Monthly Roadmap: March 2020

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3/19 update: Added the White Day Event Info Page.

3/17 update: Updated the Million Users Celebration section with login event information. Updated the White Day Event section with the EN teaser tweet. 

3/12 update: Updated New T-Dolls section to reflect the ADS announcement.

3/10 update: Updated T-Doll costume names to match official EN translation. 

3/6 update: Added the million users celebration details. 

2/21 update: Updated the New T-Dolls section with additional information. 

Point Event

This point event will reward CZ75's Golden Lotus costume upon completion!

The mechanics of this point event will be very similar to previous point events, where the player completes certain objectives for points over a three-week period to earn various rewards; one example of a previous point event is the SRS event, whose full details including quest list and rewards can be seen in the page linked below. 

Special Combat Simulation Event

This event is most likely going to be exactly the same as the previous event involving combat simulations, which meant opening all combat sims every day of the week.

Players are highly recommended to run Data Mode only for the duration of this event.

Million Users Celebration

GFL EN has reached 1 million users! The celebration event details have now been revealed on the Official GFL EN Twitter - check it out below!

Western players now have a rare opportunity to directly ask questions to MICA Team's Yuzhong (CEO), LIN+ (Concept Design Director), Shaonian (Lead Designer), as well as Imoko (Illustrator known for her work on G36 and QBU-88).

Retweeting and asking questions will enter you into a drawing for gems or a merch package! Submission period lasts between Mar. 6 - Mar. 13, so don't miss your chance to ask up to 3 questions!

The form to fill out as well as the instructions are included in the tweet thread.

Players unable to load the questionnaire form from the tweet can try this link instead. 

Additionally, a login event will grant players access to the a new 3-star SMG, T77.

New Re-Supply Gacha

This is yet another Costume Re-Supply Gacha, this time featuring the Wedding Costumes released in CN in 2019.

The much-anticipated Live2D costume for Suomi is prominently featured, though many others are in this re-supply banner as well. 

G36C's Weddling bundle costume will also be available for purchase with Gems during this Re-Supply. 

White Day Story Event

The White Day Story Event is an all-new event that will likely be similar to the Halloween Story Event and Christmas Story Event, consisting of a few maps alongside a short story and an event shop. Check out the official EN trailer below!

Additional event information can be found in the Event Info page linked below.

New T-Dolls * 4

A new batch of T-Dolls will be released in March! The silhouette matches that of QBU-88, though the other three T-Dolls in this batch are as of yet unknown. 

QBU-88 is a very interesting RF whose unique niche of AoE damage is expected to be a force to be reckoned with in the next story event, Isomer

EN players are suggested to try crafting her if they have no other pressing T-Doll production priorities, as she's quite a fun T-Doll to use and will be strong in the foreseeable future. 

Remaining T-Doll Speculation

03/12 update: Due to the twitter announcement of ADS, it's now speculated that GFL EN may get the the ADS batch (plus QBU-88) instead of the other units previous speculated to release. The ADS batch includes the following T-Dolls:

Old Speculation

Unfortunately, aside from QBU-88, the remaining 3 T-Dolls are not known. The most likely guess would be T-Dolls released in the same CN batch as QBU-88's initial introduction, as per gfwiki's April 2019 changelog

Since M200 already exists in EN, it's likely that three of the other four T-Dolls (PA-15, MG36, Chauchat, and EM-2) will be added to this batch instead. 

2/21 update: As GFL JP is getting the following banner, it is most likely safe to assume the four GFL EN release T-Dolls will be: 

  • QBU-88
  • PA-15
  • Chauchat
  • EM-2

It's not entirely set in stone (JP did have some T-Dolls like JS09 released for months when they have yet to be seen on CN), but this is the best guess currently available. 

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