Monthly Roadmap: August 2021

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Theater Mode Season 5

Theater is a time-limited combat event that requires about 15-30 minutes per day and offers excellent rewards. The requirements are not very high, but stronger commanders can choose to clear tougher stages for more points.

Theater 5 brings a new set of bonus Dolls, changed enemy waves, and will provide the Global server with a preview of enemies from the upcoming major event, Dual Randomness. 

For a refresher on Theater mechanics or a primer if this is your first Theater, check out the guides below! Updates for Theater 5 will be coming soon!

This season will introduce QLZ-04 to the Intelligence pool, meaning Commanders will be able to acquire QLZ data, as well as use General HOC data to increase their rarity. This season will also introduce a new unit: Mk153.

Mk153 is a hybrid Pierce/Damage focused HOC with a 3 node range. Commanders are highly recommended to level her up as soon as possible, as a 3 star Mk153 can beat a 5 star AGS-30. Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis on Mk153 soon.

New Re-Supply Gacha

The Silhouette for the Costume Re-supply Gacha is Saiga-12's 'Hundred Flowers Visitor' meaning will are getting the 2021 New Years Yukata Skins early!

This batch includes skins for several popular Dolls including UMP 45 and M950A Calico with Saiga-12 as the Live 2D! Bundle Skins are expected to be UKM-2000, price 1588 Gems, and Shipka priced at 1288 gems!

Stay tuned for GP's take at this gacha batch in our Costume Shilling panel. WIth Saiga-12 and ACR, as well as Tamamo45, expect big nerding this time.

Hundred Flowers Visitor



Snowfield Delivery Service



When Writing A New Poem



Lonely Traveller of Eternity



Elegant Tea Doesn't Lose To Snow



Scarlet First Bloom



Envoy of Spring



Saiga-12 Live 2D 

DJMax Collaboration Rerun!

The Collaboration Event with DJMax Respect 'Glory Day' will be rerunning this month! As this event is a rerun, we already have full Guides for Clearing the event, as well as Farming. 

For newer Commanders, check out the official PV below:

The event brings us two very strong exclusive limited T-Dolls, Clear and (somewhat) Fail, as well as three exclusive fairies. The event itself is fairly easy for commanders who have reached the endgame. 

Other rewards and the farmable Limited Drops remain the same as the initial run as well!

For those wondering, Commanders who completed this event the first time will be able to receive a second copy of both Clear and Fail, as well as additional copies of the limited Fairies!

What is DJMax?

DJMax Respect is a rhythm game; the PC version released in March 2020. Here's a trailer for their GFL collab, which contains some gameplay footage: 

Not Challenging Enough?

Here's Barbarous Funera (Deep Dive final stage BGM) on the hardest possible setting:

New Ringleader 'Intruder'

Late August will bring us the new capturable Ringleader Intruder!

Intruder's Skill focuses on drowning her enemies in waves of Dingergates, and so it is fitting that the Dinergate and Tarantula enemies will become capturable alongside her! 

Stayed tuned for a full analysis of all the uses (memes) for Intruder, as well the new capturable units!

Not to be confused with Gilgamesh.

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