Monthly Roadmap: January 2020

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1/13 update: Updated the Festive Days Re-Supply costumes since MICA jacked up the prices for some of the bundles. 

1/10 update: Added the Should You Farm? January 2020 Rescue Event article.

12/27 update: Added the rate-up schedule for the January Rate-Up. 

12/25 update: Added the bundle costumes to the Re-Supply section. 

General Production Rate-Ups

January 2020 General Rate-Up Schedule

This General Production Rate-Up will likely be similar to the same event from September, providing commanders with four production rate-up events that each span two days, in the following order: 

  • Jan. 1st - Jan 2nd: T-Doll Standard Production rate-up

  • Jan. 3rd - Jan 4th: Equipment Standard Production rate-up

  • Jan. 5th - Jan 6th: T-Doll Heavy Production rate-up

  • Jan. 7th - Jan 8th: Equipment Heavy Production rate-up

Regarding the actual math behind rate-up events, the developer of EN’s revamped GFDB website has performed some interesting statistical analysis on the previous rate-up event during the anniversary, showing that the heavy production rate-ups provide much less of a boost compared to the standard production rate-up events (a ~20% or sometimes 0% boost, as opposed to the consistent >100% increase in rates observed for the standard production rate-ups). 

To maximize the value of this rate-up event, it is therefore recommended for commanders who still need a lot of units or equipment from standard production to spend their resources in the earlier standard rate-up events, as opposed to waiting for the heavy production rate-up. For more information regarding rate-up mechanics, please check out the articles below. 

Three HOC Introduced

The Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) are a set of new player-owned units that will be released in January. The three HOCs released at launch include the BGM-71, 2B14, and AGS-30, whose Wiki pages and analyses are available below. 

A full guide on the new Heavy Ordnance Corps units will be released soon; stay tuned for an update!

Special Rescue Event

A Rescue Event indicates a campaign period during which players can obtain Time-Limited T-Doll Drops in certain Story stages (namely the final stage of each Normal and Emergency chapter, e.g. 1-6/1-4E, 2-6/2-4E, etc.)

Notably, the January 2020 Roadmap does not mention a public vote as they did for the October 2019 Rescue Voting Event, so players should not expect voting to be available this time around. 

As usual, a "Should You Farm" article has been made available.

New Exclusive Equipment in the Black Market

The Type 95/97 Special Equipment Advanced Infantry Sight initially added during the October Login Event shown below will be added to the Expedition Black Market for 7000 Forest's Gifts.

This can allow commanders who missed it initially to get a copy, or for unlucky commanders to obtain a second one to equip both the Type sisters with. 

Advanced Infantry Sight
+5 Damage
+48% Crit Rate

For more information on the Black Market and how to acquire the Forest's Gifts required to purchase it, check out the Expedition guide below. 

"Festive Days" Re-Supply Gacha

This is yet another Costume Re-Supply Gacha, this time featuring the CNY Costumes released in CN in 2018. The silhouette is for yet another Live2D costume for DSR-50, though many others are in this re-supply banner as well. 

Three bundle costumes will also be available for purchase with Gems during this Re-Supply. 

Key Card Event

The next filler event will be a Key Card event, similar to the one in October that awarded FNC’s “Candy Thief” costume. This time, a free Live2D costume for Hanyang Type 88 will be the 8-line prize!

A video of the animations in action can be seen below, courtesy of PD Negev

An article for this key card event will be available when it is released, though the same concepts from the last event apply. You can check out the previous event's guide below.

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