M200 Sings Something Predictions Panel!

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Welcome to the M200 Sing Something Predictions Panel, Episode 1!
You're seriously doing a panel with just one person?
Silencio, Intern40, or you'll make a fool out of the one of us! Now, for introductions-- except ain't no one got time for stuff like that. You may call me… Mysterious Writer UMP40 MOD1!
What? That name's too long? You can see my name by mouse-over-ing my avatar? Well, so much for trying to be cool and anonymous.

The Contest

First things first: The Contest. What are we fighting for? The details are in this tweet.
The Mission? Complete the Comic in a context appropriate way. This means no random Team DEFY hijacking. If you can make that context appropriate, you are a god to me.

The Rules, Clarified.

Yes, Intern40, do you have any questions?
Can I--
Yes! Maybe! Let's look at the rules.

Participants can either just write M200's lyrics, or add more dialogue if they wish.  One of the two provided templates must be used.  

This means you can't do something like this, unfortunately.

No sex, violence, or gore.  Also no breaking any laws. 

Basically, it must be safe for work.  Explaining anime gun girls, the deep lore, and depression to your boss might be difficult, though, so I don't recommend doing this at work.


A (terrible) example of what is considered acceptable.

No adding characters to the image.

it wasn't me

It wasn't me

  • Originality is valued more.
  • The entry also cannot distort historical facts or defile/demonize human nature.  

​​​​​​​This means you can't write about a universe in which King Arthur was a woman who fights other historical figures in a ritual demonizing the inhumanity of selfishness.  


Absolutely Unacceptable.

Current Meta Predictions.

These are my predictions for submissions so far.

  • Memes.  All the Memes.  If a meme exists it's probably been pasted into M200's lyrics.
  • People literally copy-pasting lyrics that don't fit.
  • People literally copy-pasting straight memes (like the coffin dance).

Wait this isn't a meta, metas are the optimal strategy, not most common!

Hush, Intern40, we must give the people what they want! By the way, your sticker is backwards.

What I saw

Intern40, get me the results!
Here you go!

Yep, yep, and yep.  Exactly as-- Wait, Original Content??  Nay, it's still a meme.  Damn, I should've thrown some darts during Theater and invest in stocks! 

Meta Predictions

All right, now for the actually interesting part. Wait, come back!
Making use of the 2nd template gives so much more variety and freedom. The impact isn't as strong as a single panel, but allows more complexity within the constraints. This will be a safer shot at getting past round 1.
We know they value originality, so copy-paste memes are right out. Round 1 is for guts and glory, except without the guts since gore is banned. So is plagiarism.
Assuming public voting is completely democratic, I think the overall winner will be a simple meme. Let's face it, the most highly upvoted content on the GFL reddit is fanart and comics. If public voting will be the final say, the end result will be something easy to read and relatable.
Any effective meme will have identical entries, and either none will be featured or the winner will be selected with a dartboard. There can only be one.
Fonts will have their own meta, as they seriously shape the mood of the meme. Unfortunately I'm not a font expert, but I might know a friend who is...
And lastly, a disclaimer: "Remember to take advice with critical thinking, since anyone can write something believable on the internet as long as you put it in quotes." - Abraham Lincoln.
Anyways, go out there and sing your heart out! ...I'll fix my sticker… some day...