Monthly Roadmap: March 2023


Mica really delivered on their promise. A change of directions? Happenstance? Luck? Who knows

New Ringleader

This month we're getting another Event-themed Ringleader. This time it's none other than Moth Hunter (or LWMMG bride for the intimate).

For more information on her, check her page

Skill Animation

New SG Batch *3

This month we're getting the promised "Q1 SG batch", with the one in the cover being Mk3A1



Mica has just released a tweet announcing that the Anchor/Rate-Up for the new batch will happen on Tuesday, rather than on the weekend as it used to be.

Note also that, for this batch, SPAS-15 is the one highly recommended to anchor.

Lastly, in classic Mica fashion, note the maintenance note is wrong, and instead the SG anchors are 20 and 35 for 4* and 5*, respectively.

New Gacha Skin

This month we're getting another Valentine's batch, this time featuring Lewis, uh... unconventional Bridal Skin

Purple Iris, Drunken Butterfly



Gazing from the Dust



Waltz of Fantasy



Letter from the Winter Cypress



Starlight across the Shore



Prayers in the Wind



Array of Venus



Song of the Morning Dew



New White Day Event

This month we're getting the new White Day Event, featuring LWMMG's Bridal skin on the store.

As always, event guides will be available shortly after the event is released. Stay tuned for updates.


Ringleader rerun

Along with Moth Hunter, we're also getting a Gager rerun.

As always, check her page for more details, including her analysis. Gager is quintessentially an SF Ringleader that's more worth the waifu material than actual usage on combat, so it's up to Commanders whether to roll on her or not.

Our advice: since she'll be competing with Moth Hunter, there's little reason to roll for her this month.

Monthly SPEQ


No, Adam bad. AUG is still bad

New Battle Pass Season

This month we're skipping a couple of foreign Seasons, since we don't have the T-Dolls whose skins are featured on.

This month we're getting Horse Lewis skin

Gallop of Gingko Leaves and Autumn Winds



Happy Ferrari noises

Pretty good month for Lewis connoisseurs. And those are one heck of a pair of pants alright.

News Crossover: Codename Bakery Beta

This section is for a friend of ours, who's eagerly awaiting for Codename Bakery. Floor's all yours, Ferrari.

Not Girls' Frontline related, but also not entirely unrelated: Mica recently announced a short test for Codename Bakery (the remake of the strategy game set in the GFL universe, years after GFL 1).

Seeing that this game finally got news after months of silence and silent delays makes me hopeful that its release is finally happening.

Tinfoil Hat Section

1: We no has 6th nor 5th BP dolls, are we skipping 6th too or are we getting eos early? have enough BPs not an issue (as if that answers the question clearly)
2: Collab logo instead of EXTRA tag?? No, talk to legal, they'll also say no, talk to EA, they'll laugh at you. You meant a different collab? still applies
3: 7th's BP not Erma or SCAR? Nope
4: ZLS collab when? Just need to translate 
5: P90 question? Answer
6: LS before ZLS then? Maybe (wtf mica, no, stop with rushing major events ffs)

7: JP getting eos before FP and LS?? are we also? We're ahead of them lul (THIS ANSWERS NOTHING!!!!!!)
Expanding a bit on this: eos takes place after FP, it reveals the ending for FP, it should not ever be ran before FP.

8: MS ED MV missing from GFL youtube?? Not my problem (seriously? then find out why) 
So after notes on this, they had forgotten about it and it is now on Youtube. What a stupid response instead of just admitting it might have gotten forgotten and that they'd fix it.

9: GuP collab when??? No answer given
10: Any events soon? See above or ask Twatter/Fakebook
11: Wuxia Gacha April? NO!
12: Whatever way this answer was intended, it is both not funny, and not a good look, so you might as well [REDACTED REDACTED] fire. GFL has enough issues as it is, we don't need this garbage as well.
13: 16LAB equip instead of normal from BP tickets because they look cuter? No, no 16LAB equip for you, suffer

I'm still VERY concerned with E&S JP before FP
What the fuck mica
Who's the clown behind that decision
E&S takes place POST-FP and it spoils the entire event as a result

"lol just a seasonal event" -manager who doesn't know how to read

Mica has always had clown level scheduling, this is just upgrading to the whole circus

Genuinely the worst scheduling mistake they've ever done, and I mean that
It's one thing to delay G36C mod until after FP
It's another to give E&S to a server that isn't even at the part where you can play E&S

No, seriously:

  • -Why is G&K with SKK all of sudden
  • -Why are all the dorks here already
  • -What is Avernus
  • -Why does STAR want to save her friends, where are they
  • -What's the Dead Sea
  • -Who is Agent Q
  • -Why is SKK working with StateSec against Paradeus 

All of this requires FP context


Aight, let's wrap this up before I have to redact more stuff.

Twitter QnA just revealed that the SG batch is indeed the SG batch (MK3A1, SPAS-15, and UTS-15), so no surprises here. A release date would have been nice.

Discord QnA though... no useful information (how much stuff is simply "waiting for translation" to arrive to us? Basically means they haven't even started porting the event to EN server)

Also quite worrying that there is a chance, however remote it is or not, that Longitudinal Strain arrives before Zombieland Saga collab. Seriously, what part of "too rushed" is hard to understand??

Failure to acknowledge that some intern forgot to update youtube videos. Comrade Xi is not amused, Mica.

And of all questions to answer (When SG batch arrives, White Day arrival, anything else relevant), they chose to pick a question about Wrestling Gacha and display the possibly worst PR answer I've seen in my life, regardless if it was an intentional joke or not. Then again, since Mica is apparently screwing up even their golden goose server's schedule (JP server), I have little faith that they'll learn from this mistake.

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