New Player Hub: How to Girls' Frontline


Since Total War costs too much, you have settled for the more competitive and waifu-infested F2P alternative, welcome to GFL.

Newbie quick notes

There are 3 points that Newbies ought to pay attention right as they start playing:

  • Anchor for Grape and 416
  • Use UMP45 from 7 day login as your tank until you get RO635 from Main Story 
  • Pull for 1 Gold Armor Plate, then Damage Equipment 

What to do, a comprehensive list of tl;dr notes

Progression in GFL is heavily gated behind doing your Main Story and ensuring you have a healthy Armory and can clear everything in new events will be much easier by spending your resources in the right areas early on.

  1. Clear story
  2. Building your first team efficiently
  3. Do Career Quests
  4. Do at least daily 6 quests for the reward box
  5. Craft your daily 4 Dolls, 4 Equipment and 4 Fairies
  6. Do current event, for more on how events work see the currently running Event page and Event hub
  7. Night maps work differently, read this when you intend to do them
  8. Craft fairies every day after they are unlocked
  9. What to spend your gems on
  10. Spend your Batteries and Sim Energy on the right things early on
  11. When you clear Story 7-5 Protocol Assimilation is unlocked, see the Coalition basics page for more info
  12. When you clear Story 8-5 HOC are unlocked, see the HOC page for more info

7 day login

For the first two weeks after you first log into the game you will get a reward every day for up to 7 total days.

The total rewards for this are as follows:

IMPORTANT: Binding Your Account

If you haven’t already or aren’t sure, it is highly recommended that you bind your account to an email to prevent loss of account if your device or client ever experiences issues. Major updates may also cause temporary accounts (Guest Commanders) to cease functioning.

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