Polarized Light: Escape Acceleration EX-1 (Ranking Map 2 EX)

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Kill Elisa

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 ARSMG 90x5
  • 2 Dummies
  • 2 HOCs (Preferably 2B/AGS and AT-4)

Clear Steps

Detailed in Ceia's vid

General Guidelines

So, many of you may have noticed that, after completing all missions, and then completing all EX missions, you'll be sitting at 85/86 completition. So, how to unlock that last node? What does it give to us? Is it an epilogue story like CT Ch4 node was?

nod nod

First things first: how to unlock it? We must enter Escape Acceleration EX I, also known as the second ranking map PL has, and kill Elisa there.

Scary right? Night map, lots of strong enemies, 5 bosses in there.

Turns out, not so much. Besides Elisa, you need to fight a 2x Gundam comp with 2 HOC support, a Jaeger + Dragoons comp, and a Cyclops + Acheron (the shield lamplight post). 

Do we require strong teams though? It is an EX ranking map after all

Okay, so team requirements:

First battle

The first battle on this map is against Cyclops + Acheron node. You can field your standard ARSMG for that. Depending on your fairy levels, you can pretty much AFK that fight with no damage.

"But I don't have a 5 star Arti fairy!!"

You can kite to do this fight damage-less/mitigate damage, or field a Taunt/Twin fairy to tank the damage.

Since the team is retreated afterwards, the damage it takes doesn't matter much. It also means what team you use here (ARSMG or RFHG) and its fairy bears no influence on what team you'll use on the next battle.

Team requirements:

Second battle

Second battle is against Dragoon + Jaeger comp, under AT-4 support (BGM if AT-4 is not unlocked. However, AT-4 is vastly prefered since it also does damage, whereas BGM almost exclusively has her pierce going for her)

It's an easy fight, and AT-4 makes short work of fragile Jaegers with her burning skill. Even with kiting, however, you'll still get a small amount of damage from it. Because avoiding damage is hard, ARSMG is prefered over here.

Again, if you don't have high level fairies, fielding Taunt (Twins doesn't spawn instantly, so it's not as recommended) is also a viable choice.

Just like the first battle, this team is retreated afterwards, so it bears no influence on third battle.

Team requirements:

Third battle

Our third battle in this map is against a Gundam with 50% shields + Strelets comp. In terms of what we have seen in GFL regarding Gundams and Strelets, this is a very easy comp to deal with. A strong ARSMG can kill this comp damage-less, meaning you can use the same comp as previously used.

However, because this comp has two gundams, and the other walks up to your team on the 8 second mark (meaning that, as soon as it stops, it'll shoot it's AOE nade on your team) fielding a Taunt/Twins is not advisable.

You can use Grape to delete the Gundam before it stops, though she's far from a mandatory requirement here. Any decent RFHG team can make short work of this comp, especially since it'll be under 2 HOCs cover.

Remember to move your doll on position 5 to either 9 or 3 to extend the range of your team, and buy as much time for it to kill the second gundam.

Team requirements:


So we finally capped all Heliports around Elisa, and thus can finally fight her! Are we doomed?

Certainly not.

First, you'll want to field an M4xodia with an SMG (MVP here goes to MP5 because of her shield + evasion increase) with other HG buffers. 

You can choose to leave skills on auto for this battle, or leave M4 on manual. Either way you'll end up retreating two HGs and keep on the field M4, the SMG, and a HG of your choice. Leaving M4 on manual/auto skill off helps on getting a strong burst of damage before retreating 2 HGs.

So, how does the fight work?

Elisa's fight is fairly straightforward: 

  • Elisa will consistently shoot at the frontmost row, which should be your SMG.
  • Elisa will levitate dolls on the rearmost row.
  • Elisa will mark up positions with an exploding blue square that deals damage to adjascent positions, on top of the node its in.
  • Because of those exploding nodes, you'll want to leave M4 as the only doll on the backrow, so she'll stay up in the air during most of the fight. That'll help avoiding the AOE damage from the blue squares.

"But Soul, my fairies were not strong enough to kill Elisa in one go!"

"But Soul, I screwed up during the fight, and lost too many links on M4"

Since you're fighting Elisa at the start of turn 5, you'll have 13 AP left (in case you fail the first fight) an an airport right next to her visible to spawn a team there. Therefore, you have 13 more tries to kill Elisa. Just remember to ressuply your HOCs after every attempt.

Beware that, since this is a boss fight, entering it with after the first time will immediately trigger any gimmicks it has. So it's likely that you'll enter the battle and immediately find the exploding squares.

Once Elisa has been killed, you can just press terminate battle. As this is a ranking map, it'll calculate your score, and give you the stanrdard mission completed ranking screen.

Will this map be available when PL enters the campaign? PL hasn't entered the campaign on foreign, as of June/21, so we currently don't know

So, after all this trouble, we finally unlocked the last node? Was it worth it? Did we have any epilogues in it? 

Here's a screenshot of Escape Acceleration EX-2 after pressing start:

Reward for Escape Acceleration EX-2: 200 Memory Fragments

Story content on Escape Acceleration EX-2: "Congratulations on clearing all the challenge stages for this event. Your reward (200 Memory Fragments) will be tallied now"

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