Optimizing Leveling: Introduction

Optimizing Leveling: Introduction

EXP Gain

EXP is gained by a T-Doll through fighting enemy units or engaging in certain combat simulations. The more difficult the map, the more EXP gained by a T-Doll through battle. The following are modifiers that may have an impact the amount of EXP gained by a T-Doll:

  • EXP gained will be multiplied by the amount of Dummy Links the T-Doll currently has. Every additional Dummy Link provides an additional 0.5x EXP multiplier.

  • EXP gained when defeating an enemy unit remains the same on the chosen map regardless of the enemy’s combat effectiveness. This does not apply to boss battles -- bosses provide 2x the normal EXP earned from a battle on that particular map.

  • The MVP of a battle will gain an additional 1.3x multiplier to the EXP gained in that specific battle. This does not apply to Combat Simulations.

  • The leader of a Echelon will gain an additional 1.2x multiplier to EXP they gain from every battle they participate in. This does not apply to Combat Simulations.

  • These EXP multipliers stack with each other. For example, if a T-Doll was both MVP and Echelon leader of a battle she participated in, she will receive a 1.56x EXP multiplier.

  • Every map has an EXP falloff level. When a T-Doll reaches this level , 20% is deducted the EXP gain of that T-Doll when grinding on the map. An additional 20% will be deducted every 10 levels above the falloff level. This deduction will will not reduce the EXP earned by a T-Doll if the gained EXP is below 3.

Alternative Leveling Methods

Clearing a map normally is the Standard leveling method, but there are two alternative strategies that aid with leveling.

Terminate Mission Method

Terminate Method optimizes leveling by allowing you to grind certain maps in 1 turn instead of spending multiple turns completing the entire map. This is done through attacking a few key low-strength mobs, returning back to a Heliport/Command Post and retreating the squad you have been leveling before terminating the mission.


  • Increases the speed of grinding certain maps

  • Only attacking the map’s weak mobs results in less repairs overall


  • Because the mission is being terminated, no mission complete reward (commander exp bonus and mission complete T-Doll drop) will be obtained.

Terminated missions will apply a penalty to all Echelons currently on the map, emptying them of all of their currently held Ammo and Rations. However, terminating and retreating does not apply an Affection penalty to your T-Dolls.


This leveling method requires:

  • Auto-resupply to be disabled. The option to disable Auto-resupply can be found in the Settings

  • A map with at least two Heliports

  • Two available Echelons

You will be deploying two teams: a leveling team and an extra team

  • One Echelon will contain the team that will be leveled and will then retreat

An example leveling team.

An example leveling team. These T-Dolls need to level up, so they’ll be the ones fighting enemies.

  • The extra team will contain a single T-Doll that will be abandoned when the mission terminates. This team is necessary, as the Echelon you will be levelling cannot retreat unless another Echelon is still deployed. This team effectively tanks the resource penalty of Mission Terminations, but it will never be manually resupplied so it will lose nothing in this process.

    An example extra team.

    An example extra team. This team contains a single T-Doll that is not carrying any Rations or Ammo.

    Below is a step-by-step guide of how to use the Terminate Mission leveling method:

    1. Begin by deploying the Echelon that needs to be leveled on whichever Heliport or Command Post with more enemies nearby.
    2. Deploy the extra team on another Heliport or the Command Post.
    3. Use a few Action Points to have your leveling team attack enemy units. Be sure to save enough Action Points to get back to the Heliport.
    4. Once your leveling Echelon is back at the Heliport or Command Post, manually resupply and retreat them.
    5. Terminate the mission.
    6. Repeat steps 1 through 6 until the units are adequately leveled.

    Corpse Dragging Method

    The Corpse Dragging leveling method significantly reduces the amount of resources spent while leveling. This is done by only giving 1 T-Doll Ammo and Rations, effectively cutting resource costs by 4/5. Because this T-Doll is only one in her Echelon supplied with Ammunition, she will be the only one able to attack during combat.


    • Significantly reduces the resources spent when grinding


    • Much more time consuming compared to normal grinding

    • The tank and the DPS carry units must both be high leveled

    • The DPS unit must be able to efficiently solo the map


    This leveling method requires:

    • Auto-resupply to be disabled. The option to disable Auto-resupply can be found in the Settings

    • A map with at least two Heliports

    • Two available Echelons

    • Two high leveled DPS “carry” T-Dolls -- AR and/or RF are recommended

    • One high leveled tank

    • Three T-Dolls that will be leveled by the DPS T-Doll, also known as “corpses” because they carry no Ammo nor Rations

    You will be deploying two teams: a resupply team and a team that contains the units that need to be leveled.

    • The leveling team will have one DPS T-Doll, one tank T-Doll, and three leveling T-Dolls

    An example leveling team

    An example leveling team. Only the DPS “carry” (M14) has Ammo and Rations.

    • The resupply team will contain the other DPS T-Doll

    An example resupply team

    An example resupply team. The other DPS “carry” (Gr G41) needs to be resupplied.

    Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Corpse Dragging leveling method:

    1. Begin by placing the Echelon that contains the units to be leveled on the Heliport or Command Post closest to the enemy Command Post.
    2. Place the resupply Echelon on another Heliport or the Command Post.
    3. Start the stage and manually resupply the resupply team containing the 1 DPS unit. Do not resupply the leveling team.
    4. Proceed to rush the enemy Command Post with the Echelon that contains the units that need to be leveled.
    5. After the mission ends, go to the Formations menu.
    6. Swap the DPS “carries” in the resupply and leveling Echelons.
    7. Repeat steps 1 through 7 until the units are adequately leveled.

    If you cannot complete three runs of a map using Corpse Dragging before your tank requires Repairs, then this method should not be attempted until your tank and DPS units are stronger.

    Leveling Maps

    Due to the countless variables influencing an Echelon’s strength, it is recommended that the player experiment with leveling maps to see for themselves if they are ready to move up. As a general guideline, maps have been grouped in sections separated by the recommended T-Doll level. Corpse Dragging requirements have also been added, but it should be noted that the ability to Corpse Drag heavily depends on the strength of the DPS T-dolls. Thus, these guidelines and requirements are not absolute and we encourage the player to test out the limits of their Echelons.