Monthly Roadmap: October 2019

MICA Team has released the October roadmap for the EN Server; here's a quick look at each of the items teased by the developers:

Maid Internship Re-supply Gacha

Despite being part of the October Roadmap, this is actually coming out as soon as the next maintenance ends - the gacha banner will span from Sep. 24th - Oct. 21st and contain costumes for: 

  • NTW-20’s Aristocrat Experience (Live2D)

  • Contender’s Flowerful Maid (Animated)

  • M950A’s Home Ec Training (Animated)

  • G28’s Beer Ranch

  • Gepard M1’s Contracted Today

"Aristocrat Experience" (Live2D)
maid ntw cgs
"Flowerful Maid" (Animated)
maid contender cgs
"Home Ec Training" (Animated)
maid calico cgs
"Beer Ranch"
maid g28 cgs
"Contracted Today"
maid gepard cgs

Since it’s a re-supply gacha, two new furniture sets are also available.

4★ Furniture Set
4star furniture set showcase
5★ Furniture Set
5star furniture set showcase

Key Card Event (Bingo)

The next filler event will be a Key Card event, “Dessert Vanguard”, running from Sep. 28th - Oct. 18th for a total of 21 days. The previous Key Card events on GFL EN were held over a year ago for rewards including T-Doll ART556 and STEN Mk II’s “Reciprocated Love” costume; this upcoming event will reward a limited costume, FNC’s “Candy Thief”.

FNC "Candy Thief"
FNC Candy Thief cgs

For more details on what a Key Card event is and how to optimize your card draws for maximum rewards, please check out the Key Card/Bingo Event guide linked below.

Normal & Emergency Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of the main story is finally coming to EN!

The Limited Drop from this chapter is the 4★ RF T-Doll, XM3, dropping only from an extremely challenging fight against either the chapter boss in 10-6, or from 10-4E enemy nodes containing a new type of foe known as the Hydra, which is a slow-moving but deadly armored walker that will decimate any T-Doll with extremely deadly force upon reaching firing range.

Spitfire having unfun against Hydras

On top of their incredible 9000 HP per link, Hydras also have almost 200 armor, far exceeding the Armor Penetration value of even a max-enhanced, max-calibrated AP Ammo equipment. Significant Damage buffs will be needed for any player attempting to defeat these monstrosities, with the recommended team composition being RFHG with many stacked Damage buffs.

The Chapter 10 Walkthrough with more details on the new enemies will be released on Gamepress soon, so stay tuned!

Public Vote & Special Rescue Event

EN is blessed with yet another Public Vote for Rescue Event, in which GFL EN players will have the chance to vote for T-Dolls that they’d like to see added to the game temporarily as limited drops on certain maps.

This event is likely to be similar to the previous rescue votes; an informational banner from a previous vote is included below for reference.

Rescue event details

After the vote, T-Dolls who received the most votes will be added to the final map in normal and emergency chapters 1-6, and will drop at about a 0.5%-1% chance from both S-rank boss kills and map completion. 

As S-ranking the map often takes much more work than simply killing the boss, efficient farming during rescue events often involves rushing for boss kills with the cheapest echelon that can kill it easily (often a pure HG echelon or a combination of HG and AR T-Dolls) without worrying about the map’s S-rank objectives. 

Since the drop rate is fairly low, players are advised to prepare for a long grind, especially if they want multiple T-Dolls from the group of winners. 

As the EN client has not yet been updated, the Rescue Fairy will not improve the rate of Rescue Event T-Doll drops, due to the way that the rescue drops are coded as a secondary bonus drop.

Autumn Special Login Event

October seems like a gap month for Girls’ Frontline, with no major gameplay content releases other than Chapter 10 story. To keep players occupied and coming back to the game, MICA Team added a login event to the end of October, where players just have to log in for a total of 7 days during a 2-week period to receive generous rewards.

Strangely enough, this login event’s 7-day reward is pictured in the roadmap as a mysterious crate. Typically, these events reward a costume and they are teased far ahead in advance, like last year’s October login event (pictured below).

Halloween login event

While players can expect similar rewards for Day 1 through Day 6, the Day 7 reward for the October 2019 Autumn login event can be anything - no one knows yet. Some of the more amusing (though not necessarily correct) guesses from the community are: 

  • Base background

  • New item not yet released on any server

  • 16Lab equipment

  • A box of votes for SAA’s Neural Upgrade

When the login event finally drops in-game, this article will be updated with the correct rewards. 

09/28 update: The CN server announced a login event and it turns out that the mysterious reward is in fact the red crate pictured in the roadmap. For 7 days, players can log in to receive 20 crates that contain various goodies in addition to 1001 of all four types of resources every day.

There's a Type 95/97 exclusive equipment guaranteed at 100 openings!

Official EN Banner for the "Under the Crimson Sky" Girls' Frontline login event

Halloween Story Event

It looks like secrecy and mystique is the theme of this October Roadmap, because just like the Autumn Special Login Event’s reward, nobody knows what this actually is.

Since this story event doesn’t look like anything that happened on the older servers, the only choice is to wait and find out what surprises MICA Team has in store for the GFL playerbase.

10/15 update: The event details have been revealed! Please visit the pre-info article below for more details. 

Halloween Gacha

While this is the second gacha in the October Roadmap, the Maid Gacha technically started in September, so does it really count? 

This Halloween Gacha contains costumes for: 

  • Welrod MkII’s Lord of Darkness (Live2D)

  • Type 79’s Fox of Green Hill

  • P7’s Demonic Gunslinger Nun

  • Spitfire’s The Final Alice

  • Super SASS’s Wolfwalker

A bundle containing IWS 2000’s Seventh Banisher will be available for purchase from the shop for 2588 gems. 

Lord of Darkness (Live2D)
vampire welrod cgs
Fox of Green Hill
fox t79 cgs
Demonic Gunslinger Nun
halloween p7 cgs
The Final Alice
halloween spitfire cgs
halloween SASS cgs
Seventh Banisher
halloween IWS cgs

Of course, furniture sets are available, as is the case with any re-supply gacha:

3★ Furniture Set
3 star Halloween furniture showcase
4★ Furniture Set
4 star Halloween furniture showcase
5★ Furniture Set
5 star Halloween furniture showcase
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