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Big 4

The generally highest damaging MGs for most battles due to their excellent skills.

Gr MG5
  • MG5 has a rather low Damage stat of 85 but a relatively high Accuracy stat of 27. This allows her to equip a Holo Sight without needing further Accuracy boosts.

  • Her Skill, Terminating Barrage, is a passive Skill that allows her to deal 3x Damage every fourth hit, and is currently the best version of the best MG Skill.

  • MG5 is one of the few MGs that offer Armor tile buffs to SGs, and this buff also features a versatile placement.

  • PK has a well above average Damage stat for her class but rather low Accuracy.

  • Her Skill, the four star version of Barrage End, is a passive Skill that is also shared by M2HB and MG5. Currently, it is the best MG Skill in the game making PK one of the best T-Dolls in her class.

  • PK is tied with MG5 for the longest clip out of all MGs, featuring 11 shells per magazine. This allows her to shoot for longer when compared to other MGs and therefore deal more damage without reloading.

  • PKP has both high relative Damage and Accuracy, at 95 and 31 respectively.
  • PKP’s skill is unique compared to the passive skill that the other three passive skill MGs retain -- on top of every shot she takes, she has a 20% chance to fire an additional shot that deals 1.5x more damage than a normal shot. Keep in mind that although the skill description calls the shot a critical shot, it can still crit, allowing it to deal up to 2,25x additional damage. PKP’s skill can somewhat be luck-dependant, as unlike the other MGs passive, hers is based on chance.
  • M2HB features a Damage stat of 102, which is simply absurd.

  • MGs as a class have limited magazines and passive skills allow them to take advantage of it for the entirety of the clip, M2HB’s passive Skill (which performs a 240% Damage hit on every fourth shot that she shoots, and stacks with Crit modifiers) therefore makes her one of the best MGs.

  • M2HB’s clip, while not as long as PK’s or MG5’s, is still well above average at 10 shells per magazine.


Everyone else that aren't quite as high in damage compared to the Big 4.

  • Auntie M1918 BAR enjoys a good stat base that consists of 96 Damage and 31 Accuracy. This is one of the highest Accuracy values for MGs and it allows her to employ a Holo Sight even without a further Accuracy buff.

  • BAR’s Skill is a decent 70% Damage up self-buff, though it will not see use until her second volley. This puts her at a big disadvantage against MGs with a passive or a 3 second Cooldown Skill.

  • Her 10% Armor tile buff is arguably BAR’s greatest strength and the main reason she sees usage. Armor tile buffs are hard to come by, and BAR happens to offer one with a decent placement to boot.

  • BAR was also blessed with a fast reload animation that allows the player to abuse reload cancel very easily with her and perform a fully powered-up volley as soon as her Skill comes off Cooldown.

  • AEK’s stats are all fairly middling; her Damage, Accuracy, and rounds are exceptionally average for an MG. The fact that she carries an armour buff for SGs does help make her a bit better than her peers, however.

  • What really affects AEK’s effectiveness is her Skill, which is a night version of Hunting Impulse. It provides an extremely minimal 20% Accuracy buff and makes all her shots criticals during daytime with an Initial Cooldown of 8 seconds. Even at Night, where you shouldn’t be using MGs usually, and where it’s Accuracy buff goes up to 70% and also has a 40% Damage buff, this Skill comes out way too late.


RPK-16 is a very unique MG who switches to AR Mode after exhausting her ammo and continues to dish out DPS rather than being forced into a reload. 

In addition, her tile buffs uniquely buff AR, SMG, and SG, providing +DMG and +Armor buffs with great coverage.

This makes it possible to use RPK-16 in a mixed AR/MG team to provide anti-armor DPS, far superior to other options like 6P62

  • Since RPK-16 doesn't benefit from SMG buff tiles and cannot use a PEQ, she isn't always going to perform better than an AR. However, her initial burst and sustained DPS are both quite good compared to both standard ARs and MGs. 

Overall, RPK-16 is highly flexible and should be leveled by commanders who'd like some variety in their frontline arsenal, since no one else can quite do what she can. 

For more information, see her Full Analysis


ZB-26 is a 5-star MG whose 8s skill ICD puts her in the category of 2nd+ volley MGs. She has a +15% Armor tile buff for SGs, which can be appreciated when the extra armor is necessary. 

The active portion of ZB-26's skill, Perfect Chain, instantly grants her up to 8 additional ammo at Lv. 10; the extra ammo from her skill have +50% Damage and Accuracy.

The passive portion of her skill grants all allies +1 Ammo whenever ZB-26 reloads. She also reloads 20% faster after each reload, up to a maximum of 60% faster reloads. 

Despite ZB-26's decent base stats, her DPS won't match first-volley burst MGs like PKP. For longer battles, other MGs like Lewis and Negev also outperform her significantly. Therefore, there's not much reason to level ZB-26 if you're purely looking to build up your MG arsenal - though her Live2D costume is rather infamous...


Don't think Claes is just another MG! She's wildly different in just about every aspect and her role is essentially determined by your choice of special equipment


  • Claes provides a stacking +Damage buff to all allies every 2 seconds while charging. 
  • The buff % is small (+5% per stack, +15% maximum) and it takes time to ramp up, making it weaker than a strict HG buff.
    • Furthermore, Claes lacks the +DMG tiles that HGs would have. 
  • This means that Claes ultimately will contribute less to overall team DPS than a dedicated buffer. 


  • In this mode, Claes constantly shields allies in front of her* every 2 seconds.
  • Claes can potentially substitute for a shield HG if only the frontline needs to be shielded. 
  • Nevertheless, in terms of shield/second, HGs like P22/HS2000 or even Sei still outperform Claes. 


  • This is the pure DPS mode for Claes, giving her up to 5 extra ammo before she starts shooting. 
  • Her DPS is comparable to that of MG4. Which is not very high. 
  • High Damage and Accuracy keep Chauchat relatively competitive early on
  • Short Reloads to reduce DPS downtime
  • However, her lack of Damage buffs and small clip size will prevent Chauchat from performing as well as newer MGs. 

Lewis is a 5★ MG available as a reward for completing the Isomer Event. Commanders used to the old meta might look at Lewis and think she’s a miss, but nothing could be further from the truth. Lewis stands proud as one of the strongest MGs available.

To begin with, her stats are exceptional. She carries a whopping 102 FP and respectable 31 Accuracy. Her tiles are also perfect, having an ideal layout and optimal buffs for shotguns.

Her skill, Dynami, comes with both a passive and active effect. The active portion is a standard FP boosting skill, further adding to her already amazing damage output. The passive portion gives her more ammo and faster reloads with every subsequent reload up to 3 times. Despite the phrasing, this passive is active during her first volley.

Commanders on the EN server might have gotten used to MGs which excel in the second volley being lackluster compared to the likes of the “Big 4”, but Lewis’s monstrous offensive stats allow her to deal close to 90% of PKP’s damage in the first volley with no skill while providing a great Armor tile buff and strong second-volley potential on top of it.  With enemies getting consistently stronger in future fights, the importance of Armor tile buffs and 2nd-volley DPS will only increase, tipping the scales in Lewis’s favor since she carries all the tools to make an exceptional MG in this meta. 

Her combination of amazing stats, perfect tiles, and a strong skill make Lewis a force to be reckoned with. Best of all, just clearing Isomer will guarantee a copy of Lewis - no need to try crafting expensive MGs! This angel is one who definitely won’t miss her mark.

  • Mk46 is a variant of the M249 SAW (which is probably why this T-Doll also chews bubble gum). 
  • She is locked behind a staggeringly high farm requirement as a Chapter 11 exclusive drop, making her fairly difficult to acquire for most commanders. 
  • Unfortunately, due to her exceptionally low Damage stat of 78 and second-volley skill, Mk48 struggles to perform well in practice. 
    • Her tile buff is also awkwardly positioned and does not provide Armor.
  • Her skill trades -20% Damage for +70% Accuracy when compared to other 4-star second-volley MGs like the M1918 BAR. As most enemies you would want to send MGs against tend to have zero or low evasion anyway, this is not a good tradeoff.
Alma Armas
  • Alma is a second volley MG with armor buffing tiles.
  • Among other common MGs of this type, she performs the best because of the extra stats provided by her special equipment. Her skill is essentially an 80% self-buff.
  • However, since there are three individual guns per link when the skill is up, it avoids corpsewhipping and gets triple penalized by armor penalties. 
62 Shiki
  • 62 Shiki offers a small armor boost to SGs affected by her buff tiles, but below average stats significantly reduce her overall viability.

  • The 8 second Initial Cooldown on her already mediocre Skill means that she is usually outclassed in terms of DPS by other MGs.

M1918 Mod

M1918’s Digimind Upgrade sets out to improve the primary issue that her original form had: her lackluster first volley damage. She still has her faults, but M1918 Mod is nevertheless a solid MG.

Her base form already possessed great offensive stats, but now they’re even better than before thanks to a considerable FP and Accuracy boost. Her clip size still sadly remains the same, but her new Skill 2, Battlefield Magic, helps to make this much less of an issue. With her initial shots in each volley having a substantial damage boost, her damage per volley is much more comparable to the likes of other top MGs such as MG5. Her second volley in particular will be immensely strong since both Damage Focus MG and Battlefield Magic will be active.

M1918 Mod’s biggest downside is simply the investment needed for her to reach her peak. She will ideally want to be Mod3 for the extra stats from being oathed, on top of needing her Skill 2 maxed and wanting the Titan Fire-Control Clip (Her Mod Special Equipment can be ignored). Especially given that M1918 is a 4★ at base, the cost of doing all of this will be very substantial. Her other remaining issue is her tile layout is unchanged from her base form.

All in all, M1918 Mod is a strong MG that can now properly compete with the likes of other top MGs. Despite this, commanders will need to consider if the DPS she offers is worth the investment, especially when other MGs can be comparatively strong with much less investment

  • A rather mediocre statline and tile buff leave Type 80 outclassed by a number of other MGs
  • Additionally, her Skill’s 8 second Initial Cooldown renders what would be a good Damage buff Skill useless most of the time
Gr MG23
  • HK23 has an Armor tile, which is fairly rare.
  • Her offensive potential is hampered by the subpar Lock and Load Skill and low Damage stat of 80.
  • HK23 may see use for armor stacking teams when the Commander has few other options, but will not generally be a viable budget pick due to her limited availability. 
  • Ameli has a relatively low Damage stat, high Accuracy, and the worst possible amount of rounds, limiting her effectiveness. She at least has the rare armor buff for SGs.

  • Ameli is another MG that has a night skill, and like all other night MGs, it provides an incredibly small buff at 11% Damage increase during daytime (50% at Night) and also increases her rounds per volley by 4. Even in night battles, where MGs would not normally be used, this Skill still activates way too late due to it’s 8 second Initial Cooldown.

Gr MG4
  • MG4’s Damage is passable and her Accuracy is decent -- while her performance isn’t stellar, it also isn’t abysmal.

  • Her buff tiles provide the second highest Armor buff after Negev, which will help MG+SG Echelons tank more effectively.

  • Although MG4’s Skill -- which buffs Damage and increases the number of bullets in MG4’s magazine -- is decent by itself, as it has a 8 second Initial Cooldown, it rarely ever sees use.

  • M60 has average Damage and below average Accuracy, making her outclassed by quite a few MGs.

  • Although M60’s self-buff Skill is good in theory, its long 8 second Initial Cooldown limits its usefulness. Plus, it’s a Night Skill, and MGs are rarely used at Night.

  • Mk48 is the “upscaled” counterpart of LWMMG and M1919A4, but the only benefit her improved Skill brings is more Accuracy. This is a non-factor as MGs carrying Hunting Impulse are fairly accurate.

  • Though she possesses a lower Damage stat than her Hunting Impulse counterparts, Mk48’s magazine has one extra shell and will therefore result in one extra enemy down per volley. This gives her an edge over LWMMG and M1919A4.

  • At first glance Negev’s Skill, Frenzy, may seem great, and it would be if her Damage stat wasn’t so low and the other passive Skill MGs did not exist.

  • Because of Negev’s low Damage stat, Frenzy needs its 3 stacks to allow Negev to match M2HB, PK, PKP and MG5 in damage, which equals to three volleys. Since MG squads generally aim to end the battle within the first volley, this is counterproductive.

  • Negev is blessed with the best tiles out of any MG by giving 20% Armor to three SGs in the third column, making her the best Armor buffer for Armor stacking Echelon compositions -- though this isn’t a particularly relevant nor common composition.

  • Overall, the niche Negev’s fills is not applicable in most battles, and she only performs at her peak in very few instances. Even then, Negev isn’t necessary to beat this content, making her usefulness questionable.

  • AAT has lower than average Damage and Accuracy, neither of which help her performance.

  • Although the Damage buff that AAT-52’s Skill gives her is decent, as it has an 8 second Initial Cooldown and only works well in Night battles -- which MG are not often used in -- it is less than effective.

  • FG42’s overall damage output is severely limited compared to other MGs due to her small clip size and low Damage stat.

  • FG42’s Hunting Impulse Skill when considered in conjunction with her stats causes her DPS to suffer, as her low DMG means weaker crits and her smaller clip size means less total shots during the Skill’s uptime.

  • FG42 cannot claim budget status as LWMMG does everything she does but better.

  • Bren is a 3* MG with Lock and Load, a 2nd volley skill.
  • Lock and Load sucks. Her ammo count sucks. Her tiles suck.
  • Basically she sucks.


  • MG3’s average Damage and Accuracy results in her mediocrity.

  • Her Skill, which adds four more shots to her volley and buffs her Damage, is decent, but will not see much use due to its 8 second Initial Cooldown.

  • MG34’s stat line features low Damage and low Accuracy, making her a less than ideal MG option.

  • Although the 60% Damage up buff her Skill gives is decent, as it has an 8 seconds Initial Cooldown, it will rarely see activation.

  • At least she has a very good CNY skin that makes her go from cute idol-looking to VN main heroine.

  • MG42 possesses decent Damage and Accuracy, resulting in her being okay, but not great.

  • Her Skill -- making every single one of her shots be Crits and increasing her Accuracy -- has a 3 second Initial Cooldown, guaranteeing that it activates within the first volley.

  • Due to her being a 2 star, however, she falls behind the other 3 second initial cooldown MGs due to lower stats and a weaker Skill.

  • The main goal of MGs is to end battles within the first volley, and RPD — being a second-volley focused MG — finds herself in a very awkward position. She is vastly outclassed by MGs with passive or ‘Hunting Impulse’ skills in the first volley, and is outperformed by her upscaled counterpart M1918 BAR in the second volley.

  • RPD ranks second to last for the lowest Damage stat (82) among all MGs, further hampering her viability.

  • DP28’s average Damage and Accuracy makes her, well, average.

  • DP28’s Skill, which buffs her Damage and the number of times she can shoot, rarely sees usage in an actual battle due to its 8 second Initial Cooldown.

  • SAW features low Damage and high Accuracy, making her utility as an MG limited.

  • While M249 SAW’s Skill -- which increases the number of shots she can fire as well as her Damage -- appears effective, its 8 second Initial Cooldown and Night specialization means that it doesn’t have a chance to shine.

Hanazano Yurine
  • Owner of what is likely the best MG scope seen in Girls’ Frontline, and a minigun that is sadly in MG class rather than HOC, Yurine is an MG biding her time
  • While Trident and Iron Maiden are great passive skills, they are ultimately hindered by their RNG nature, which makes Commanders unable to consistently rely on them. Doesn’t help that she can get Chainsaw, which is pretty lackluster on her own
  • Yurine has 15% Armor buff, which makes her a good candidate for Armor stacking
  • Yurine has potential use post Dual Randomness, where MGs become relevant again due to drawn out battles and high armor enemies being counterable with only SLAP ammo. Until then, new and old Commanders are unlikely to have a reason to raise her.
  • M1919A4 has a strong stat base that consists of 96 Damage and 26 Accuracy. This allows her to utilize a Holo Sight without additional Accuracy buffs.

  • Although 3 second Initial Cooldown MG Skills are not as strong as passive Skills, they can still perform very well and get the job done.

  • M1919A4 carries a great Armor tile buff for SGs. Her tile placement, however, is ineffective at best and practically requires her to be used in a 2SG Echelon, which is inefficient when compared to a 1SG Echelon.

  • LWMMG is the direct counterpart of M1919A4 and although she’s cheap to invest in due to her 2 star rarity, she can still do everything M1919A4 does at almost the exact same effectiveness.

  • She also features a better buff tile placement than M1919A4 which allows her to buff a single Main tank SG, allowing her to be used in 1SG Echelons.