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This farming guide was made aiming to be a general guideline for players. Thus for Normal farms we avoided using event-limited Dolls or fairies.

M4 Mod's usefulness here cannot be underestimated, especially as she remains the top pick for Dolls to get their Neural Upgrade.

For veterans who do not wish to farm EX due to its high cost, we'll leave a personalised recommendation at the end of the page.

As always, the best farming strat is heavily reliant on each one's Armory. Commanders with 3-star fairies and above can replace the second AR with a HG, while Commanders lacking good equips may need to field another HG or AR.

Special mention to Stechkin, as she supplies both Damage and RoF tiles, both which are very appreciated by M4 Mod in the Normal farms.

E1 - A Person's Struggle Farm

Map 1
Normal (Bottom Route)


1AR or 1AR/1HG or 2 AR (preferably M4)

E1 has a really easy map to farm. For Normal route, using 1 AR (ST AR-15 is recommended due to her availability and RoF Skill) can be sufficient with 2 star fairies (such as Command, Arti or Rescue). If Commanders get some damage, they may add a Damage HG, like SAA. 

In the example image M4 has Skills 10/10, maxed HV, Crit Scope and SPEQ; ST AR-15 has Skills 10/10, maxed EOT and Crit SCope, and her Night HV SPEQ maxed. Nyan is 2 star, having 7,5% Crit Damage and Damage buffs (Commander 1 star has 8.4% Crit Damage and 8.0% Damage for comparison).

EX (Top Route)


Kord (Maxed Ammo box and Crit Scope), M500 Mod (Maxed Gold Armor), Python (Maxed HP Ammo, either Suppressor or RMB), Nagant Mod (Maxed Skill 2), statstick Fairy (Beach, Command, Artillery.

Much like with Jashin, farming the EX routes is no easy feat. This comp allows veteran Commanders, who have too many resources lying around, to do near damage-less runs. Beach is not required, nor is using Arti's Skill.

E2 - Heavy Metal and Tender Wood

Map 2
Normal (Bottom Route)


M4 Mod + 1 AR. #2 Processor/M4 SPEQ highly recommended

M4's highly necessary due to her cannon making short of the packed enemies. With AR-15 and M4 Mod, farming this route should be damageless. It should be noted that M4's RoF is crucial to quickly mop up enemies. If Commanders lack M4 SPEQ or a #2 Processor (Gold AR chip) levelled, it's recommended to field a RoF-tiles HG to increase her RoF.

Some examples: Tokarev, Welrod, Stechkin, MP-448, TEC-9, M1911

EX (Top Route)


Kord (Max Ammo Box and Crit Scope), M500 Mod (Max Gold Armor Plate), Python (Max HP Ammo, either Suppressor or RMB), Nagant Mod 2 (Max Skill 2), statstick fairy (Beach, Artillery, Command). 

Much like first map, this Kord team can handle with ease the enemies. It should be noted that Python's essential to mop up stragglers, and so her Skill must be maxed as well. If using Command, it's best to add Contender instead of P22/Mk 23 to further increase Kord's Crit Rate.

E3 - Buried Deception

Map 3
Normal (Bottom Route)


M4 Mod + 1 AR or 1AR/1HG. AR chip/M4 SPEQ highly recommended.

The difficult spike from map 2 to map 3 isn't big, so the same advice from before remains: M4 really wants the AR chip/SPEQ RoF, and if a Gold AR chip or her SPEQ are not available, fielding a RoF-tiles HG is a must to ensure damageless runs.

Some examples of RoF-tiles HGs: Stechkin, Welrod, Tokarev, MP448, TEC-9.

EX (Top Route)


Kord (Max Ammo Box and Crit Scope), M500 Mod (Max Gold Armor Plate, recommended Skill 2 maxed), Python (Max HP Ammo, recommended Max Suppressor or RMB), Nagant Mod (Recommended Max Skill 2 and Skill 8 Level 8), statstick fairy (Beach, Artillery, Command)

From map 2 to map 3 there is a difficulty increase, and doing damageless runs will be heavily RNG-reliant. Thus, it's recommended to have Nagant Mod's Skill 1 also levelled up to decrease the incoming damage. As always, Python is absolutely essential to clean up leftovers so having her Skill maxed is a must.

Beach does give slightly better results than Artillery, so SC rankers are recommended to field her. Since enemies here have slightly good evasion, P22 is personally recommended to help Kord on that department, as well as giving some extra Evasion to M500 (maybe you'll roll that good SG Evasion RNG).

E4 - Cherry Blossom Snowfall

map 4
Normal (Bottom Route)


M4 Mod + 2 RoF Tiles HG or 1AR+1HG. Gold AR Chip or M4 SPEQ highly recommended.

Map 4 is, curiously enough, a tad easier than Map 3 to farm, so it's possible for Commanders to use M4 Mod + 2 RoF Tiles HGs, like shown in the image. As always, if Commanders lack a #2 Processor or M4's SPEQ, it's recommended to replace one of the HGs with another AR (preferably ST AR-15).

Examples of RoF-Tiles HGs: Stechkin, Welrod, Tokarev, TEC-9, MP448

EX (Top Route)


SF team, Jaguar/Jaeger + 2 Manticores (One fully linked) + Scarecrow

Farming Map 4 with G&K teams is nigh impossible, due to the extensive damage Commanders will face. The only alternative is to turn to SF teams, as an Armor stacking MG team will actually be more expensive.

Commanders who have been around since SF capture was released is likely to have at least one fully linked Manticore, as it is vital to reduce the damage taken. Having a second Manticore helps in stalling enemies, while Scarecrow's Skill targets enemies with lowest HP.

For those who managed to acquire Alchemist, it's possible to do this farm route with minimal damage:

Veteran Recommendations

For those who wish an easy way to farm daily Currency or may have missed Lewis or R93, or want more P22 dupes, this is the section for you all. We'll consider an extensive Armory available, which may include Agent 416 from Division collab, or 416 Mod. 

E1 - A Person's Struggle Farm

Most DPS ARs can be used here to generally good effect, but AR-15 or AN-94 are likely to be your best bets for a single. Single AR farming is going to require 4-5* fairies (testing was done with a 5* Rescue). 

To avoid heart attacks, and potential failures, you'll want to put the AR in position 4. This stops some enemies from walking in the last two battles, and potentially failing the map. 

E2 - Heavy Metal and Tender Wood

Once again, AN-94/AR-15 Mod work well here. You don't need to be terribly creative about Handgun choices, as the additional bump from the Tiles is enough to push the AR's over the edge. 1911 is used here for her Tiles, although the smoke does help to delay enemies a tiny bit and may save you some chip damage. She does not need to be modded. 

Soul used 1911 mostly to make life easier switching Dolls for the next farm, feel free to experiment. 

E3 - Buried Deception
E4 - Cherry Blossom Snowfall

Maps 3 and 4 are both farmed using the same team, 416 Mod with 1911. Once again 1911 doesn't need to be modded, she is there purely to provide her Smoke, and SL1 is perfectly fine. Other Smoke Grenades can likely be used here in a pinch, but 1911 is obviously the cheapest. Bringing an unleveled 1911 is unwise, she is likely to get poked, and die horribly. 

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