Polarized Light EX 1: Critical Angle I + II

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Combat Echelon, Level 90 5x Linked
    • AR/SMG, with a raised Fairy. 

Clear Steps

You will be kicking an EMP grenade around like a Soccer ball, I really can't say anything else about it. This is a slow, tedious process as you are doing so via a menu on the left. You stand on the opposite side of the ball from the way you want to move it. If you want to kick the ball down, you stand above, it, up, you stand below, and so on.

Critical Angel EX-1


The path the balls takes is shown here. The fights are painful, but the map is fairly straight forwards.

Critical Angel EX-2

Please extend thanks to Adam for making graphics that don't suck. 

To complete this map, deploy one Combat Echelon. Kick EMP Grenade 1 to the right one node, and leave it be for now.

Then, you're going to kick the other EMP Grenade to the right three nodes, up two nodes, and to the left two nodes, then down one node. We'll be leaving EMP2 there there for now. 

Step 2

With that done, we will now kick EMP Grenade 1 to the right two nodes, then down one node. Run around, and kick EMP1 to the right 4 more nodes. 

Step 3

With this done, run about again to kick EMP2 down 1 node, then run around and kick it left three nodes.

Step 4

Run again AGAIN to kick EMP2  right, then up one node, then to the right, and down one node, to put EMP2 in it's final resting place. 

Kick EMP Grenade 1 up two nodes, then to the left two nodes, and finally, down one node, to finish the map. This will take a few turns to do.

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