Pocket City Rumble: Final Rankings & Showcase

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Remember when the GFL EN community got together to find the most creative ways of killing the "El Fail" boss? We'll be showing the winning entries and some of the best runs that didn't quite make top 5 here!

Scoring was based on a combination of the following criteria out of 100 points total, in descending order of weight: 

  • Difficulty of the run
  • Whether the run had an overarching theme (bonus points if related to the event, DJMax, or music/rhythm games in general)
  • Originality of the concept (if two people submitted very similar runs, the first submission receives more points in this category)
  • Any extra differentiating factor (unusual MVP, a very surprising win with a team that shouldn't have been able to clear it, etc.)

First Place: Micro・Uzi - "Molotov Zombie Dance Floor!"

"I give up trying to get it down to absolute perfection, I'm burned out."

Ever wonder if you can beat the El Fail boss with only 1x dummy-linked T-Dolls on grenade damage only? With your whole team at 1 HP? While syncing your Doll movement and skill activations with the boss battle BGM? When the contest was being created, I never expected a submission quite like this - and Micro・Uzi executed the concept almost perfectly, scoring 98 points. Check out the hand view to see GFL being played like a rhythm game! 

This is much much harder than it looks, you would think I'm crazy if I tell you I had moments where I wished my screen was bigger (I'm aware of zoom but its awkward as hell to do that every reset).

  • Very often I missed the dolls and just moved the camera instead which killed runs.
  • Second Issue is RNG, it really comes down to eva rolls and orange spotlight positions if I'm able to make it, a large amount of attempts also failed due to this.
  • Third and last would be equip and skill level finetuning, I had to SL10 ALL of these girls for the cooldowns and manipulate equipments so Fail would die at end of the Song which also slightly varies depending on the spotlights

I have put roughly 50 hours practice into this(on top of it I played alot of Cytus to get my precision on touchscreen up), including the practice for the inferior run, even made planning sheets to count movements/beat to stay somewhat symmetric all the time for style reasons.

Unfortunately there are 1 or 1,5 Errors there which are not as fatal as completely failing to do an action, I skipped a beat and at the end I'm not sure if it was a mess up or just weird because Fail died half a second early but I'm out of time to try so I need to go with my best run which is this one. This was so far the hardest and most reset heaviest thing I ever done in the game and I'm happy to get this result with Uzi being the MVP.

Micro・Uzi decided to pass over the Grand Prize, which means the art commission is awarded to the runner-up:

Second Place: ShuviBlanc - "Gunpowder: A Musical Concert"

"A party of gunfire and music
A marriage between explosions and lightnings


  • Lead Singer - Thunder: "Where my voice can't be heard, my gun will tell you my feelings"
  • Choreography - Jill: "In this battlefield, no matter if it's bullets, drinks, or music, I will continue my dance. Time to mix drinks and change lives"
  • Graphics - P90: "I'm over here. No, I'm over there. Let us get lost in this wonderful digital world~"
  • Snare drums - M200: "No matter where you are, Shikikan, my music will reach you, one way or another. (Please take care of the guitar which I entrusted to you)"
  • Lighting - AK12: "Even with my eyes closed, you will never leave my sight. Bathing in this wonderful sparkle of light, can you see me shinning?"

Features: Synced gunshots and music, special effects. Enjoy the show"

ShuviBlanc submitted this entry on the second day of the contest and held onto the crown for almost the entire event duration, earning 94 points! This run synchronizes T-Doll skill activation visual and sound effects to the boss battle BGM, but is done in EX difficulty - a fight that is normally quite difficult even with a proper team! 

Unfortunately, the larger number of mistakes caused the overall score of Shuvi's run to be lower at 94 points, but it is still an extremely impressive run!


For the prize, Shuvi has asked 猫屋(NEKOYA) (Note: artist page, may be NSFW) for a drawing of Ribeyrolles and Thunder! You can see a preliminary sketch below: 

Preliminary sketch of Shuvi's commission

If you're familiar with the quality of Nekoya's other works, you're probably dying see the finished product; and to be honest, I can't wait either! Maybe we'll be able to see it by the end of next week.

Third Place: Schwarzzz - "Glory Day - :karlicious:"

"KAR playing solo (:karlicious:) and other 4 dancers! (4 corpses lmao)

Rip 5-7 tho."

GFL's poster girl normally never sees the light of day in difficult fights, but Schwarzz has somehow managed to solo-DPS EX Fail with Kar98k while choreographing his T-Doll movement with the beat of the music, scoring an amazing 93 points

Schwarzz is eligible for the prize of either a Springfield or G36 Girls' Frontline Mochi!

Fourth Place: Eflos - "Garand. PING. No capes!"

"*aggressive ping noises*

I counted 20 of them."

M1 Garand not viable? Says who? Eflos built an amazingly fun team with multiple RoF buffers and M1 Garand to take down EX Fail and look stylish while doing it.

Did you know M1 Garand actually makes her famous ping sound in GFL after firing off 8 rounds? This team stacks RoF to maximize the number of pings and actually uses P30's movement speed buff to great effect to let M1 Garand easily get the spotlight buff despite having RF-tier base movespeed. While this submission didn't have a theme that related to the DJMax event, the impressive teambuilding creativity earned it a total of 84 points.

The 4th-6th place scorers are eligible for a choice of G&K Oath Ring or Stainless Steel GFL-themed mug. Alternative prizing is provided for winners not located in North America.

Fifth Place: Dusk - " 0-2, right?"

"That's not corpse dragging; this is corpse dragging"

Dusk took the corpse dragging motif to the next level by actually bringing a corpse dragging team to EX Fail!

With M4 SOPMOD II as the only supplied DPS and M16A1 as the tank, you wouldn't expect this composition to work at all against the fight, but our favorite doggo somehow pulled through!

Unfortunately, due to the untimely demise of Grizzly and Jill in his run, Dusk's overall score was reduced to 83 points, ending up below Schwarzz's run despite this being a significantly more challenging composition. 

Sixth Place: Eoneo - "Single-Link Shield Squad"

"Sei, SAT & Shitposter Silence Sinister Singer"

Resident whale Eoneo (who earned #1 ranking in Singularity) wasn't afraid to buy three oath rings just to submit to this contest! El Fail was taken down using three T-Dolls who all have shielding skills, at only 1x dummy link. 

This is a unique run that no one else probably even wants to replicate given the upfront cost of training three T-Dolls just for one fight, earning 80 points; it's too bad this wasn't in EX, but that's probably not even possible without bringing the dolls to 5x link. 

Honorable Mentions

There were so many good submissions that it'd be a waste to not show them all!

Here are some of the best runs that didn't quite make it into the top 6, either from being beaten by higher scoring runs or by being a duplicate submission from someone that won already: 

STun AR-15

Why kill the strikers when you can just CC them until the boss dies? This is one of the more mechanically amazing submissions from Micro・Uzi, using four T-Dolls with Flashbang to crowd-control the strikers that normally must be killed before the boss. 


M1911 isn't good for sustained DPS? She's taken the MVP in this 8-minute slugfest against EX Fail by kunren with a 47.8% damage share

(Alright, the rest of the team was 4 defensive SMGs, but hey, it worked!)

Perfect Duet

"A perfect duet requires perfect synchronization!

Starring our daughter M200 and experienced IWS, with the help of miss Fallen Angel, 5-7 and twin sisters as choreographers, we have high expectations of the the best duo of Glory City!"

While he might not be the first to synchronize gunshots to the music, Schwarzzz took execution to the next level with this submission.

Notice the strategic use of bullet time and fine control of doll movement to synchronize everything with the music, and IWS firing at the same rate as M200? I tried to replicate this and couldn't come anywhere close! 

UMP45 Fireworks Show

Many people were confused as to whether the Splendor talent on the Fireworks Fairy actually did anything, but Shuvi figured it out - every time a grenade-like skill triggers, a small firework is launched!

What better place to flex this ranking reward than a community contest? 

Other notable runs

Raffle Winners

Wondering if you won the raffle? You should have already received a message from me if you won! If you'd like to double check, here's the full winner list: 

Raffle Grand Prize - Art Commission

  • Triscuiticus

Springfield or G36 Mochi

  • @VerveFEH
  • @wannachoco

GFL Stainless Steel Mug or G&K Oath Ring

  • @GaigeDaMech
  • @Welcme2WalMarth

Chibi Magnetic Sticker

  • @Balrox_
  • @EroTeachOnizuka
  • @WhiteBlueWalker
  • @Zeraphir
  • Aragami R.
  • eggs
  • Garnet
  • Khoitism
  • Sacrefice
  • The Master ArchAngel
  • /u/badkyle13

If your name is on this list and you haven't received a message from me, please contact me ASAP (info in my profile below)!

Want another chance to win?

@GFLCorner is also holding a Girls' Frontline giveaway! You can retweet either of the below posts (depending on whether you live in North America or not) to enter and possibly win some exciting prizes!

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