Monthly Roadmap: May 2020

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Anniversary Login Event & True Core Mask

The long-awaited anniversary True Core Mask is finally confirmed for Girls' Frontline EN! 

The Core Mask will likely be awarded as the 7th-day login reward similar to how it was distributed during the 1st Anniversary; for reference, the 2019 promo image is shown below: 

The True Core Mask can be used to exchange for any craftable 5★ T-Doll including SGs, though it's likely that the T-Dolls from the newest production batch (i.e. QBU-88 and ADS) will not be available as they are too new.

Recommended T-Dolls to Exchange For

  1. Your raifu (if you don't have her yet)
  2. An SG T-Doll of your choice (as this would be the most cost-efficient use of the True Core Mask)
    • S.A.T. 8 - for her unique and strong early HP shield
    • KSG - for her unrivaled Armor self-buff
    • Any other 5★ SG
  3. Carcano M91/38 - for her unique ability to one-shot a lot of highly threatening enemies like Hydras/Doppelsoldners. 
  4. C-MS or P90 - for their unique niches as top-of-the-line maintank Evasion SMGs.

Costume Package Rerun

The Costume Package Rerun will unlock every Costume package so far for purchase again, much like what happened during the 1st Anniversary and in December.

The two costumes shown in the preview are Type 95's "Cicada Summer" and Zas M21's "Queen of the White Pieces". The rerun, of course, includes every costume - not just those two. 

Summer Cicada



White Queen



Costume Lucky Bag

The Costume Lucky Bag is a purchasable bundle (costing $29.99 if keeping with last year's pricing). The bag will contain a bunch of goodies, gems, and a 2nd Anniversary Costume Voucher that can be redeemed for 1 random guaranteed costume out of 10 possible choices, of which 5/10 are Live2D!

For reference, here's the 1st anniversary (2019) Lucky bag: 

The two costumes shown in the preview are WA2000's "Snowy Appointment" and DSR-50's "Highest Bidder".

Date in the Snow



Highest Bidder



These two costumes were not part of the CN 2nd or 3rd anniversary lucky bags - meaning EN is likely to have its own unique lineup. Stay tuned for details!

New Re-Supply Gacha

Because the teaser shows K2's "Before the Dawn" Live2D costume, we can conclude that this is the same Costume Re-Supply Gacha as the CN 3rd Anniversary Set

All 9 costumes have been included below - four are gem bundles while five are gacha. (*Gem pricing subject to change on EN release)

Before the Dawn



Solemn Rouge



Silent Cyan



Fox Steps in a Starry Night



Moonlight and Emerald



Dream of the Black Swan



White Rabbit's Summer Banquet



Destiny Waltz



Cocktail Party Observer



General Production Rate-Ups

This General Production Rate-Up will likely be similar to the same event from January, providing commanders with four production rate-up events that each span two days, in the following order: 

  • T-Doll Standard Production rate-up

  • Equipment Standard Production rate-up

  • T-Doll Heavy Production rate-up

  • Equipment Heavy Production rate-up

HOC Analysis Rate-Up will also run concurrently with the above events (for example, BGM-71's pull rate may be increased while the T-Doll Standard Production Rate-Up is underway, rotating out to other HOCs after 2 days).

Regarding the actual math behind rate-up events, the developer of EN’s revamped GFDB website has performed some interesting statistical analysis on the previous rate-up event during the anniversary, showing that the heavy production rate-ups provide much less of a boost compared to the standard production rate-up events (a ~20% or sometimes 0% boost, as opposed to the consistent >100% increase in rates observed for the standard production rate-ups). 

To maximize the value of this rate-up event, it is therefore recommended for commanders who still need a lot of units or equipment from standard production to spend their resources in the earlier standard rate-up events, as opposed to waiting for the heavy production rate-up. For more information regarding rate-up mechanics, please check out the articles below. 

Point Event

The new Point Event shown in this roadmap awards none other than the long-anticipated R93 RF. 

R93 is going to be one of the strongest RFs in Girls' Frontline for a long time to come, and best of all, she's easy to earn a copy of thanks to being a simple point event reward!

For more information on her performance and an example video showcasing her, check out her character page below.

Even if you don't care much for gameplay strength, R93 will eventually get arguably one of the best costumes in this game! I mean, just look at it. 

Holiday Lucky Star



Anniversary Special Supply Box

The Anniversary Special Supply Box is most likely to be identical to CN's 3rd Anniversary Supply Box, which not only contained a lot of resources but also more importantly, T-Doll costumes!

Players simply receive these supply boxes for free by logging in every day during the event period; they can be immediately opened for some loot. 

These are mostly copies of previously-released event reward costumes, which means that for players who already have them, rolling a copy means a free black card!

Rumor has it that the costume rates were extremely high when this crate was introduced in CN - let's hope that this is true for the EN version. 

Neural Upgrade x4

Four new Neural Upgrades will be coming to GFL EN in May - from the Monthly Roadmap, we unfortunately only know SAA - no other silhouettes were shown. 


After the controversial outcome of Neural Upgrade Batch 1 Voting that resulted in G36 winning over SAA, many EN players lamented the lack of SAA Mod due to missing out on one of the best HG buffers.

Fortunately, that's about to change. 

By turning into a 5★ unit through Neural Upgrade, SAA’s Fire Command multiplier is improved to 25% to match that of Grizzly. Her tiles gain 10% Accuracy to become 24% Damage/60% Accuracy, and while the coverage does not improve, it is already quite passable. She also gains a little more HP and Evasion to help tank if needed. 

SAA’s MOD II skill, Duel Survivor, actually operates entirely independently from her Fire Command skill. Functionally, it provides a buff of 5% Rate of Fire and Accuracy to all allies that ramps up by one additional stack every 4 seconds up to 3 times, similarly to the Fervor talent that some fairies possess. 

When this effect reaches its peak effectiveness, the echelon will have an effectively permanent 15% Rate of Fire and Accuracy buff. This synergizes extremely well with Python as SAAMod's effect continues to tick 

Interestingly enough, SAA does not even need to be present for this effect to continue ramping up: commanders can retreat SAA at any time without interrupting Duel Survivor’s effect. 

SAA’s Neural Upgrade brings her to the apex of supportive HGs, offering her team 25% Damage and up to 15% Rate of Fire for an effective DPS increase of over 40% past 8 seconds. Few other HGs can compete with SAA in this front, and often they come with baggage such as Mk23 requiring Nighttime to function fully, Contender’s uptime being a brief 5 seconds, or Jill’s Fringe Weaver debuffing allies after its active duration.

Remaining T-Doll Speculation

Since teasers tend to showcase the highest rarity T-Doll first, it is highly unlikely for this batch to contain the newest 5★ Neural Upgrade (Calico M950A). 

It may even be possible for this batch to contain no other 4★ Mods, but until further details are announced by MICA team, we can only guess at the mod pool based on what we know so far: 

  • MICA suggested in previously Monthly Q&As that they would like to add the 2nd place winners of the Neural Upgrade Vote
  • SAA is one such 2nd place winner

Therefore, two of the likely candidates would be: 

If those two do make it in, this leaves a fourth T-Doll unaccounted for. The possible candidates are below: 

AS Val is eliminated due to Q&A stating that she would not be coming any time soon, and MP5 and Hanyang are eliminated for being too new. 

This is still a quite considerable selection of mods to add to EN, and MICA Team hasn't left us with any clues as to who it might be. 

Personally, I would like one of the 2★ HG mods - they're quite fun and adds a lot of variety to teambuilding. 

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