Monthly Roadmap: November 2021

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New T-Dolls Neural Upgrade * 3

The Doll silhouette shown in the Neural Upgrade is Galil:

Girls' Frontline's QnA have revealed the other mods in this batch to be M1897 (SG), and PP-19 (SMG, not to be confused with PP-19-01 the bad UMP45, or PP-90, Vivi's twintails sister). 

These Mods range from niche to extremely niche, to mostly niche.

Galil tries to make some use of her massive Accuracy stat by buffing her allies with Acc and gaining Crit Rate if her Acc is higher than enemy Evasion. PP-19 buffs her Grenade, and takes a leaf from SOPMOD with additional cluster bombs. 1897 tries to live up to the IRL weapons 'Trench Broom' moniker, by spraying the entire screen with flechettes. 

Look forward to our in-depth analysis of their Neural Upgrades, as well as an update on Red's Neural Priority article!

Theater 6

Theater is a time-limited combat event that requires about 15-30 minutes per day and offers excellent rewards. The requirements are not very high, but stronger commanders can choose to clear tougher stages for more points.

Theater 6 brings a new set of bonus Dolls, changed enemy waves, and will provide the Global server with a preview of enemies from the upcoming major event, Dual Randomness. 

For a refresher on Theater mechanics or a primer if this is your first Theater, check out the guides below! Updates for Theater 6 will be coming soon!

Mk153 is a hybrid Pierce/Damage focused HOC with a 3 node range. Commanders are highly recommended to level her up as soon as possible, as a 3 star Mk153 can beat a 5 star AGS-30. For more information, check our in-depth analysis on Mk153.

For those who have been around for a while and have all HOCs 5 star, it is recommended to turn 153 Data into Data Patches. As it has been confirmed that Theater 7 will happen before Mirror Stage, the event where Mk 153 really shines, and the only way to currently use HOC General Data is to increase HOC rarity up to 5 star, Commanders can safely wait until Theater 7 to spend General Data on 153 once she becomes available in the analysis pool.

New Skin Gacha (Twice!) Part 1

This month will feature not one, but two new skin Gacha. As revealed last month we will not be getting last years Halloween Banner, but instead will be receiving the same Halloween Skins as old servers. 

New Skin Gacha (Twice!) Part 2

This month will feature not one, but two new skin Gacha. As revealed last month in the QA, we will be getting only the 404 Marching Band Banner. The silhouette in the roadmap belongs to UMP9.

Klein Space Prelude



Whirling Penrose



Canary Bolero



Percussion Bolero



Chaotic Symphony



New Ringleader "Ouroborous"

October 19th will bring us a new Ringleader, Ouroborous:

Ouroborous is a strange mix of abilities. She inflicts debuffs, her Active deals AoE damage and she buffs Crit Rate. She will feature in the Jashin Collab, and is actually an NPC unit on its final map (although not very useful on said map), giving a bit of a sneak preview as to what she can do. 

For those who actually went through Operation Cube and Cube+, I urge you to set aside your feelings for this awfully designed event when you think of Ouros. She a cutie and deserves pats.

Adam's shenanigans aside, do look forward to our analysis on Ouroboros!

Jashin Collab

The Jashin Collab has been confirmed for this month, and as a result of delays in this release of this article, we know it will be coming, on the 16th of November!

Foreign server's Login Screen for the Jashin Collab

For those unfamiliar, Jashin is a comedy anime. We'll be getting five Collab characters and one Collab fairy. As with previous Collabs there will be Collab exclusive skins as well.

There remain a few questions about this event, as it was designed for a substantially different environment on older servers, which have received updated equipment, allowing them to effectively combat 300+ Armor enemies. While these enemies can be brute-forced without the new equips (even if it's an unpleasant experience), we're hoping the Armor values are reduced for a smoother experience. 

In terms of characters, the biggest draw is Pekora, who can strip enemy buffs, gains boosted Damage against damaged targets, and can provide her allies with a shield, on the caveat that she can't start attacking until she's received 5 total buffs. This requirement is easy to circumvent, although we'll be waiting until at least 2.08 for maximum effect, as it requires one of the new equips, the Flare Gun 'Ammo' for HGs. 


This login Event is the same as older Servers, with the big draw being the 3 Aid Comms. 

Tinfoil Hat Section

So what did QA bring this time? Not surprisingly, little. We got confirmation that:

  • AUG will be a farmable Doll in Jashin collab (YOROKOBE AUGGERS)
  • No word on HMG21, last seen in CT, or Lewis, mission reward in Isomer
  • The Marching Band Gacha will only feature 404 (wonder if AR team will come in December)
  • Va-11 Hall-A collab will come before Dual Randomness
  • 416's Mod 3 animations will only fully arrive with 2.08 (as expected)
  • Equips will arrive after 2.08, which could either mean immediately after or after a while (in other words, we still have no idea when they'll arrive)
  • We may have sped up SPEQ release through Special Login Events

Can't say Va-11 Hall-A collab before DR was expected. With this confirmed, we'll have 3 Collabs before additional main story progression.

Following that note, there was one worrisome answer on Twitter's QA:




I sure hope this is another "Early June" moment from Twitter's QA, especially since last month's QA Hokor mentioned a high chance of Ch 13 this year

Last month's QnA answers, for reference.

While it is technically arguable that it was not explicitly said "Chapter 13 in December", the likelihood of 2.08 before New Year, plus the mention of "Chapter 13 and Jashin first" and the release of Theater 6 in this month does lead us to believe we'd see Chapter 13 in December with a 2.08 release around the end of the year. Otherwise, this will just be a repeat of PL+T5 and a following dead month. 

We'll have to wait and see December's Roadmap to find out if we're looking at a possible January Chapter 13 release, with VA-11 Hall-A in March and Dual Randomness literally one year after Polarized Light. Supposing that happens, it'll also likely mean no 2.08 this year.

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