Monthly Roadmap: November 2020

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New Re-Supply Gacha

This month, as usual, we'll be seeing a CN gacha coming to the EN server. We've seen our dolls in maid and knight costumes, as well as beautiful dresses and swimsuits. Is there really anything we haven't seen before? How about idols! This month's resupply gacha will be Girls' Music Club confirmed by HMG21's A Bullet that Broke the Chain costume.

The other girls performing on stage this with her will be PM-06, Gr HK45, USAS-12 and JS05. Originally PM-06's costume was available in a bundle while the other in the gacha. This may or may not change for the EN server, so stay tuned for updates!

A Bullet that Broke the Chain









Parting Melody



Soaring Magic



Freaky Pandemic

This event is a rerun of the Freaky Pandemic event from last year, although the T-Doll stage drops are different, as well as the event rewards.

It seems this time around KSVK's costume will finally arrive on the EN server! 

Moonwalking in the Dark


We finally know what the event drops are!
Freaky Pandemic Rewards
Map Clear Reward Limited Farm Drop
Stage 1: Spoiled Staccato 500 of each Resource (Manpower, Rations, Ammo and Parts) KSVK
Stage 2: Open Bag Suprise Furniture: Tender Encounter Cx4 Storm
Stage 3: Shelf Life 5 Dummy Cores TAC-50
Stage 4: Preservative Pet: Undead Musician Dog AK-74U

For those of you interested, you can learn more about the limited dolls here!



Cx4 Storm


You can also find the Guides and videos from last year's run below!

Major Event: Shattered Connexion


Yes. You know what that means.

I guess that means I am back on payroll.

Anyways, Shattered Connexion is the next major event is coming to EN!

As with Isomer, it should come with a Normal and an EX mode.

Most commanders should be able to clear Normal mode without difficulty. EX mode should pose a challenge for even the top tier commanders. Rumor has it Ceia himself struggled with EX mode in the Foreign Servers back the the day. 

I prepared a few videos about what to expect in Shattered Connexion.

Unfortunately, Mica has not released the SC event into Campaign on CN, so the guidewriters will have to be working around guide-making without actually having the maps ahead of time.

In the meanwhile, take a read at The SC Ranking Teambuilding Recommendations spreadsheet by pal and Ranking Dalao, Brekkie.

For those of you that cannot wait to see detailed ranking mechanics, Cleista recommended you to consult this SC Ranking Guide by Ceia (currently in Open Beta), courtesy of Ceia. 

For the Prep guide, the General Rate Up article you saw a while back also has all of the necessary info, and will be included below. 

Now, have an ad embed before the next segment about the four Neural Upgrades that come with Shattered Connexion!

If you bomb the viewers with too many ads, they'll start installing adblockers.

Neural Upgrade * 4

This month, 4 Dolls will recieve a neural upgrade, some of them being the community's favourites. But don't let the popularity fool you! The Dolls you've shelved for so long may now become extremely useful after receiving their neural upgrade. 

These T-Dolls are 416, UMP9, Gr MP5 and Hanyang Type 88

HK416 Mod III









Type 88 Mod III



If you'd like to know more about neural upgrades, how to upgrade your dolls, and which ones you should be focused on developing, please check out the articles below!

Who has the most OP Neural Upgrade?

All of the Neural Upgrades in this batch are extremely strong in the right situation (though not necessarily specifically for the next ranking map). 

Hanyang's MOD is one of the most insane ones in GFL almost comparable to M4A1 Mod. If you've read the SC Prep Guide, then you may have already seen this video. If not, here's a refresher: 

Continuum Turbulence Campaign

For those of us (and yes, myself included) who did not finish all of the Continuum Turbulence Major Event, we get the chance to go back and finish it for real this time! (At our own pace, as it will be added to the Campaign Missions permanently.)

The same map clearing guides present during the event remain usable in the Campaign, as the mechanics do not change. The ranking map, however, is no longer available. 

Cafe Side Story

In November, there will be a new set of Cafe Side Stories added. These stories will be available for commanders who have a corresponding T-Doll's costume. The Side Story for each girl can be unlocked by gifting the costume to her, or giving it to Kalina for safekeeping. Cosmetic items such as furniture, icons and ID card backgrounds can be obtained if you read through enough stories in a given set.

As of now we don't yet know what set of Side Stories will be added, so stay tuned for updates, or visit the official GFL EN Twitter page when an announcement about this feature will soon be posted!

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