Monthly Roadmap: April 2022

New Skin Gacha

The newest Gacha batch will feature the Office Lady batch, which will be released in foreign servers soon. Currently has been announced a Rex Zero, C14, and CZ75 skins, with a heavily hinted FX-05 skin.

Bingo Event

This April Fool's we were surprised with an unusual announcement: a Sop Jr skin for SOPMOD II. While some wished it was a bad April Fool's joke, the skin is coming to us as a Bingo Event.

4 * SG T-Doll batch

This month we're getting the latest SG batch released on foreign servers, which include M26 Mass, Supernova, UFO-05 and MAG-7.

Friendly reminder that this new batch has Anchored Construction. Commanders are highly recommended to craft for these SGs, as each of them will see some use in future events.

It's expected, but Q&A confirmed this newest batch will be featured in the True Core Mask that will be available during the game's Anniversary event in May.

Commanders should still acquire an LTLX from it if she's not on their arsenal, however.

Yes, if you found Supernova similar to GSh it's because they share the same artist.

VA-11 HALL-4 collab rerun

Valhalla cover
VA-11 HALL-4 collab rerun is finally upon us, after nearly 2 and half years since the original collab ran. For many Jillets, such as me, we can finally acquire Jill, only to let her sit on our armories!!!
As we got mixed signals from MICA about whether the Valhalla rerun will be a rerun of the original event EN had (with nerfed enemies, as we didn't have HOCs back then) or the revamped version that foreign saw (which included Infinity Maps), we'll hold releasing further information, including Clear Guides and Farm Guides, until we receive more information on the event. Stay tuned for updates!

New Ringleader: Judge

Judge art
Our least favourite midget, and most annoying boss to fight will finally be available for capture.
Judge is pretty meh compared to her peers, unfortunately, so roll for her if you somehow like her. Look forward to our analysis for more details!

Login Event

As we've come to expect, this month will feature yet another Login Event with an SPEQ. This time, we're going to get PK's SPEQ. The event will start on April 4th.


This month's SPEQ is for none other than SVD! Before it she was a decent RoF RF, but with it she really becomes a Strong RF: whenever she scores a hit against an Armored Unit, she'll deal an additional 10% Damage that can Crit, but also miss, and that ignores enemy Armor

Tinfoil Hat Section

april 2022 qa

Another month, another Q&A. What do we have this time?

"will 2.09 come with 2.09 stuff?" yes

"Will 2.09 come when you said last time it would?" yes

"News on old SPEQs?" no

"Ranking rerun?" Keep dreaming

"Seasonal Ringleaders when?" In their seasons

"Valhalla when?" Per roadmap

"Audio bug ree" 2.081 is no more, waif for 2.09

"Prototype Fairy in store when?" Already available

"Limited T-Doll XXYY available when?" When they become available in some event

"Bug AABBCC" Report to Customer Service

"Download is bad reee" Already optimized two years ago

"Will craftable T-Dolls available before TCM happens be available to TCM?" Why yes, shocking eh


Zessy ain't quite off the mark. The only real information we got this time is that it seems 2.081 plans were scratched, so IOS audio bug will only be fixed with a 2.09 release, which will happen sometime between Anniversary and Mirror Stage event.

Which, well... Could mean between May and July, or May and December... Hopefully the former.

ahem Meanwhile, on the Twitter side, the only relevant information is that we'll be getting the Office Lady Gacha this month.

Another month, another Gacha that is not the Furry gacha.

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