Preiya & Camilia

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Preiya Fairy CG
Preiya Fairy CG 2
Preiya Fairy CG 3

Potential Buffs

Damage 22.00%
Accuracy 50.00%
Evasion 10.00%
Crit Damage 22.00%
Armor 10.00%


Level 10 Effect
Cost: 1 Fairy Command

In the next battle for 30 seconds allies standing on the special red tiles will gain 30% Damage and Accuracy but lose 20% Evasion and Armor, and allies standing on the special yellow tiles will gain 30% Evasion and Armor but lose 20% Damage and Accuracy.

Cooldown: N/A


A maid cannot be bad. Maid sisters cannot be bad. You’re lying. Leave me alone. I don’t want to do that analysis.

First, let’s talk about her aura, which is a pretty solid one, 22% on both Damage and Critical Damage, 50% Accuracy, while the only downside is her defense that is very low compared to a lot of fairies, like Command, Parachute, Rescue, Airstrike, and Warrior for example. But it still is fine. Then comes her skill “Oblivion”. This skill changes Preiya & Camilia from a “decent Fairy” to “Meh Fairy”. Each fight, 2 random tiles will be enlightened, one with a red light that buffs a doll’s Damage but lowers its defenses, the other with a yellow light that buffs its defenses but lowers its Damage. The problem is the random factor of the lights' positions. A tank can see its defense being shattered and a DPS can see its damage being ridiculous, which makes her unable to take deathstack fights without a bit of luck. Plus, it can screw up some doll skills like PX4 Storm, K5 or P22 that are position-based. It can also mess up with your kiting plans in general.

For talent, go for Fervor, Damage I or II. Go for Evasion I or II or Armor I or II if you plan to meme about one specific doll (The SG Defender being the first that comes to my mind). 

Overall, Preiya & Camilia was a fairy that had a lot of potential. Probably even more than Suee. But unfortunately, her Skill decided that she’d stay behind the overused one and be forgotten.


+ Solid Aura

It is weaker than some excellent fairies, like Taunt, Parachute and Command, but it is still very good for offensive purposes. Afterall, no dolls will complain about Firepower and Critical Damage aura buffs, nor about hitting more stuff with Accuracy aura buff. 

+ Cheap Enhancement

Due to her being an “extra” fairy, Preiya & Camilia need only 550 exp in total instead of 3000, making her cheaper to maximize, especially when you get 3 dupes from the event’s shop.


- Random skill behaviour

Her skill activates on 2 random tiles, which means it can happen that the red tile is in the frontline and the yellow debuffs a DPS.

- Her skill isn’t worth the deal

Let’s talk about each tile, the red one first. Her Evasion and Armor aura is 10%, which isn’t much. Now, look at the percentages that she loses on red tiles, which is 20%. Yes, that’s right, if you allow a doll to fight on a red tile, you’re debuffing your own original defense by 10%. This may not be significant when you have a good DPS on it and that you protect it, but if your frontline falls, the result may not please your eyes. For that red tile, it can be arguably good, though.
“But what about the yellow tile?” Welp, the defense is boosted, which “always” means a good thing. But that’s where the random behavior of the skill ruins the party. If a DPS gets that tile, especially an RF or an MG, its performance will be worsened because of the damage and Accuracy debuff. I can let you imagine how bad it can be at night with the 90% accuracy debuff.

- Event Fairy

Preiya & Camilia is an event shop reward, and won’t be obtainable until “Glory Day”, DJ MAX RESPECT collaboration event, gets a rerun.