Poincaré Recurrence Chapter 3-4 (3-13 in-game)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Kill everything

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 ARSMG
  • 1 RFHG
  • 1 Dummy with Para

Clear Steps

This is a night map, so equip PEQs on your ARs, and bring a HG for node vision.

As the Elunisian Mysteries alchemical fusion is.. too horrifying for normal eyes, and also obnoxious as it's an enemy HOC, let's eliminate those first.

Killing two of the halves and the final combination gets rid of all that before it can become an issue.

If you have 3 combat echelons you can simply send out a third one instead of redeploying one of your echelons, either way it doesn't matter, hunt down the rest of the enemies by keeping track of which nodes get captured.

Video Guides:

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