Monthly Roadmap: June 2022

New Dolls

New Doll Batch Go Brrrrr

This Doll Batch is AK-74M, CZ100, SR-2 and HS.50. The T-Doll featured in the Roadmap is SR-2

In extreme summary, while AK-74m has really cool art, she's just a gimmick and does not make teams built around her viable. If you want to make a silly team, go right ahead but understand it will perform worse. HS.50 does just what you'd expect, that is to say, remove a target with high calibre predjuice. SR-2 exists to inflate your Theater CE, her actual kit is weird and whacky but not actually all that useful. CZ100 is another night focused HG who alternates between a large Damage Buff and enemy Damage Debuff. 

Anchor Recommendation

For this batch, the recommended T-Doll to anchor is HS.50. SR2's only positive note is that she is valuable in Theater stacking (for Theater 8 at least), CZ 100 is just bad all around, and 74M is more a curious gimmick T-Doll than actually practical (long live AK team memes).

HS.50, on the other hand, sees a lot of use after Mirror Stage against ridiculously high HP enemies.

For more details, check each T-Doll's page for their respective analyses.

Costume Gacha ?

This month we have no new Costume Gachas announced on Roadmap, however, we will be getting the newest Children's Day gacha this month, per Mica's Twitter posting:


Rejoice for we are being gifted the great and wonderful 2.09! This included lots of cool stuff like free fairies, new dailies, and other good stuff. 

2.09 has seen minor performance improvements over 2.08 on foreign servers, but the star of the show this time is two long asked for features:

Equipment index

No more combat sim energy recharge based on time

That's right, we'll finally be able to do all combat sims in one moment of our days. No more having to log twice, or losing precious combat sim energy. In 2.09, Commanders will get 12 energy sim when the game resets.

On top of that, we will finally have an equipment index. (Rejoice, for now we can scrap most of Jill's SPEQs. Just remember to keep the Kartromines since we need three of them, and recovery only grants one). Much like T-Doll index, it allows us to recover SPEQs. Do note that it will only index equipment you currently have when 2.09 rolls out, so previously scrapped SPEQs will not be indexed.

2.09 also will have other features, like revamped combat sims and client quests. We'll release an article detailing such changes soon.

New Ringleader

The ringleader in this month's silhouette belongs to Aline, the White Nyto

Although the name is SF capture, we finally getting one of Paradeus Rac-


But why Haku???


While Haku and Adam are at each other's throats, let's have a quick lore explanation:

Before people start asking why Alina (the White Nyto) came to EN before Adaline (the black Nyto), Adaline is mentioned in the story of Mirror Stage very briefly. And considering her banner ran at the same time as MS on old servers, this is likely why.


So it seems that, because Black Nyto (Blyto?) will be released on May 31st, she's not part of June, and thus should not appear on June's Roadmap.

That said, she also didn't appear on May Roadmap either.

In the end, we're getting the ringleaders in the proper order, which means: Black Nyto, White Nyto, possibly Sharkitect afterwards

Well, I suppose I'll throw out the TL:DR on both Nytos since they are apparently coming this month. 

Black Nyto is not very good, full stop. She is a Single Target HOC and single target unit otherwise. She has some synergy with White Nyto but this is not enough to save her. 

White Nyto is not that much better, her biggest value comes from being able to SF Drag well. 


Anyone looking to maximize value should know that Beach Architect is a much better investment than either of these two, but as always feel free to pull for waifu. 

Login SPEQ

This month we're getting 9A-91's SPEQ. With it, 9A gets an additional 20% Crit Rate when her Skill is activated.

The equip itself closely resembles a #2 Processor, as it gives Damage and Rate of Fire. While 9A-91 hasn't been relevant for a while this is still a neat little buff for her and if we check the QnA there is one final 'surprise' to moderately improve this value. 

Login Event

A surprise Login Event (though, at this point, Login Events bringing SPEQs are hardly a surprise) was announced. After logging in for 7 days, Commanders will acquire Honey Badger's Exo SPEQ, which basically is a T-Exo but that actually increases her Damage.

Do not be fooled by the tweet stating Honey Badger gets 100 Armor (which would make her quite the interesting SMG to use). Honey gets 100 Shield with her SPEQ equipped, while her Skill is active.

"Armor" they said, the sheer audacity

Tinfoil Hat Section

Well, we Twitter Q&A this time was the most useless thing ever, with the only remotely useful answer being that the client we'll be getting is 2.09

Meanwhile Discord Q&A was... mixed

There already are Wedding themed units in foreign PA, so why even ask that?

Furry gacha before mecha? People still are asking that?

TL;DR it is as Zessy says, most of the questions have already been asked before.

The only notable answer is that, apparently, Mica had a change of directions and is now going to feature Ranking reruns in EN server. HOORAY!

The first ranking that will be rerun will be Arctic Warfare's, where we could get the AK scope and Jungle skin.

Going by the flow, I expect the following:

Summer rerun this month, new Summer event in July, MS, Theater overlapping with end of MS, and AW+ overlapping with end of Theater, because Mica loves to overlap Theater with other events.

Meanwhile, our lord and saviour, who is back from the dead, has a slightly different prediction

Lastly, Pengu raised an important question:

Ranking Reruns in foreign tend to have the same reward scheme that the last Story Event had. However, given that CN had AW+ several years ago, we don't know if we'll have Rewards in the style of Mirror Stage (where we can get the SPEQ from accumulative Points) or if it'll follow the Reward style of the original CN Rerun, and be percentage only.

Nevertheless, it's a nice surprise to see them finally give us ranking reruns. With so many new units, compared to what CN had when AW+ ran, we're bound to see even more meta changes to AW+ than CN saw when comparing AW+ to AW.

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