Monthly Roadmap: April 2020

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3/31 update: Added Neural Upgrade voices EN tweet. 

3/24 update: Added the What Is DJMax section. Clarified the 11-5 requirements. 

New Voices

The "New Voices" in this roadmap refer to the new Neural Upgrade Mod III voice acting. Here's the official EN Tweet: 

The newly voiced Mod III T-Dolls on EN would likely be limited to UMP45 and M14, but the recent KR batch contains many more modded T-Dolls, meaning EN will eventually get them with the voicelines when they release here! 

New Re-Supply Gacha

This is yet another Costume Re-Supply Gacha, this time featuring the New Year 2020 Yukata skins.

The silhouette features G11's "Lucky Mouse's Sleepy New Year" costume. 

Lucky Rat's Lazy Spring



Paddle of Flower Petals



Shrine Maidens Blessed Draw



With You



Red Plums and White Snow



New Year Lion Dance



Purifying Arrow, Flowers and Dreams



Normal & Emergency Chapter 11

Chapter 11 continues the story after Continuum Turbulence and is the first time Paradeus units will be permanently available in campaign mode. The new logistics are great, by the way: 

New Farming Map: 11-5

For the uninitiated, 11-5 is the new "core heaven" that works even better than 10-4E because you can get lots of cores and level T-Dolls at the same time. It is generally recommended to use 416 (needs a decent amount of buffs) and M4 SOPMOD II (Mod II) as your draggers. Check out the below video by PD Negev for a tutorial!

Important Note: The requirements are very high If you are unable to meet the buff requirements to make 416 work (because there's a hard DPS check for killing Black Goliaths), you'll need to use M4 SOPMOD II Mod as your sole DPS and resupply her separately. 

You can do this by separating her out into her own echelon, deploying her with a Dummy, then resupply-retreat Sop and put her back into your dragging team. It's a couple more clicks but brings the requirement down significantly. 

DJMax Collaboration

The next major collaboration event with DJMax Respect is coming to Girls' Frontline EN!

Check out the official PV below:

The event brings us two new and very strong exclusive limited T-Dolls, Clear and Fail, as well as new exclusive fairies. The event itself is fairly easy for commanders who have reached endgame, and there's still plenty of time to prepare!

As usual, our clear and farming guides for this event are available!

What is DJMax?

DJMax Respect is a rhythm game; the PC version released in March 2020. Here's a trailer for their GFL collab, which contains some gameplay footage: 

Not Challenging Enough?

Here's Barbarous Funera (Deep Dive final stage BGM) on the hardest possible setting:

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