Polarized Light EX 3: Challenge III

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Capture Command Post 


Secret objective: Discover and Retrieve Hostage

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Combat Echelon
    • Endgame AR/SMG to fight M16. Be prepared to micro. 
  • Alternatively: 1 Dummy echelon

Clear Steps

The straight forwards solution to this map is to run around, activating all consoles not near your Command Post, and then battle M16 on the Command Post. I need to do some additional testing and messing about to determine the secret objective, so please keep an eye out for updates. 

Update: See guide below on how to discover and retrieve the hostage, the secret objetive of this map

Turn 1


Move to the right to close the gate and end turn

Turn 2


Open the gate, then move to swap with UMP40 NPC then up. Afterwards, end turn.

Turn 3


Once your turn starts, change 40NPC's status to "Stand By"


Swap with 40NPC, then move left. You'll notice 3 enemies will disappear.

Then end turn.

Turn 4


Move to the right, then swap with 40NPC.

Then end turn.

Turn 5


Once your turn starts, switch 40NPC to "Eliminate".


Move to the left.

Then end turn.

Turn 6


Swap with 40NPC, then move diagonally to the right, then to under the Manti enemy. You'll park at the console.

Once on the console node, end turn.

Turn 7


Once your turn starts, y ou'll park left of where 40NPC originally was. For this, move left, then swap with 40NPC, then left again.

Then end turn.

Turn 8


Once your turn starts set 40NPC to "Stand By".


Move to the radar to capture it.

Then end turn.

Turn 9


You'll notice that 40NPC will turn into a hostage once you have captured the radar node. This is the secret objetive: rescuing 40-nee.


Move to the right to rescue 40-nee


Move diagonally to the right. You'll park left of where the Manti comp is.

Then end turn.

Turn 10


Move right, then down toward the Heliport


Once in the Heliport, click on "Retrieval Complete" to rescue the hostage. The mission will complete immediately after

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