Mk 153 "SMAW"

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Mk 153, nicknamed SMAW, is the first 3-range ATW. This instantly makes her far easier to use than the older ATWs and renders AGS-30 obsolete unless you need several 3-range Force Shield breakers.

Her kit revolves around extreme Pierce through her Skill 1, doubling her Pierce Damage the first time she hits a target, and in addition her Skill 3 also stuns enemies that run out of Force Shields as a bonus.

For more information, check out the Full Analysis section.


Initial Stats → Level 100 → Theoretical Max*

*Includes maximum Iteration and Chip bonuses

Range 3
Lethality 36 → 107 → 466 Pierce 75 → 224 → 617
Precision 79 → 233 → 509 Reload 36 → 107 → 234


Normal Attack
Launch a missile to deal 1.5x Lethality and 1x Pierce to the main target and deal 0.5x avoidable Lethality and 1x unavoidable Pierce to enemies within a radius of 1.5.
(Both instances can hit the main target, only second instance can hit others.)
Assault Shell
Level 10 Effect Fire an extra round when attacking a new target. This round has 100% of a normal attack’s lethality and pierce.
Pinpointing Signal
Level 10 Effect Fire a tracer shot before each normal attack, dealing 1x damage to the target while also reducing its evasion by 20% for 6 seconds, stacks up to 3 times. If the tracer shot hits, the area damage from the following normal attack is a guaranteed hit.
Follow-Up Suppression
Level 10 Effect Inflicting pierce damage on a target also inflicts 15% vulnerability for 8 seconds. If an attack from this unit breaks a forceshield, additionally stun the target for 2 seconds, and deal 0.8x damage.

Circuit Board

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
Stat Cap
Res. Bonus
Same Color Bonus
Tiles Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
4 +24 +6
10 +12 +10
16 +24 +6
24 +12 +12
30 +32 +10
34 +18 +12
38 +32 +18
Total +112 +60 +36 +20


Level Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
+4 +4
+8 +6
★☆ +6 +10
★★ +8 +8
★★☆ +6 +6
★★★ +10 +10
★★★☆ +10 +10
★★★★ +0 +10
★★★★☆ +12 +12
★★★★★ +16 +16
Total +52 +60 +50 +20

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Full Analysis

Mk 153 is an ATW who excels at obliterating Force Shields through her Skill 1, Assault Shell. Due to having a high Pierce stat combined with the first hit dealing double Pierce, she is likely to swap targets after every shot and leaving the previous target at a low enough Force Shield % that your echelon can deal proper Damage. Her Skill 3 applies Vulnerability on the target making it take more Damage, and also stuns enemies when their Force Shields are fully depleted (this can stun unstunnable enemies such as Doppelsoldners), often leaving more time for your echelon to kill them off before they get in range. Note that Skill 3 only applies Vulnerability if it deals Pierce to Force Shields.

Combine this with being a 3-range ATW and it's easy to see why Mk 153 is basically the best ATW available.

Her Skill 2, Pinpointing Signal, fires a Tracer Round before every attack, causing the primary attack to be a guaranteed hit if the Tracer hits, while also dealing 1x Lethality to the target if it connects and applying a 20% Evasion debuff for 6 seconds. If she is only shooting a single target this will stay at 2 stacks full time, while against multiple targets you should not expect it to go above 1 stack. This rather large increase to Damage and more consistent hits is very nice, but her main purpose remains being breaking Force Shields.

Note how the Doppelsoldners get stunned here.


A trio of Dolls who love street culture. They often attend underground gigs as a rap band. To build up their reputation, they always leave behind a graffiti of their band logo on both the stage and battlefield.

The MK153 SMAW (Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) is basically a modern bazooka. Not much else to it, just an unguided, shoulder-fired launcher.

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