Monthly Roadmap: March 2022

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White Day Story Event Rereun

Right after receiving the newest Christmas event on EN, our expectations were that MICA would also give us the newest Valentine's event. Unfortunately, it seems we'll have to contend with the Rererun:

At least this time the farmable T-Dolls have changed, which will include Ballista, who hasn't been around for a while, and Webley, who will be farmable for the first time!

Look forward to our "Should you Farm?" guide for more details! I promise to have a new joke about Five-seveN....probably.

New Skin Gacha

Coming this month is one of the highly anticipated Valentine's batch, including Groza, ZB-26 and Webley skins!


Destined Love



The 1000th Paper Crane



The Rose Chess Player's Confession



A Long Vacation With Ithaca



Phoenix Melody



Peony Companion



Prairie Gentian and Her Season



Before Sunset



New Ringleader: Gager

gager default art

This month we'll see the long-awaited Gager coming to the Ringleader pool, much to Soul's happiness

happy Soul noises

Ain't she garbage tho?

You can't say that about her!!!
That's it, I'm overworking you.

On a more serious note, despite my desires demands, Gager is not that great. Her kit is focused around applying a debuff mark which reduced Armor, Move speed, and damage, which sounds good in theory, the application can be spotty, and her active skill doesn't have the impact of other Ringleaders, and she lacks a map level Skill to help her stand out.

Theater Season 7

The Theater Season 7 will bring significant changes to the Theater System, including a total revamp on waves mechanics, teambuilding and CE stacking, while some familiar mechanics, like Area Scouting, Construction still remain.

We'll cover in detail these new Theater changes, as well as overhaul our Theater hub so information is easier to find. Stay tuned!

Look forward to our in-depth guide on this new Theater System!

New HOC: PP-93

This Theater will also bring a new HOC to the pool: PP-93

PP-93 is yet another Mortar Type HOC that directly competes with 2B15 and M2, despite her stats being much more similar to AGS-30 and QLZ-04. 

Performance-wise she's bit worse than 2B14, but slightly better than M2, though Veterans who have both Mortars leveled will only be able to fully compare when T8 rolls out...

...Likely in July, given MICA's consistency in using Theater as a filler event in between other major events. 

Those who were around when it was announced that Theater 7 would arrive before Mirror Stage will remember our recommendation on converting Mk153 patches to use up General HOC Data on them when Theater 7 arrived.

Our time has come!

Meanwhile, stay tuned on our analysis on PP-93 soon:tm:

Equipment Drop Rate-Up

As it was noted on Q&A a while ago, MICA would start doing Equipment Drop Rate-Ups without adding a new Night chapter.

This month we'll be getting yet another Rate-up.

Note that in previous Equipment Drop Rate-ups neither 416's EOT nor UMPs' Exoskeleton benefited from the Rate-up. 

Nevertheless, they're both excellent pieces of equipment and are highly recommended to farm.

As for the Night chapters, those are the following recommended equipment to farm:

  1. AR-15 Ammo SPEQ
  2. MP5 Exo SPEQ
  3. Stechkin Butt SPEQ
  4. TAR-21 Bunny Ears SPEQ

These SPEQs are optional to farm, as their uses are either rarely field (M16, or have better alternatives to what they do (Mosin):

  • M16A1 Exo SPEQ
  • Mosin Nagant Hayha Chip SPEQ

Special note that Springfield Ammo can be farmed to also complete Weekly Armored quest, as it is an easy map to farm.

Login SPEQ

This month we're getting Grizzly's SPEQ!

Not only it increases her Movement Speed (making her go VROOM), it also enhances her Skill so she gives Damage and Rate of Fire, if there are allies on her tiles.

This makes Grizzly an even strong HG for Position 4 and 5. Be sure to don't miss out!

Fairy Rework

MICA announced that we'd be getting in advance the Fairies rework that was introduced on 2.09 for CN/KR/TW servers:

As you can see, all these fairies were either niche or fodder. We'll release an article soon covering how the changes work, and if they're finally worthy doing HECs for.


At last my investment in the Shield Fairy can feel somewhat more worthwhile at least. 


In good old MICA style, they announced that Defense Rework is going to be pushed back to the 2.09 release, due to a "bug" that was not corrected.

It's speculated that the bug in question is the "unsupplied dolls are link protected for full 30s" that was briefly seen on foreign servers when the rework rolled out.

SF chips

As we have come to expect, MICA announced yet another thing that was not covered in the Roadmap. This time, we're getting early a new batch of SF chips for our precious ringleaders, including a pseudo-Rescue Fairy chip!

Unfortunately, using it means farming with SF, which is rarely worth it... In any case, below is the tweet announcing the new batch.

Tinfoil Hat Section

So, MICA finally admits to their incompetence in making a proper Roadmap on this Q&A

Come on, let's not have haste in judging them. I'm sure there is a reason to dedicate 3 out of the 6 highlights to Theater alone, instead of mentioning Fairy rework or Voice-Lines, as they did in the past.

I'm also sure there is a reason to forget mentioning Theater 7 will have a revamp.

Anyway, I'd rather spend my time trying to understand nyatles, it's easier. Moving on...

This time we got quite a lot of new information:

  • The Valhalla rerun we're going to have is going to be the nerfed version EN originally had in 2019, not the run CN/KR/TW had the first time or in the rerun. I hope that doesn't mean we won't be getting the Infinity Maps the Old servers got on their rerun
  • The recent Fairy reworks, including changes to xVarz (Shield Fairy) and Yuzunagi (Rocket Fairy), as well as SPEQ reworks for AR-15 and Soppo will be coming soon
  • Despite our initial thoughts, we won't be getting the new Valentines event that was recently added in the old servers. The Land of the Rising Sun won't also be getting it apparently, for those fearful that they'd be ahead of us
  • The Furry batch hint we had because of the December's T-Doll batch was a hoax apparently

Huh, EM-2 as Theater advantaged T-Doll. I'm sure you must be happy, eh Adam?

very happy Adam noises

While there was a fair amount of information on Discord Q&A, let's see on the Twitter side:

  1. Confirmation that Theater 7 will bring the new mechanics, though that was already expected
  2. Confirmation that the Valhalla rerun will be nerfed, which should mean existing guides will not need to be updated to account for HOCs. 
  3. Confirmation that Polarized Light will arrive at Campaign this year. Given that Shattered Connexion took 14 months to arrive at Campaign, I highly doubt Polarized Light will take less than that. Given that the original run was on April-May, we're probably looking at a July release. We'll have to wait and see
  4. "High chances" of April being when Valhalla will rerun. Let's hope this isn't another "Early June"
  5. They conveniently didn't answer why we can't use friend Echelons on Shattered Connexion Campaign, when all other servers can, and when we can use them in all other Campaigns. I can't say I'm surprised, but it would be nice to hae some kind of explanation.

And that's it. Besides a hint at Valhalla release, and confirmation of what we already expected, there wasn't much this time.

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