Poincaré Recurrence Chapter 6-2 (6-5 in-game)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Survive (until Turn 4)

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

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Clear Steps

Note: First time clear ends on turn 4, repeat the stage for the extended gauntlet.

Basically just a minigame. Move Helian forward at the start of each fight to win. A few of the undamaged Hydra stacks need some minor kiting.
The important bit is not spending too much AP which means don't spend AP at all for the first few turns.

You want to place an M4 in the top right corner on turn 6 which will instakill the 'boss'. The rest doesn't matter too much as long as you don't spend too much deployment points.

Hidden achievement

On a second clear, survive until Turn 7

Video Guides:

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