New Career Quests and Progression: Resource Allocation and Upgrades

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While some base infrastructure can be purchased with Gems, the premier currency for base upgrades is the venerable Battery, a headache of a resource to acquire and manage for both F2P and whales alike.

Doll Upgrades, on the other hand, are limited by Combat Sim Energy as the Combat Simulation Room is the only source of Memory Fragments (for Neural Upgrades) and Training Data

5/14 update: Updated the article to reflect current EN meta. 

Item Effect
Icon of GFL's Battery Item

The universal currency item generated via the dormitory's battery condenser, used for facility upgrades alongside a wide variety of other tasks such as producing Combat Reports, purchasing Pets, and upgrading the upcoming Heavy Ordinance Corps units.

Special battery used for auxiliary room expansions. It's a bit big for a battery, but the Battery Rights Organization says that even batteries have a right to dream.

Icon of GFL's Combat Sim Energy Item
Combat Sim Energy

Energy required to use the Combat Simulation feature. Players regenerate 1 every 2 hours, up to a cap of 6.

Extra Combat Sim Energy can be purchased in the shop, although this is only recommended for players that purchase Gems regularly.

Batteries and Budgeting:

  • New Commanders should focus their initial battery income on upgrading the Forward Basecamp:

    • Gate Console to Lv. 8 for x1,555, then Lv. 9 at a later time

    • Loot Rack to Lv. 3 for x155, then Lv. 6 at a later time

  • As soon as Commanders unlock Fairies by clearing 60 maps and performing one Equipment Heavy Production, the Fairy Chamber facilities should be upgraded as the next priority.

    • The room costs a massive x13,300 (!) to max out! See detailed cost breakdowns here (spreadsheet by 25thNight-). 

    • All facilities offer excellent benefits from upgrades, consisting of increased Fairy EXP Gain, increased Fairy Command Regeneration, and increased Fairy Command Cap. While the Fairy Castle offers no bonuses itself, upgrading it is required in order to upgrade the other facilities.

  • Optionally, Commanders can upgrade the Data Room facilities to Lv. 3 to write Combat Reports, although the Forward Basecamp and Exploration feature by itself offers 3,600 Combat Reports per month, which would normally cost x10,800 to write.

    The Data Room is therefore not a high priority to upgrade, and writing Combat Reports is not as necessary thanks to the revamped Early Game Rewards. Commanders need not worry about the full Surplus EXP, as Surplus EXP will be extremely easy to accumulate late-game and spending batteries on the Fairy Chamber will offer more immediate returns by strengthening their Fairies. 

    • The Data Room can be upgraded further once the Fairy Chamber is maxed out, but it is advised to stop at Lv. 6 as that is often sufficient to fully spend the daily battery income.

  • Pets from the Rescue Station can be acquired to assist in Forward Basecamp exploration, but are not a high priority as of yet.

  • Commanders can begin saving batteries for future content when there is no longer a significant immediate need for writing Combat Reports.

Earning Batteries

Thankfully, Batteries are much more straightforward to earn than Gems. 

The Battery Condenser in a Commander's main Dorm provides Batteries based on a combination of Dorm count and total comfort, where comfort is derived from the furniture placed in said dorms.

Tip: The exact battery yield can be calculated here.

Infographic explaining battery gain from Battery Condenser in GFL

By visiting Friends' Dorms, additional batteries can be collected - up to 10 times per day.

One Battery is collected per Dorm your friend owns, so up to x10 can be collected from each friend, for a maximum of x100 + x20 (from Daily Quest) per day!

Infographic explaining battery gain from friend dorms in GFL

Battery Budgeting

First order of business: Everything to Level 4

Because the battery cost of upgrading is extremely low for the first few levels, it is highly recommended to upgrade all facilities you have access to (except perhaps the pet room) 1 level at a time.

  • Go through all the rooms you have access to and upgrade everything to Lv. 1, then everything to Lv. 2, and so on, because it's very cheap to do so and fairly quick. You'll easily get tangible benefits from these early levels. 

After the facilities are Level 4, battery costs and upgrade times become higher, so it is recommended to upgrade in the following order

Priority 1: Forward Basecamp

The Forward Basecamp and Exploration feature is a gap closer between casual Commanders and regular grinders. A new Commander should favor upgrading the Gate Console and Loot Rack to their ideal levels of Lv. 9 and Lv. 6, respectively. While the Gate Console maxes out at Lv. 10, it is an inefficient investment due to the fact that it unlocks nothing except an extra queue slot for consumables. 

Commanders can also choose to leave the Gate Console at Lv. 8, as this is when five T-Dolls can be sent on expeditions (Lv. 9 adds a third pet slot, which is irrelevant for Commanders that do not have three pets). The Black Market also has Batteries in stock, and being able to purchase these faster each month will accelerate future upgrades.

Priority 2: HOC Facilities & Fairy Chamber

Following this, Commanders should begin working on the facilities of the Fairy Chamber and Heavy Ordnance Corps facilities (Intelligence Center & Garage) due to the significant value that HOCs and Fairies provide in missions.

HOC Facilities

Leveling the HOC facilities allow the player to obtain and train their HOCs faster as well as more efficiently. The below infographics show good stopping points: 

For more information on the HOC facilities, please see the below guide: 

Fairy Chamber

Leveling the Fairy Chamber gives better fairy EXP gain, faster Fairy Command regeneration, and improved fairy command cap. This can let players use their fairies more freely and train them up quicker, so maxing all the Fairy Chamber structures is a solid long-term goal (though it does not provide as immediate of a benefit as the HOC facilities). 

Priority 3: Data Room

Once Commanders have all the above facilities upgraded, they can turn their attention to the Data Room.

Upgrading the Data Room to generate Combat Reports has been diminished in importance by the advent of the Black Market and the monthly CR income it provides, but leveling the Data Room is still important to write Special Combat Reports for HOC EXP training. Additionally, beyond Lv. 6, the Data Room throughput is large enough to consume more than the daily income of batteries for any Commander who writes reports each time the Surplus EXP container fills.

Rescue Station & Pets

As an aside, events frequently confer pets from voucher stores or other rewards to Commanders. Any of these pets can be used with the Forward Basecamp feature, including the Halloween Event reward pet “Undead Musician Dog” which coincides with the New Client update. 

As the role of pets in expeditions is to determine the area that is explored, and not to affect the total number of resources gathered, they are not an efficient investment. In the future, if a Commander is yet to receive such a reward at the time of reading, they may opt to budget 600 batteries to later adopt a dog from the Rescue Station. This would be considered after all the primary upgrades have been made, and is mostly to help with future content.

Combat Sim Energy Usage

  • Data Sim is the top priority; on days where Data Sim is available (Tue/Fri/Sun), try to carry over energy so that 5 or 6 are available for use at the time when GFL is first opened.

    • Data Sim will hold its place of significance for a long time to come, as Combat Data is always in extremely high demand at all stages of the game.

  • Use Sim Energy as it becomes available; when the Commander is strong enough to clear Defense Drill and the Neural Cloud Corridor comfortably, they should be the priority on days when Data Sim cannot be accessed. 

    • Defense Drill should be cleared when enough Dolls are available to reach the Level 90/100 checkpoints, as it is the primary source of Calibration Tickets

    • Neural Cloud Corridor (NCC, or “Fragment Sim”) should be run by Commanders who are ready to invest in Neural Upgrades.

  • Extra Sim Energy should be used based on what is needed most, which is usually Data Sim or the NCC.

Why not run Capsule and EXP Sim?

The generous Combat Report and Enhancement Pill rewards for clearing the story chapters, along with monthly CR and Enhancement Pill income options from the Black Market, have made EXP and Enhancement Sims obsolete. It would be immediately encouraged to skip the Enhancement Sim in favor of the NCC or Defense Drill once available. 

  • EXP Mode Combat Simulation provides a static amount of EXP divided equally between all Dolls deployed. While six hours of Sim Energy will yield 240,000 EXP, Commanders will find they have a sufficient supply of Combat Reports to raise their first Echelon and still develop additional dolls for future leveling methods.
  • Enhancement Mode will provide a small number of enhancement capsules on completion, but Commanders who frequently grind EXP with Corpse Drags will gather large numbers of 2-Star T-Dolls to use for Enhancement fodder.

While the EXP Sim will be an appealing option for more time-constrained or casual Commanders, it is not optimal as A) a method of leveling, or B) a use of Sim Energy. Commanders should familiarize themselves with corpse drags in order to develop a more realistic expectation of progression and the gameplay loop. 

Commanders who grind regularly will find they can spend the energy on resources such as Memory Fragments or Calibration Tickets, which cannot be gathered any other way.

Of course, until such a time that Commanders are able to access the NCC or Defense Drill, it is important to continue using the Sims as they are available: Unused Sim Energy is worth nothing.

Enhancement Capsules are frequently handed out as rewards for proper participation in events, and all Commanders would do best to clear these events and claim these rewards.

When to Run Neural Cloud Corridor

The Neural Cloud Corridor (NCC) will become available at Commander Level 60. While there is a priority in Neural Upgrading M4A1 and AR-15, newer and more casual Commanders should give due consideration before starting the process. Even exceptional upgrades such as M4A1 and ST AR-15 must be observed through the lens of opportunity cost.

  • Mod 2 adds a second skill to a T-Doll, doubling their Combat Data investment.

  • Fully upgrading a 4 Star Doll requires 120 Cores, equivalent to the value of all eight copies needed to 5x Dummy Link a 5 Star T-Doll.

It is possible for the irresponsible use of the NCC and Neural Upgrade system to cut into a Commander’s supplies before they become truly self-sufficient. Commanders should develop a strong Armory before investing heavily in Neural Upgrade candidates.

Buying and Using Extra Sim Energy

After acquiring Extra Sim Energy from rewards or purchases, Commanders are encouraged to plan and use it where they most need it.

  • Data Mode: As Intermediate combat data is always in high demand and Advanced Data is difficult to obtain in large quantities, extra Data income is always useful.
  • Neural Cloud Corridor: At an average 45 Memory Fragments per three Combat Sim Energy spent, it can take a substantial amount of time to acquire the fragments required to Neural Upgrade T-Dolls.
  • Defense Drill: Equipment production is an essential aspect of progression and new Commanders may find a need to Calibrate their gear often to maximize the stat bonuses, as well as to stockpile Calibration Tickets for eventual Fairy enhancements.

Commanders should consider their options and critically examine what they need.

Commanders playing freer with their wallets may invest in a Monthly Gem Card and use the daily Gems to purchase the first tier of Extra Sim energy from the store for 20 Gems.

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