Monthly Roadmap: October 2020

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9/29 update: Login crate rewards revealed and added to this article. 

New Re-Supply Gacha

Going back to the classic costume gacha catch-up Girls' Frontline EN normally does, October will give us a Halloween 2018 gacha rerun, confirmed by S.A.T. 8's Live2D "Pumpkin Bunches" costume: 

Other costumes included in this set are for Bren, MDR, TAC-50, and F1. For foreign servers, costumes were from token re-supply (gacha) and no bundles were available. This may or may not change when the set releases on EN. 

Pumpkin Bunches



Spirit Trap



Elven Demon Huntress



Jack o'Three



Black Magic Academy



Gunslinger Girl Collab

The long awaited Gunslinger Girl Collaboration is now confirmed for Girls' Frontline EN! Here's the collab PV, taken from the foreign servers' run of this event: 

The Gunslinger Girl manga is rumored to have been one of the inspirational works that led Yuzhong to develop Girls' Frontline in the first place; are you interested in a political thriller featuring young cybernetically-augmented gunslinging girls acting as assassins for the Italian government? Yes? Give the series a thorough read before the collab launches on GFL EN!

Yes, Yuzhong explicitly recommended reading the manga in a livestream! Though if you find the animation medium more appealing, watching the anime can be a decent substitute. 

Can new players clear this collaboration event? 

Like all other collaboration events, the GSG collab is very newbie-friendly. Even brand-new accounts will have no problems clearing the event and receiving all the important story clear rewards.

Japanese GFL content creator Kafka (かふか@ドルフロ) actually managed to clear the entire event on normal difficulty with a level 24 account, using only free units available to a new commander! You can see a playlist showcasing the event clear below: 

I haven't played GFL in a while, should I come back for this collab? 

Waiting until the 29th so you can qualify for the Veteran Callback Event rewards may be a good idea. 

When will this event take place?

Of course, some time in October. A previously leaked date of Oct. 13th seems to have been retconned (as the banner is no longer available in-game), potentially signaling an unexpected delay.

Who are the collab units we'll be getting? 

EN hasn't posted any marketing material yet - so I'll be including the GFL JP teasers below. 

Statistical information on the collab Dolls is now available, with overviews and analysis coming soon! 

Do I need to roll the gacha for these collab units?

No need! Every Gunslinger Girl can be acquired for free as a Quest Reward, Shop Reward, or farmed as a Limited Drop (with very generous drop rates)!

I already play GFL, do I need to do anything to prepare for this event?

Aside from your normal leveling and training, no! Enjoy the ride when this event launches on GFL EN.

Oh, there's one thing: start saving up friend points because the new GSG base backgrounds take a total of 45000 FP to purchase (15k each). They will remain in the shop after the collab ends, but since FP takes a long time to build up, better start working on it now!

Additional information about the GSG collab is now available on the guide page!

Point Event

With the GSG collab being the main feature of October 2020, this Point Event that awards the limited 5-star SMG PM-06 is pretty much a sidenote that'll happen naturally as you play the game. 

As usual, the event can be easily completed by players who actively play. Spending tokens for points is not required

If you're not sure what a point event is, you can reference the below page for an example of a previous point event with the same mechanic. 

Cafe Side Story

Actually, we have no idea what this is. It could be one of the as-of-yet-unreleased new client features, or something new entirely. 

One thing is for sure, though: we'll know when the official GFL EN Twitter account announces it later!

Autumn Special Login Event

Does the name sound familiar? This looks to be something very similar to what we got in October 2019! (Note that this login event occurs between Oct. 1 - Oct. 8 2020)

The event crate rewards are now updated! 

The mysterious crate shown in the roadmap is awarded to players on login, up to 20 crates per day. For 7 days, players were able to log in to receive and open crates to reveal various goodies! 

There'll be a guaranteed reward at 100 crates opened. Last year, this gave the special equipment for the Type sisters - this time it's a special furniture. 

In game banners indicate the special reward will be the 'Lunar Palace' Dorm furniture.

Last year, the boxes from this login event behaved a bit differently from the boxes obtained from major events such as Isomer. While it was still possible to pull the unique rewards earlier than 100 boxes, only a single copy of the Type sister's Equipment could be obtained, either at 100 boxes opened, or prior. At this time, we don't know if this mechanic will remain, but Commanders should moderate expectations in regards to getting multiple copies of any unique rewards. 

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