Monthly Roadmap: December 2021

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Chapter 13 AT LAST

YOROKOBE SHIKIKANS AND LORE NERDS. Now we just need to wait for DR...
While many of you are celebrating that Hokor did keep his word and gave us Chapter 13 in December, we're also getting a combat XP week ahead of Chapter 13's release, which will happen on December 7th.
Look forward to our guide on how to clear Chapter 13!
We'll link it here once it is live.

1st Day of Christmas: Starry Night Cappricio

Another year, another rerun of Starry Night Cappricio. For this, we shall quote Matt on his look at this event last year:

Ah, yes. Christmas. My ~~least~~ favorite time of the year.

On the 1st Day of Christmas, Yuzong gave to me, a Starry Night Cappricio Rerun.

Does that name sound familiar? It might. It is a rerun of the 2019 Christmas event. At the moment, we do not know what specifically the drops, shop items are, or how the exact release date, and coincidentally I named it 1st Day of Christmas, when it is not releasing on the 1st...oops.. so you should stay tuned for updates! It would not surprise me if EN gets Starry Night Cappricio after Shattered Connexion ends - MICA likes to keep us consistently busy, after all. 

If you want to take a peek and get ahead to prepare to farm even more maps for your daily requirements, you should look at our guides for Starry Night Cappricio here! (Note: The drops and items may be different this time around.) 

New Skin Gacha

This month will feature just the Christmas skin batch, as marching band entered on November 30th. PM1910 will be added later, as she is a Dual Randomness T-Doll drop.

SPEQ Login

December marks the start of SPEQ logins, and right off the bat, we are getting Type 4's SPEQ. These login SPEQs not only have an additional stat, compared to their 5 star counterpart, but also either changes the Doll's active Skill, or gives said T-Doll a passive skill. In Type 4's case, she gets an AP ammo with +5 Damage and an enhacement to her passive Pierce.

New Ringleader "Alchemist"

November 15th will bring us a new Ringleader, Alchemist:

A tank Ringleader, Alchemist is an amazing asset, and everyone is absolutely recommended to go after her. In foreign, she was the MVP in one size fits all SF teams for Theater 5 and 6. Too bad we got her after those Theaters ended. She will still prove her value in future rankings, and events.

Seriously, we cannot overstate her value. Okay, I probably could Look forward to our in-depth analysis on her, and the memetatsic nature of immortality.

New T-Dolls

While there is no explicit mention of T-Doll batch, the fact that the Costume Gacha sillhouette belongs to R5 indicates we'll get a new Doll batch, as VSK and Stery-ACR are not yet on EN and are part of this Gacha banner. Check Tinfoil Hat section for more details.

Putting aside all of my full tinfoil theories about the announcement, the new Dolls are a bit of a grab bag. 

Steyr ACR (not to be confused with the existing ACR), is a bizarre self-(de)buffing AR that gets stronger when debuffed, and helpfully provides her own debuffs. She has a much greater effect in Girls Frontline than her real-life counterpart.

VSK-94 is a self-buffing RF who buffs her Damage based upon her Accuracy. Her Skill comes with a small kick upon activation, making her first three attacks deal two hits of Damage. This is not quite as insane as it sounds, but she's still a solid RF. 

Rex Zero tries to cobble together a series of effects from a variety of other Dolls giving shields to the Doll in the Echelon Leader Position while buffing Damage for everyone else. Her usage is somewhat constrained by her clumsy tile buff layout, although this has not stopped HGs from being useful in the past. 

Christmas Login Event

Just your standard login event. Below is an example of what usually is a Login Event in Girls' Frontline. We'll update the Roadmap once the Christmas Login Event is released!


Surprise surprise, MICA forgot to add a tiny little detail to December's Roadmap: 2.08
We will, along with Beard, write an article detailing all the changes in 2.08, as well as a look at whether we had improvements in our client like KR had, or if it's the same or worse. Below are some tweets from MICA about 2.08

Tinfoil Hat Section

So, what did we see this time in the Q&A?
The biggest part, due to how soon we'll get it, is that we do have a T-Doll batch that will arrive on December 7th. I wonder why they forgot to add this on Roadmap...

...And that's pretty much it from Twitter Q&A. We got a "soon:tm:" about a new Client, and, with the Roadmap, confirmation that Twitter's Q&A pulled another "Early June" on us when they said Chapter 13 would arrive in the following months, in plural.

Discord-wise, Hokor confirmed the new T-Doll batch with Stery-ACR, VSK-94, while Twitter also mentioned Rex Zero 1. We also got confirmation we won't be seeing a non-seasonal Costume Skin soon.

We also got an "Early January" for our next Rate-Up, which probably means the first week of January. We'll have to wait till then to find out, however.

There was an odd answer that "Valhalla rerun won't be cancelled if we release any major events in advance" and mentions that "they have started works in DR" and are "trying to release DR ahead of original schedule [...] to compensate EN's content loss". "Original schedule" may be referring to how we'd get Valhalla rerun before Dual Randomness, or may refer to something else entirely. We'll never know.

Who knows, maybe we will really see Dual Randomness in February. 

I would like to take a second to draw some attention to the line pertaining to DR prep work, and things being remastered for DR. 

This is the first time we have been told an event is being 'remastered', making it hard to determine just what this means, or if it actually means anything. Given the reliable nature of QnA answers of late, it seems likely to me that MICA is changing some things for the Global( and Japanese when that happens) release of Dual Randomness. That opens up the question of just what they are doing, and how that affects EN. 

Hokor mentions Map Mechanics, something DR added in spades. The biggest change in Dual Randomness is that there are certain maps you cannot go back and replay, and only progress through in a linear fashion. There were also a few maps you need to wander around and solve map level puzzles that map be changed as well, along with the multi-level maps, and map vision expansion. Given the vague nature of Hokor's statement it's hard to say for certain what might or might not change, but these are some things to keep an eye out for. 

Difficulty changes I don't have too many feelings about and are even harder to correctly predict, so I can't say too much there. 

We also got a mention of Shattered Conexion, though it was just to say we won't be seeing it added on Campaign anytime soon. For reference, Isomer came almost a full year after its original release. Shattered Connexion, whenever it arrives, is already going to take even longer, as its original release is in the November-December window in 2020.

Not many mentions of new client from Hokor, other than "416 Mod damaged animations will be included with the new client". As he's been keeping his word as of late, we might really see 2.08 in January.

"New client introduction posts will be release soon" also seems to corroborate a January release for 2.08. We'll have to wait and see.

Lastly, a voting on whether we should get Gundam Banner first or Furry batch. Given we got Furry batch Dolls early, I'm not sure if that voting is worth much, but who knows. Gundam Banner is certainly superior.

Facebook wise, they also mentioned new Doll batch for December 7th, client release soon™️ , Chapter 13 arriving this month (no kidding), Christmas mini-event arriving before major events (obvious, but somehow felt like asking anyway) and this... (edited)

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