Monthly Roadmap: January 2021

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Neural Upgrade * 3

This month, 3 more T-Dolls will receive a neural upgrade, including the long-awaited KSVK Mod, LWMMG Mod, and the less-exciting but cute SV-98 Mod




SV-98 Mod III






If you'd like to know more about how Neural Upgrades work and which T-Dolls you should be focused on developing, please check out the articles below! The Priority Guide will be updated with the new batch soon!

Who has the most OP Neural Upgrade?

KSVK and LWMMG are both strong in the right situation (though not necessarily specifically for the next ranking map). Here's a demo of what KSVK Mod can do: 

Point Event

This Point Event awards a costume for the 4-star SMG PP-19-01 is pretty much a sidenote that'll happen naturally as you play the game. 

As usual, the event can be easily completed by players who actively play. Spending tokens for points is not required

Carbonated Fizzy Candy



If you're not sure what a point event is, you can reference the below page for an example of a previous point event with the same mechanic. 

New Re-Supply Gacha

The smug PA-15 on this roadmap tells us all we need to know about this gacha. 

Other costumes included in this set are for AA-12, NS2000, P30, and A-91

P30's normal art is full of JoJo references for some reason. Can you identify all of them?

Marvellous Herb Cake



Devil's Ring Pop



Inflammable Oolong Tea



Hundred Flavours Curry Bunny



Smokeless Lollipop



Commander Costume: Sleepover Set

There's a new Commander's Costume set that should also come with this gacha. Here's an example of what it can look like: 

The shark pillow is unfortunately not default, so it might be a good time to use any free surprise dyes you have laying around, if you plan to buy this costume set. 

Original KR Showcase

Normal and Emergency Chapter 12

Chapter 12 continues the story after Shattered Connexion and has the following logistics: 

New Farming Map: 12-4E

For players who made it to the endgame, it's time to retire 0-2, 10-4E, 8-1N, 11-5, and Singularity E3-2. 12-4E is basically all of them combined but better. 

  • Core rate competitive with 10-4E
  • EXP rate competitive with 8-1N
  • Clear speed of 4-3E
  • Only 1 armor tank needed like 0-2

Important Note: While the map is very good, the requirements for 12-4E are higher than 0-2. The 20 Armor cutoff can be reached with a Shotgun or M16A1's Special Equipment fully maxed out, and the Firepower requirements for M4 SOPMOD II Mod and 416 Mod should already be met if you have done 11-5 before. (You need 27+ armor to take only 1 damage, but a little bit of variation can be acceptable.)

For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to farm M16A1's Special Equipment and max it out instead of using a Shotgun. If you don't have it yet, a farming route is available as follows: 

Production Rate Ups and HOC Pull Rates Up

This General Production Rate-Up will likely be similar to the same event from May, providing commanders with four production rate-up events that each span two days, in the following order: 

  • T-Doll Standard Production rate-up

  • Equipment Standard Production rate-up

  • T-Doll Heavy Production rate-up

  • Equipment Heavy Production rate-up

HOC Analysis Rate-Up will also run concurrently with the above events (for example, BGM-71's pull rate may be increased while the T-Doll Standard Production Rate-Up is underway, rotating out to other HOCs after 2 days).


Regarding the actual math behind rate-up events, the developer of EN’s revamped GFDB website has performed some interesting statistical analysis on the previous rate-up event during the anniversary, showing that the heavy production rate-ups provide much less of a boost compared to the standard production rate-up events (a ~20% or sometimes 0% boost, as opposed to the consistent >100% increase in rates observed for the standard production rate-ups). 

To maximize the value of this rate-up event, it is therefore recommended for commanders who still need a lot of units or equipment from standard production to spend their resources in the earlier standard rate-up events, as opposed to waiting for the heavy production rate-up.

For more information regarding rate-up mechanics, please check out the articles below.

The General Rate-Up Guide will be updated for Polarized Light shortly, so stay tuned!

Polarized Light Ranking Usage Statistics

If you want to rank highly and are missing any of the most-frequently-used T-Dolls (usage rate at 90% or above), it might be a good idea to try and craft one to make your life easier. 

Theater Mode Season 3

Theater is a time-limited combat event that requires about 15-30 minutes per day and offers excellent rewards. The requirements are just a tiny bit higher than the first two seasons, and while newer players can stay at easy stages, stronger commanders can choose to clear tougher missions for more points.

For more information, check out the guides below; the Teambuilding Guide has been updated to Theater Season 3 so you know what to expect!

What's the reward HOC? 

The QLZ-04 analysis is actually available as of now, so please give it a look!

The tl;dr is that QLZ is basically another AGS-30, being a bit weaker in general while focusing on debuffing a single target. 

Bonus Content

Did you know a collaboration with Tom Clancy's The Division was announced by MICA Team already?

This isn't in the January roadmap, but this might be a sign that it's coming very soon afterward!

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