.
dragged out of shame hole

Until next time, goodbye!

returns to hole

Who had the best Love Letter?

27% (36 votes)
27% (35 votes)
23% (31 votes)
23% (30 votes)
Total votes: 132
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