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The major story event Polarized Light picks up the story after Isomer, spanning five 'Chapters' within the event itself. 

Polarized Light doesn't do as much to play with the GFL gameplay loop as Shattered Connexion did, again featuring five Chapters, and approximately 30 Combat Maps, and many more Story stages, which are cleared in a more or less linear path without hte need to repeat maps unless players chose to do so. 

Viewing the story-only stages will give rewards as well, so do not neglect them! 

Farming & Ranking

If you're just here for the Polarized Light farming guide, check out the Should You Farm page!

After clearing Chapter 4, the Ranking Map will unlock. A dedicated ranking guide will be coming later - if you are an early ranker and can't wait that long, the this page by Sleeper has a comprehensive list of all ranking enemies, which should give you somewhere to start planning your runs. 

Difficulty Slider

Unfortunately, Polarized Light temporarily does away with the difficulty slider that was present in both Shattered Connexion and Isomer, replacing it with a single-story difficulty and optional 'EX' maps instead. This allows for anyone, even someone on a brand new account to easily clear the entire event, without serious trouble, as the story mode has a fairly low barrier to even Chapter 5. For veteran players, the challenge will have to come from some of the EX maps, as well as the ranking. 

For those disappointed by this change, the Normal/EX split returns in Dual Randomness and Mirror Stage after that. 

Event Rewards

Polarized Lights's clear rewards are nothing short of downright amazing - a free True Core Mask for clearing the story and tons of goodies just for reading story? Sign me up!

Clear Rewards

New Enemies

The KCCO fields a collection of new enemies once again, this time the Coeus Tank, the Kratos, and the Archeron, which will be discussed on map clear guides when they appear.

Heavy Ordnance Corps

Since the Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units were released prior to CT, players should have now had plenty of time to raise them up to higher rarities - with Ranking EX mode being balanced around higher rarity HOCs! The story has little reliance on them this time around, but this doesn't mean you can skimp out - they will be valuable in Ranking!

HOCs are invaluable to deplete enemy shields, destroy enemy emplacements, and sometimes just for the devastating direct firepower certain HOCs like 2B14 can provide.

For shield-breaking and installation-destroying purposes, BGM-71 is the ideal unit, with AT4 a close second for Commanders who managed to max her out via Theater. Commanders without all HOCs trained should focus on training BGM-71 before all others. All chapter guides containing HOCs that involve breaking force shields or structures will assume the usage of BGM-71 unless otherwise specified.  

Commanders are highly encouraged to read the introduction and guide to HOCs below for the full details about these new units and systems. 

Already raised your HOCs but want a little bit of extra firepower for ranking? Optimize their stats by calculating the best possible chip layout!

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes can be earned by clearing any event stage. 

Other rewards from Supply Boxes include Original and Pure Samples, Tokens, Quick Analysis Contracts, exclusive Furniture, along with at least Dummy Cores, Resources, Universal Parts, Calibration Tickets, and possibly much more not shown in this infographic!

All Commanders can farm 60 Supply Boxes per day easily. As these offer a sizable influx of resources as well as a chance at rare and useful T-Dolls, everyone is encouraged to farm these daily since the returns are very worthwhile for the short amount of time required. 


The unique reward this time is SL8, an interesting if somewhat odd RF who buffs herself and gets additional buffs if used in a team with several types of other Dolls!

Other Reward T-Dolls

Limited Drops

The limited drops in Polarized Light is an unusual collection; CF05 and M82 are almost completely overshadowed by the returning M1895CB, Desert Eagle and KSVK, with a strong supporting group including SSG3000. 

For more information on effective farming, please check out the All-in-One Farming Guide!

While we have gotten a taste of the All-in-One Farming Maps, Polarized Light is sadly old enough that we still have to do the farming the old-fashioned way for now. 

Chapter Clear Guides


Polarized Light's ranking rewards are sadly rather lackluster - the Auspicious Fairy isn't gamechanging, her Aura is solid but her Skill is underwhelming at best. Meanwhile, AA-12's Ammo is equally underwhelming, improving AA-12's DPS capabilities, but given the limited niche for DPS Shotguns she struggles to stand out even with it. 

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