Monthly Q&A: September 2019

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The Monthly Q&A announced in the September Monthly Roadmap starts today with the the Facebook and Twitter platforms. For readers who caught this post while they are ongoing, these monthly Q&A sessions are excellent opportunities for you to directly ask the developers of Girls Frontline literally anything that comes to mind.

Even if your question is somehow passed over, community members will often help you out with their own answers, provided that it is something that they can answer. 

Here are the scheduled Q&A dates for readers who may have missed the news previously: 

MICA Team does a wonderful job answering hundreds of questions from players every month. Please check back on this page for a digest of the most important tidbits from this monthly Q&A!

08/28 update: Facebook and Twitter questions have all been added to this post.

08/29 update: Reddit questions have all been added to this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many T-Dolls will there be in the first Neural Upgrade batch?

Three. One T-Doll from each rarity out of all the 2, 3 and 4-star T-Dolls.

Does the release of Neural Upgrade mean we will have Singularity in September?

No. It will come later.

Will VA-11 Hall-A and BB & GG collab have a rerun?

We do not have any plans for a rerun in the near future.

Will we have the reworked RF skills?

Yes, it will come along with the new client.

In-Game Content Questions

Will new collab T-dolls be voiced at any point?

As far as I know they are unlikely to have voices.

Will the collab story be added to the in-game story playback?

No, collaboration stories will not be added to the playback.

Will event specific dolls (such as ART556, DSR-50, KLIN, UMP40 and so on) be at one point in time converted into heavy production exclusive dolls just like G28 & PSG-1?

  • Clear reward T-Dolls will return as farmable drops.
  • 3* and 4* units who were farmable in the original event will be added to the Heavy Production pool, and will be farmable too.
  • 5* units who were farmable in the original event will return only as farmable units.

How come the pet room doesn't seem to allow me to adopt any of the new pets?

The pet spawn is not guaranteed and you only have 1 chance of spawn per day, so there will be times that you see no new pets.

About the upcoming new doll batch, are we going to get it during the current point event?

Yes, the rate-up for these batch will also begin before the point event ends.

What is the Cafe bar coffee machine?

You will be able to watch the Neural Upgrade stories there later.

Who are the T-Dolls that will be part of the first remodel batch? Is IDW in it?

The first to get Neural Upgrade will be decided by the public vote, and unfortunately, IDW is not in the 2-star group.

How will the voting work? 

It works like the vote we did for the rescue events.

[Editor's Note: Players will be able to vote in-game via a form.]

Who are the T-Dolls that will be eligible for voting in the 3* and 4* pools?

Will be revealed later.

Could you reveal all the mods available to us to vote for? My curiosity is killing me!

3 and 4-star options will be revealed over the next 2 weeks, so for now I'll keep it to myself.

Are all 4 T-Dolls in the Monthly Roadmap valid voting choices? 

Each shadow represents a valid candidate in the vote.

Would all current Digimind Upgraded (barring story units like Anti-Rain and 404) units be voting choices?

No, there will only be a limited number of choices.

Is there any particular reason behind selecting the first Digimind Upgrade T-Dolls via a vote, rather than in the original release order?

You can think of it as some kind of celebration. In this way we will have a chance of getting MODs that came out relatively late.

How much does the rescue fairy really help with the drop rate of 3* or 5* dolls? Can you give us the percentage % per level? It will be really helpful.

That's not something I can reveal.

[Editor's note: Detailed game mechanics will unfortunately not be answered in these Q&A sessions. However, independent testing suggests a rate increase at Skill Level 10 of approximately 50% for 3* T-Dolls, 40% for 4* T-Dolls, and 30% for 5* T-Dolls. For example, if the typical drop rate of a 5* unit is 0.5%, Rescue Fairy's skill would increase it to approximately 0.65%.]

What's the approximate size of the next client update?

Should be over 2 GB.

Can the T-Doll and Equipment drops during enemy turns being automatically obtained like our turns did (without needing to tap manually)?

This problem will be fixed in the new client.

Can you please add an option to restart the battle/simulation after a success?

You will be able to directly restart a simulation with the new client.

Release Timeline Questions

Are you able to reveal player statistics regarding VA-11 Hall-A event, such as the percentage of players who completed Normal and EX stages?

Yes, that's our current plan.

When will the client support Android Q? This new version of Android is about to release, and the app does not work properly in it (doesn't even start). Will it work with the new client or will the current client receive an update to make it work?

I just checked with the devs and they confirmed that the upcoming new client will support Android Q.

Could it be possible in the future to get some kind of an file export of your own armory? Dolls you have, their levels, links; similar for equipment and fairies. A simple CSV file would do. Would be nice to get a spreadsheet to play around without having to manually maintain it.

I'm afraid that it won't be possible.

I want to know if there will be enough down time from the general rate up to save up for the AN-94 and Ak-12 new T-Doll releases. I plan to use all of my resources on the general rate-up, and want to know if I could get most of it back via Logistics in between.

It depends on the time you need, but I think there will be a reasonable amount of time between the general rate-ups and the release of AN-94 & AK-12.

Since EN has nearly caught up with all current craftables on earlier servers can we expect a rapid influx of point events/bingos/vouchers for some of the other dolls soon?

No, I don't think that will be the case, since each of the minor events still lasts for 3 weeks.

Can I get Stella/Sei in the future/another event?

Collab T-Dolls are only obtainable in the collaboration, and I'm afraid that the collaboration will not come back in the near future. No alternative will be possible.

Any plans to do more crossover events?

The DJMax collab will likely be next year.

Will we be seeing the Mulan Tea and Beer on Discount items again after Va-11 Hall-a? Perhaps again as items in upcoming event shops or as rewards?

Mulan Tea and Beer on Discount will not return unless the collab gets a rerun. We might have similar items in the future, but that's not something I can confirm.

When will the next Logistics Great Success Rate Up event be coming?

Probably after a while.

Is story content en route, or is it still a while away?

We will have a main chapter later, but not in this month. 

Will Chapter 10 or Chapter 8 Night be released first?

The next chapter coming will be a main story chapter.

Are we going to get the exploration feature once the new client for EN is done?

According to our current plan we should get it once the new client drops.

Can we expect the new Client update in September?

No, we will need to wait for a while.

Will the planning mode errors be completely fixed in 2019?

Should be fixed with the next client update.

Will M4A1 and AR-15 MODs release simultaneously with the first mod batch?

No, these 2 will not be released until Singularity drops.

Will we get a regular amount of Neural mod upgrades for T-Dolls every month? (like the new 3 ones next month)

No, that's not possible.

How often will new Neural Upgrade batches be released? Is it every 2 months?

You should probably expect a longer interval.

How often will you release a new neural upgrade?

Probably several months a batch.

When do you think support units [HOCs] will be released?

It's tied to the major event Continuum Turbulence, and unlike Neural Upgrade, it is unlikely to be released in advance.

When the new client will drop for EN(and thus also the expedition system) are we going to be able to buy in the exchange shop 416 mod shards and be prepared for her mod in due time?

Her mod shards will not be obtainable by the time the new client drops.

Will we get Neural Cloud Corridor unlocked a few days before the MOD batch hits like the older servers?

No, it will become accessible at the time the MOD batch drops.

Will the new sound effects be coming back? If so, when will it be?

When the new client drops.

When will we get the new battery collection time window?

Should come with the new client.

Will that one costume for AK-47 ever be available for Black Card exchange?

Unless there is a rerun of the ranking map, her costume will not be obtainable again.

Will past ranking rewards like 9A-91's exclusive equipment or golden fairy remain unobtainable in future?

No, unless there is a rerun of the ranking map, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Since the JP server got the event for JS 9, can we expect her soon™ too?

Since we just got SRS, JS 9 may not come as quickly.

When can we expect to get SAR-21?

Please stay tuned for future announcements.

Is there a reason why the New Year's resupply is out this month rather than at the end of the year?

So that if there is going to be a second kimono banner, we can have it along with other servers. But don't take this as a confirmation of a second kimono banner. We will do the same just in case, no matter if such a banner is confirmed or not at this point.

How long until the Beach Warrior re-supply gacha is rerun?

The gacha rerun usually takes a year.

When will G41's summer skin be added to blackcard exchange?

You will need to wait for a while.

Will ART556 get a costume?

I think her next costume will be the Chinese New Year one.

Will TAC-50 get her halloween skin this year? Asking for my wallet.

You can tell your wallet that it will be safe for now.

Do you guys have any plans to make "Pixel Cafe" furniture set available on Radiant collection or, like the collab, it was a one and done thing?

Those costumes and furniture will not enter radiant collection or black card exchange. The set will not come back in the near future.

Can we expect the Maid resupply to come this year?

Yes, it's possible.

A little bit curious, when is the Girls Music Club resupply estimated to go live?

I don't think we will see it coming anytime soon.

When will the next Children's Day resupply gacha be available?

Unlikely to be in this year.

When will the Diamond Flower resupply gacha rerun on radiant collection?

Should be in the next year.

Are there plans to mix both Halloween gachas to catch up with CN this year? 

The 2 Halloween gacha will be released separately.

Are there any plans to speed up the seasonal gatcha like Halloween and Christmas as it seems like we will always be 2 years behind?

It depends. To do that we will probably have to make the gacha out of season, and we are not sure how our players will react to that.

Aren't you already doing that with the Japanese gacha being out of season?

We want to avoid such a situation if possible, as it can be rather confusing.

Misc Fluff or Unanswered Questions

Will the Sten and Skorpion YouTube tutorial that JP got be translated into English? It's cute and I'm sure helpful for new players.

The translation takes a lot of time and there's also the copyright issue, so I cannot give you a promise now.

Is there any chance of Reverse Collapse being released on platforms outside of Steam?

It's been stated in the original announcement: Reverse Collapse will be released on PC, mobile phone and Nintendo Switch.

Do you enjoy how hardcore we can go on Ranking Maps for a high score?

Actually the participants of the recent Dana speedrun even managed to surprise our own tester.

Can we keep the Cafe as the Va-11 Hall-A bar?

Sadly, no. I'm equally disappointed.

Can we get an improvement to AR camera and add some more effects? Also, can we get some kind of AR camera picture competition once a year at least?

In the future, maybe, that's not something I can tell for sure right now. We've been thinking about another competition for a while, but for now I can't give you any promise.

If you go to the Fairy skill calibration page, there is some kind of company logo (named Cake Zeta?) in the background. I tried to look up more information about this logo but found none. I wonder what kind of company is dealing with this stuff and what the story about this company is. 

Let's wait and see if this will be made clear in the future.

What does the dev team think about the Hi-Point Yeet Cannon (YC-9)?

It's a hilarious idea, but I can't give you any promise.

Is there any detailed explanation of how T-Dolls work/are made and what happens to the MRE they eat?

Unfortunately, it's not something I can answer.

What is your general opinion on a gacha that would be a direct opposite of Kids' Party? A gacha that would make adult versions of T-Dolls that look like little children? I understand the decision is not up to you, but I'd like your opinion :)

Honestly it sounds great.

Can we see how much event currency we have left to earn for the day in the event, e.g. how many White Knight Fragments we had left to earn with the Va-11 Hall-a event each day?


Will there ever be an option to toggle the "A resource has reached max limit, are you sure you want to do logistics?" warning off? I'm saving up for the new girls and rateup so I get the message very often and after a couple times it gets kinda pointless.


Would be possible to change the repair T-Doll daily mission? I suppose it's to inflate play time but I think it's rather bad design and honestly tedious. Put simply it's kind of like "make sure to play less optimally or for a very long time so you can get these rewards". Pretty sure I'm not alone but I guess it's not a major issue if nothing can be done.

Noted. I can't give you any solid answer now but I will bring this up for discussion later.

Is it possible to add the little watch icon inside the mission screen so that we can keep track of our logistics while we play? Some missions can take a huge amount of time (like ranking maps), and it would be nice to be able to keep track of logistics without having to leave the combat map to the main screen to do so.

I'm afraid that it's unlikely to be possible within the current game structure.

Is it possible to put the auto resupply toggle in the battle UI screen rather than the options? I kinda want to toggle it on the fly.

That sounds like a good QoL change to me. I think it's already been suggested before, so let's hope there will be corresponding improvements in the future.

Regarding future events with extra currency would it be possible to have the event currency be displayed next to the resources, e.g. when selecting maps?

It's unlikely to be possible with the current game layout, but since I've seen several similar suggestions, I think I will talk about it with the devs later.

Will it be possible to remove the cap on daily event item acquisition (fragments) on the last few days of events to allow people to farm like mad for the fragments they need but didn't have time to farm? (Like white Knight fragments from the recent Valhalla collab)

I'm not sure if this will be possible. I will talk to the devs about it later.

Will the be a faster way to return equipment to the armory? Currently it is very time consuming hunting down equipment on T-dolls that are not in an echelon in order to give that equipment to another T-doll that I want to use. A button to "remove equipment from non-echelon T-dolls" would be a godsend.

This has been suggested before. All I can say for now is that the devs are still evaluating the idea.

Will there be a feature to collect hearts from all T-Dolls in a dorm in one click?

We've discussed it earlier, but there may not be a similar feature soon.

Would it be out of the question to include a section in the factory menu somewhere so that players can check what a particular timer is in-game?

I'm afraid that we do not have any similar plans so far.

Any plans on adding a "recently achieved" filter in the Achievement menu in the index? It is a pain trying to hunt down what I achieved and what it gave me every time I accidentally press past a pop up.

Nothing similar as far as I know, but it does sound reasonable. I will make sure to let the devs know about it.

Could we please get more echelon presets?

It's been brought up for discussion before, so I think more preset slots are possible.

So rather than a question I had a small suggestion for dorm furniture. I had this idea while looking at Jill's apartment. Her set is sadly only a 4* set rather than a 5* set so you can't get the full bonus without adding some clunky 5* pieces into it. I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to add in invisible 5* furniture pieces with a set bonus after x many invisible pieces? I don't how you would let us obtain it or how you would even implement it but I thought it was a waste that we had really nice 4* sets like the Kings Girl set and Jill's apartment that wouldn't get as much use or used the way they were supposed to because you couldn't get the full set bonus of a 5* set missing out on some batteries.

We haven't thought about that, but it is indeed a good alternative for players who want to use the 4-star sets. I will bring this up for a discussion later.

Will you guys ever introduce a feature to improve the ability to move units on the phone? For example having an option to lock the camera so you don't accidentally move the camera instead of the unit in a battle.

This has been brought up for discussion before. Hopefully there will be corresponding changes in the future.

Any chance to see your friend echelon's details, such as equipment and skill level, in the friend tab instead of needing to sortie into battle to see?

As far as I know we don't have similar plans for now.

Can we get exchange tickets for the radiant collection?

I'm afraid that we do not have similar plans for that.

Is there any plans of adding a screen lock, so that you can set up a plan, and then put the phone in your pocket without worrying about messing up the mission? I remember pokemon GO had something like that, and i enjoyed that feature.

We don't have similar plans so far but it sounds like a good QoL change. I will forward your suggestion to the devs.

Now that RF rework opened this possibility, what do you think about an idea of MG rework? I feel like some of them, especially Lock and Load MGs, are in a worse spot than bamboo rifles were, completely overshadowed by better skills (at least 4* and 5* bamboos had their boss-killing niche), and I know a certain introverted 5* MG that would probably love to become something more than a fandom's punchline.

It's an interesting idea, but sadly, I cannot give you any solid promise.

Would it be possible to implement some sort of timer or gauge to display the duration of [fairy] buffs and debuffs during combat?

I'm not sure if it's possible, but I will let the devs know about your idea.

Will there ever be any plans to revamp the login rewards?

I don't think we have any plans for that right now.

Have you considered changing the Daily Quest "Complete Combat Simulation" to "Spend Simulation Energy"? I don't like to miss those quests because I have to farm the 3 energy ones.

I don't think we have a plan for that.

Are you guys ever looking to add more doll interactions between SKK and doll? I really like that we get mail from dolls during holidays, maybe we could get random requests from dolls (in the form of mail) while playing the game that allows us to interact with them more. Simple things like patting their head in the dorm or giving them a gift. I don't care if it rewards us with minimal stuff like additional affection, I just think it would be fun and add more flavor to the game (maybe once SKK customization is more realized, we can have cute interactions between SKK and doll chibis)

I don't think we have similar plans right now, but the idea sounds great. I will add this to the suggestion list as well.

How about making a map editing feature, where we can design our own maps, enemy placement/strength/formation, mission objective and a way for both ourselves and other players to play these custom maps?

I'm afraid that we don't have similar plans as of now.

Would it be possible to add custom names to each doll's equipment presets? I'm talking about something like this.

It looks fun, but I don't think there will be a similar feature anytime soon.

Have you guys considered using gems as post-maintenance reward instead of resources? I think f2p players would appreciate it a lot.

I don't think we have similar plans for that.

Previously, before the client update several months prior, when entering night ops there was text notification to equip night gear. Now it's gone and instead, screen just dims for a second and clears again. Is this an intended behavior or some sort of visual bug?

This should be intended.

Will Kalina's "Gems & Fireworks" outfit or the fireworks base background ever be available again?

It's unlikely to come back anytime soon.

Is the dev team open to theme gacha costume suggestions from the playerbase?

You can give us your suggestion if you wish.

Favorite *Kira* Miki Song?

Your Love Is A Drug Ft. Adriana Figueroa

What's your favorite food?

Not sure about it, but I will go for burgers if I don't know what to eat.

When will we be able to oath Helian and/or Kalina?

Probably on the 1st day of the 4th month of a year.

Now that IDW has proven herself by saving the world, will she finally get the respect she deserves?

Unfortunately, she didn't make it into the first MOD batch.

Which Carcano is your favorite: Strawberry or Grape?

I need both.

What's your favorite gun type, Intern-kun?

Bolt action rifles.

Would it be possible to do some type of artist Q&A? Users send a question or two about an T-Doll and MICA picks what to send to him/her or something like that.

Unfortunately, it may not be possible in the near future.

What T-Doll would you like to get a MOD3 someday?

Suomi perhaps.

What do the MICA staff feel about the Healing Chapter GFL anime?

We love it.

Will we see any of those currently scrapped T-Dolls (Scar, K7, KGP-9) but drawn under a different artist?

Unfortunately that's not something I can talk about here.

Will there be a Neural Fragment daily bundle for the global server to start mods?

Please wait for our future announcements.

Will the game be translated to other languages?

I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to reveal our plan for other languages.

In which country are you going to extend your service coverage next?

I'm sorry but I cannot reveal relevant information yet.

When will currently unvoiced T-Dolls such as K11/M200/64 Shiki have a voice?

I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to reveal that.

When exactly are you releasing the new batch of audio for the dolls post October 2018?

Unfortunately it's not something I can talk about.

Any news about the English merch store?

Not any I can reveal so far.

Any other conventions you plan on setting up a booth, specifically in Southeast Asia?

There isn't much I can reveal right now. Please stay tuned for our future announcements.

What's the thought process for dolls getting a MOD besides just voting for it?

Unfortunately that's not something I can talk about.

What kind of methods you guys use to choose candidates for neural upgrade voting this time?

I'm afraid that I cannot talk about the logic behind it.

Which Fairy will get Live 2D next?

That's not something I can reveal right now. Please stay tuned for future announcements.

Is there any plan to release the official artbook in English?

I'm afraid that there isn't much I can reveal.

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