Monthly Roadmap: September 2021

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New T-Dolls * 4

The newest doll batch has the silhouette of M6 ASW, as seen below:

Girls' Frontline's Discord Q&A confirmed this to be exclusively a Shotgun batch. That means the shotguns we are likely to see will be: M6 ASW, LTLX-7000, PM5 and 512.

LTLX is a long awaited Shotgun, one that significantly shuffles the SG meta for several reasons: versatile MG tiles, Strong base Armor, guaranteed, wide Knockback, among other reasons. Stay tuned for their analysis!

Despite my extremely strong feelings about LTLX stealing KSG's only niche, I promise she'll receive an objective review. 

TKB-408 Point Event

This Point Event awards a new 5-star AR TKB-408; the event is pretty much a side note that'll happen naturally as you play the game. As usual, point events can be easily completed by players who actively play. Spending tokens for points is not required

Wondering how good TKB is? Check out her page for an in-depth analysis!

TKB-408 normal and damaged art

If you're not sure what a point event is, you can reference the below page for more information. 

New Re-Supply Gacha

FINALLY! The long-awaited Racing Gacha is finally coming to EN! It'll feature Live 2D costume for Saiga-12, as well as costumes for neglected Dolls, such as PPK and M2HB.

Stay tuned for Costume Shilling's episode featuring Red's closure on his Saiga Costume journey.

Gacha Costumes

Crimson Navigator



Mach Tempest



Cheers on the Blazing Tarmac



Breakneck Whirlwind



Pulsing Dash



New Ringleader "Destroyer"

September 20th will bring us a new Ringleader, Destroyer:

Destroyer is the first of several Ringleaders able to function as a HOC. Destroyer does not deal Piercing Damage, instead providing large AoE. She is also a strong combatant in her own right, dealing AoE damage, and leaving behind a burning field similar to a Molotov Grenade, making her a worthwhile pickup. 

She also enables this madness:

Note that, while this Corpse Drag can go endlessly, SF units require up to three times more to earn the same amount of XP as G&K Dolls since they lack Link XP multiplier.

Café Side Story

The Café Side Story in the Roadmap has been confirmed to be the Anniversary skins' stories. As the name suggests, you can find them in the cafe, so go give them a read!


There were a couple of interesting things to note on Discord's Q&A:

  • Unlike previous years, there won't be a General Rate Up this month, as it was speculated. However, it has been confirmed we'll have another rate up before the year ends.
  • We are getting Chapter 13 before Dual Randomness, which seems to indicate they won't drop in the same month.
  • October is not going to be a packed month, as it was April, with the release of Polarized Light, 2.07 client, and Theater 4.

All that said, this is a quite chill month. Racing Gacha is expected to arrive on September 7th while Destroyer will arrive on September 20th, which is when Intruder's banner will end. 

That means we can speculate Mica will fill the blank space with stuff not announced on the Roadmap.

Surprise! Make sure to log in at least 7 days during the first two weeks of the month, those extra SF capture pulses are worth grabbing!



Two weeks of Data Week, and SF sims open.

Friendly tip: be sure to alternate between Data and Petri. SF Data is precious, but it doesn't amount to much if you can't increase the rarity of your Coalition units.

Late September Surprise Update!

The Freak Pandemic Halloween Event with being re-rerun!

The clear Rewards and Map Drops have not been changed over the previous run, so all of our existing guides still apply. 

For new players who want a preview of what is coming, or those looking for a quick refresher, our guides can be found here:

Extra Suprise: New Re-Supply Gacha

FINALLY! The long-awaited Tacticool Gacha is finally coming to EN! It features a Live 2D costume for G36C, and an animated Skin for SAF.

Stay tuned for Costume Shilling's episode!

Gacha Costumes

Red Beret



Mysterious Wayfarer SA



Red Moon Stalker



Wiretap Mystery



Bad Cop For Life



Additionally, there is a VHS package that should be run at a future date!

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